Squidoo is Dead and Zujava Took a Hit Too – Goodbye!

frustration.gifIt’s a bad week for people who write for 3rd party sites like Squidoo. We got some news from both Squidoo and Zujava that really show why it’s important to have your own site.

Let’s talk about them both and how I’ll personally be dealing with the changes.

Squidoo Has Been Sold to HubPages

I always loved Squidoo. The people there were cool and the environment was always fun and light hearted. Then things started to change. They got more strict with their rules (which is fine). Then they started locking lenses left and right that used to be considered fine. I lost a lot. I was angry but it’s their system.

Should You Be Ashamed of Self Promoting? (Forums, Facebook Groups, etc.)

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7 Day Plan to Stay Productive [Infographic]

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Top 10 Best Places to Buy PLR

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