3 Blogging Myths (Excuses) Debunked

TruthI’ve been blogging for a few years now and I’ve heard every “myth” and “excuse” out there. I’ve even repeated a few before I knew better. These myths really hold a lot of new bloggers back and I don’t want that to happen to you. I’ll debunk a few of these so you can get back to running the best blog you can.

1. You shouldn’t blog if you don’t have any new ideas.

I was talking to someone about this earlier today. They were telling me they were having a lot of trouble blogging because whenever they thought of a topic, someone else had already written about it. Why write about how to teach a dog to sit when hundreds of other blogs have done it, right?

Well, new ideas are awesome and they’ll really help your blog stand out but it’s not all about being new. It’s about being UNIQUE. Share your information in your own way.

Rather than a tutorial about teaching your dog to sit, talk about your own personal experiences. Did your dog learn slowly or quickly? Did he do something silly during training? What about treats, which seemed to encourage him the best? Don’t just share information, share you. That’s what will draw them to your blog.

Take a look at my “Popular Posts”. (You can see the live widget to the right.) They’re all ones where I’m sharing my own experiences on things that I’m sure other people have written about.

You can also present the information from a different slant like I did in my post about what Spiderman can teach us about online marketing.

2. You need to blog everyday or you won’t be successful.

I’ll be the first one to tell you that I get the most traffic when I blog everyday, but that’s not always easy to do. You may work a day job or be in college and that sucks up a lot of your time. You can still become a successful blogger, but you’re still going to need to blog consistently.

The number one thing that hurts my ongoing traffic is blogging regularly for a few weeks and then not blogging for a week or so. When I start again all of those people who were checking everyday have new blogs they check everyday because I wasn’t updating.

If you’re not blogging daily, pick a schedule and work hard to stick to it. If 7 days a week is too much, how about 5? Or 4? or 3? That may seem like a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be. You can always use one of these shortcuts for faster blogging or check out some of these tutorials for using PLR. (This new one I found is also really great.)

3. You can’t get traffic unless you understand SEO and get Google to like you.

You know how much of my traffic to this blog comes from Google? About 40%. Most of my traffic is from social media, my email list, and word of mouth. And that Google traffic? All I did to get it was write. I didn’t do keyword research or write for search engines. I figured out where online marketers and bloggers where hanging out, found out what you guys were struggling with, and started writing about it.

You don’t need to write for Google to succeed. In fact, I highly suggest you avoid writing for Google. Write for real people, they’re the ones who will read your blog posts, subscribe to your list, and maybe even buy from you. If you’re putting good stuff out there and working to help people find your blog Google will notice and send some traffic your way.

These aren’t all of the blogging myths out there. What stops you from pushing forward with your blogging?

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  1. nothing stops me from blogging lol i have much to say about almost everything but this is a fab post loved it x

  2. I totally agree, write for real people. The thing that really changed for me I noticed is when I was real, authentic, and not just writing to market. Be myself.
    Kate recently posted..One Big Reason Why You May Be Blocking Your Psychic Abilities?My Profile

  3. THis year I made a new commitment to blog…Every day for 90 days I have written some tidbit and I have to say, I am in love! I am in love writing and I am in love with reading! It has become a sort of therapy that I do each night! Thanks for solidifying what I already suspected was true!

    The Other Side of the Equation
    Shannon Mashinchi recently posted..It’s a Party!!!My Profile

  4. Good post, Amanda.

    I completely agree. I’ve never written for Google or any other search engine. I may use SEO on some posts, but for the most part, I just write what I want to talk about. Being real also gets your readers more interactive with you. Always a plus! 🙂
    Patti Stafford recently posted..Common Obstacles on the Road to SuccessMy Profile

    • The only thing I really do when it comes to SEO is try to make sure my titles include what the post is about. If the title is really clever but doesn’t include what it’s about it won’t really get Google traffic. You also won’t get as many clicks from social media though so it’s not just about Google.

  5. I agree with you Amanda. People check your blog and if you’re not updating it, they’ll take their eyeballs elsewhere.

    I don’t write for Google. I write to share, give, and inspire. Google only cares about the content, but they don’t care about the message – that’s where people count most!
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..Write Like You SpeakMy Profile

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