2 Important Tips for Dealing With Spam Comments

spamSpam is a huge issue online. I know I get hundreds of spam comments between my blogs every single day without fail. You don’t want to just allow any comment ever to go live on your blog because spam comments hurt you in a few ways.

  1. A lot of spammers leave spammy links as well. That makes your site look less credible to Google.
  2. Spam comments don’t look good to readers and if the links go to phishing sites you could actually cause a lot of trouble for them.
  3. They make real visitors less likely to comment because you’re not actively moderating comments.

I personally moderate comments to avoid publishing spam and so I can reply to the comments and spark conversations. With all these spam comments it can take forever to get through them, so here are two simple tips that are going to make a huge difference in dealing with all of this spam.

1. Install a spam filter.

I use Aksimet. It’s free for personal sites and only $5/month for professional sites. It’s really easy to use and since I installed it I’ve only had maybe a dozen spam comments not get caught and moved to the spam filter. I’ve also heard good things about this plugin.

The use of a spam filter has saved me so much time running my blogs. I log in and I see my handful of legit comments in my pending folder and the rest go to a spam folder. It’s great, but there is a downside. Sometimes real comments get caught in that folder, which takes us to tip 2.

2. Skim through your spam filter and check for legit comments.

When I was doing Tiffany Dow’s vlogging challenge a lot of us were commenting on each other’s vlogs. Tiffany made a point to comment on a lot of our vlogs herself. I knew this because every vlog I watched had one of her comments on it. For the first week and a half I was kind of sad because I wondered if she just didn’t like my blog because she wasn’t commenting on mine. Then I checked my spam filter and felt super silly. She had commented on every vlog along with a few other people but the comments all got caught in the spam filter! I bet the people commenting thought I was ignoring them too. 🙁

Luckily once you click “not spam” on someone’s comments all of their comments make it to your pending folder but it’s still important to check for new non-spam often. I check daily or every other day.

You kind of get used to telling which comments are spam. If you aren’t sure whether or not a comment is spam, the URL will probably be a good indicator. I see a lot of spam comments advertising sites about medicine or designer bags and shoes. Spam comments also don’t utilize the CommentLuv plugin I have installed very often.

How do you deal with spam comments?

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  1. I used to use WordPress, but have moved over to Weebly. It makes it very easy to control spam comments though it has other limitations. The spam thing was one of the reasons I switched over and haven’t decided if I’ve made the wrong decision.

    When I was on WordPress, I used Akismet like you recommended and it did help tremendously. It’s just that I noticed my spam filter almost had twenty a day on one post that just got tiring.

    What exactly is commentluv? I’ve seen it on other blogs too.

    • CommentLuv is a plugin that does a lot of different things. The main version allows someone to have their most recent blog post listed by their name which encourages commenting. The premium version has extra features to help control spam and encourage social shares.

  2. I use GASP with Comment Luv! Love it. When I was just using Aksimet I got a lot of spammy stuff like you mentioned (medicine etc.). Gotta love the Comment Luv- I see you have it too! Whooo woo!
    Denys Kelley recently posted..It’s time to RE-THINK your Facebook Business Page Cover ImageMy Profile

    • I noticed that when I used GASP I was getting less legit comments too. I may re-add it if I get more spam comments but I don’t like adding extra stuff for visitors to do before commenting.

  3. Spam can be a big issue. I find askimet works quite well and I do not need to moderate comments as it finds almost 100% of the spammy one. I also use CommentLuv premium and have it set to require some time frame before a comment can be posted [it also has some other good features to block spammers.] Don’t know if the free version has all these bells and whistles..

    But a good idea, as you note, is to stay vigilant.

    Lynn Dorman recently posted..Your Aging Brain and ScamsMy Profile

  4. How I wish Askimet or CommentLuv worked on Blogger, because right now Blogger blogs are being targeted by the spammers again – and the filters Blogger uses just aren’t that good. The only thing Blogger offers, besides comment moderation, is Captcha which I may be forced to have to use until this latest spam wave dies down – but in the middle of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, I really don’t want to.
    Alana (@RamblinGarden) recently posted..Civil War Sunday – Indiana Jones, I Presume?My Profile

  5. I find that Akismet catches all my Spam – thank goodness… and occasionally it will catch legit comments – I think it just registers – like with challenges like UBC that when someone comments a LOT – they are flagged as spam. . . I will probably invest in Comment Luv soon. I really like it. I think some people go way overboard with their Captcha’s and then TypePad has a comment setting to validate URL’s and mine is legitimate blog etc but it won’t validate it so I can’t comment. So unfortunately in the interest of my personal time, I skip TypePad blogs all together now. Because I don’t want to spend time on a blog that I can’t engage on. And if someone has Captcha – it doesn’t end up in my Feedly – so I don’t follow them. Akismet is great and it’s so good to remind people to check the spam folder!
    MelAnn recently posted..5 Least Favorite StucksMy Profile

    • I really like CommentLuv. It’s really nice. It’s easy to use and there are a lot of benefits to using it.

      I think blog topics may be part of what cause the filter to flag comments as spam as well as if people are leaving a lot of WP comments in a day. Luckily once you approve a comment from them once it won’t go to spam anymore.

  6. Thank you for this, it has been really helpful for me. Since I changed my blog from Blogger to WordPress I have got increasing amounts of spam and it takes so much time to go through and get rid of them. I have been wondering what I can do and your tips here are great.
    Heather Waring recently posted..Now for Something DifferentMy Profile

    • I love the WordPress platform but it’s targeted more by spammers because it’s more popular and the comment system is more friendly towards links. Luckily adding a simple plugin can fix it.

  7. Spam, the bane of our lives… I have akismet on my blog and usually thats very good. However, I went through a phase in February and early March where I was getting 100’s of spam comments per day. Akismet was catching real comments in the onslaught too.
    So I put on GASP (by the makers of commentluv – it comes with the premium commentluv plugin too) which adds the tick if you’re human box. Between GASP and Akismet my spam is controlled – I have maybe 3 to 4 per day now
    Jan Kearney recently posted..Sunday Catch Up – Freaking Facebook EditionMy Profile

  8. But I like SPAM sandwiches! Oh.. wrong type of spam… I’ve seen the same problem from unrestricted back-linking. Awesome points!

  9. I think SPAM is a problem for any WP blog that search engines pick up. Akismet has also saved me a ton of time in finding and deleting comment spam.

    It can be a pain to look through flagged comments for real comments though.
    Jessica Kihara recently posted..Real Estate PLR Articles – 9 PackMy Profile

  10. Very good tips for monitoring for Spam and I love using CommentLuv on my site for this reason also. Thanks for the tips
    Eleanor recently posted..New Pinterest Embed Feature Using Java ScriptMy Profile

  11. HI Amanda,
    Timely topic. I know it wasn’t long ago that I didn’t know what to do. I had Akismet, but it wasn’t catching all of the spam. Then, I got Spam Free WordPress. After I’d been using GASP. I don’t remember why I stopped using GASP, but the Spam Free WordPress suited me better. There are probably a lot of us out here that don’t don’t know what to do, so thank you. Tiff got stuck in my spam folder once. It was several days before I saw her and let her out. 🙂 Thanks.
    Ruth Clark recently posted..The Third Edition of The Fantastic Blogs Newsletter Is HereMy Profile

  12. Spam is a pain! I need to look into aksimet. I don’t have any traffic to my new blog but i get about 5 spam comments everyday day…

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