3 Easy Steps to Less Slacking and More Productivity in Your Online Business

What’s the number one thing holding back the average online business owner? It’s not something they cover in most ebooks. Most people are actually holding themselves back! Are you one of them? Are you easily distracted? Can you spend hours on Facebook “working” and not get anything done?

I’m no exception here. I can look at myself and say, “Yes, I’m holding myself back. I’m slacking. I’m distracted. I’m being unproductive.” I can tell myself that I’m screwing up and I need to fix it if I want to succeed.

Distraction is a plague among internet marketers and I’m here to share three steps that help me get more done each day. Now, they may not be the easiest to implement because every bone in your body pulls you towards these distractions but I guarantee if you give it a try you’ll find yourself getting your essential tasks done earlier and maybe even get rid of a bit of that guilt you feel from being so unproductive. (I know I have  a lot of guilt over not getting things done.)


Step 1:  Take 5-10 minutes to make your to-do list in the evening.

When you wake up in the morning the last thing you want to do is spend the first part of the day planning out your list. Not only are you more likely to have forgotten something important but you’d be amazed at how easy it is to use creating a to-do list as an excuse to be distracted.

Instead, take 5-10 minutes to create your to-do list. Now, don’t go overboard here. There is a reason I said 5-10 minutes.

You’re not creating a huge or exaggerated to-do list. It’s not going to be hyper-specific. Just make a quick list of the most essential tasks that need to get done.

The point here is that you now have a simple and easy to obtain goal. You’re important tasks can get done without giving you added stress (which leads to distraction.)

When you wake up you can get right to work and once that list is done move on to less essential tasks.

Step 2: Don’t check your email, Facebook, Twitter, or anything else for the first two hours after you sit down to work.

Have a good breakfast, maybe go for a walk, or whatever else is part of your morning routine. Do all that before you pick up your phone or sit down on your computer. Trust me, those emails can wait a few hours if it means you’re going to get more done!

Once you’re at the computer, just get right to work on something. Don’t tempt yourself by checking email or social media. It’s just going to lead to distraction, time wasting, and disappointment.

Write a blog post, work on something for a client, finish that chapter of your book. Set a timer for two hours. No social media or email until after then. See how much work you get done.

If you know you’re going to keep trying to go to Facebook, block it. I use Cold Turkey to block sites that could distract me during work time. I have it set to automatically block social media and video games for the first three hours after I wake up.

Step 3: When you realize you’re distracted, call yourself out on it!

At the end of the day you have to hold yourself accountable. If you get distracted, only you can get yourself back on track and it’s going to be you (and those who count on you) who pay the price if you don’t meet your goals.

I know it’s harsh, but it’s true. You need to learn to call yourself out when you make a mistake. Don’t keep browsing Facebook and wallow in self-pity. Click that “x” and get back to work! Stop messing around! Remember why you’re doing this.

If the distractions are too hard to resist, turn off your wifi. Use Cold Turkey more often. Go and work somewhere without internet (after downloading your resources) and put yourself where you can’t fall to temptation. Do what you need to do to get things done. Take responsibility for your business.

Now get to work!

At the end of the day it’s all about sitting down and getting things done. It’s up to you to fight off distractions. My tips can only help so much (and I really hope they help).Feel free to check out my five tips for staying focused on the task at hand and see if they help.

If you’re reading this blog post right now and there is work to be done, here is what I want you to do. Don’t leave a comment. Don’t head over to Facebook and talk about it. Instead, exit out of your browser and get to work. Stop letting distractions hold you back, okay? I want you to succeed! I want you to get more done! I want you to make money! You can’t do that sitting around reading blog posts – you need to take action and get things done.

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  1. Cool tips – I have just started writing my To Do list the night before and it really works wonders. I know exactly what I want to work on and do not waste time trying to remember or get distracted by going to Facebook 🙂
    Victoria recently posted..Bright Shiny New Object Syndrome – Are Your a Sufferer?My Profile

    • It’s helped me so much. I wake up with my day already figured out so it saves me time. Plus at the end of the day you already know what needs to be done. You know what you didn’t quite get to and needs to be added to the next day’s list and all of that.

  2. What I like about this article is that you must take 5-10 minutes in the evening to prepare your to do list of what you will do the next day. Because that way we will not waste any time the next day on “what we are going to do?” because we will be prepared.

    And another thing is that it is a great thing to avoid e-mails until after you did two hours of work because that way you will get what is neccessary out of the way.

    It will work for us only if we implement it!!

    Lawrence Bergfeld
    Lawrence Bergfeld recently posted..Victorious Network Marketing Truth Revealed On Action TodayMy Profile

    • I’ve found that spending those two hours focusing on work before you get distracted by social media or email helps more than anything. It’s easy to end up wasting time on Facebook or check your email and end up finding some new task and ignoring the things you had planned to do.

  3. I definitely needed these tips. I have been slacking a lot lately.

  4. Good easy steps! I’ll put these into practice!
    Nick recently posted..14/09/2014 – Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass-A Walk in the Black Forest (1965)My Profile

  5. Amanda excellent article. Distraction is a plaque and many of us have all the symptoms. I agree with all three of your steps. Staying focus, organized and purposed helps too. Great post.
    Carolyn Coleman-Grady recently posted..Ripping Apart An Existing ArticleMy Profile

  6. Great post! My worst one is #2!!!!! I really need to be more disciplined at that.
    danielle recently posted..The Challenge of Forgiveness: Inspired by Craig Taubaum & Co.My Profile

  7. There ARE some distractions that are good for you. This post, for example. It’s the kick in the pants that some of us need. 🙂

    We are on the same track this week as I went to Walmart yesterday and purchased a calendar book so I can start writing tasks in it for each day. I need to start streamlining my time since I just got two more graphics customers.

    I aim to make more money this year and so far it’s working! I must be doing something right! 🙂
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..Day 5 – Video Blogging ChallengeMy Profile

    • I really need to get a physical calendar book. Having things down on paper just works so much better than electronically. I might just go to the library and print out some one week calendars for until my next trip to Walmart.

  8. Number 3 has been something that I have been doing and it helps a lot. Just being able to self correct has made a huge difference for me recently.

  9. It’s 11pm so being here reading is ok 🙂 Discipline is hard for many to master when self-employed. Great tips, thanks !

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