3 Tips for Getting Traffic From Social Media (When You Don’t Have a Following)

559467_470212153053147_1156979092_nSocial media is the number one promotion technique I suggest. Just get out there and engage with people in social media. Share cool stuff and build a relationship so they’ll want to click your links.

Well, if you don’t have a social media following already (I hope you’re at least trying to grow one), it can be frustrating when people tell you to use Facebook or Twitter to generate traffic. Here are a few tips for generating some traffic even if you don’t have a lot of likes or followers.

1. Use hashtags.

Even Facebook has hashtags now, meaning you can use them on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and several other social media platforms. People use hashtags to search for content they want to read. An example is a “#” with a word in front of this. For example, I’ll probably tag this one with #blogging.

I know on Twitter and Facebook I check hashtags to find information or interesting people to follow. During my favorite shows I’ll be searching related hashtags to join in on conversations.

Don’t go overboard. 1-3 hashtags is fine but any more than that and it’ll start to look annoying and spammy.

If you’re not sure which hashtags to use, search it for yourself and see what people are talking about and how often people are posting in there. You want an active hashtag because that means people are using it and likely reading it.

2. Tag an expert or blogger with a bigger following than you.

This one should really be used sparingly because it’s so easy to end up looking like a spammer. Make sure you have a legitimate reason to use this method.

Basically, this works best when you are directly talking about someone else’s blog post. For example, if I’m creating a list of my three favorite bloggers it would be appropriate to tag them in the share.

Another time it would be appropriate is if I find a great blog post by someone I follow and I link to it, add some information, and include my opinion in a blog post, basically responding to their post.

If you’re doing this too often it looks bad, but I know that when someone writes about me and tags me in a tweet, I retweet it. It helps them and it helps me get more exposure.

3. Use groups and communities to your advantage.

Google has communities, Facebook has groups, and Pinterest has group boards. Find ones that you can join in your niche. Always read the rules first. Some won’t allow links, come have limits.

Of course, joining this you’ll still need to build trust by joining in on conversation and only posting relevant information. The great thing is that there are already people there. Not only do you have a group of people interested in your topic but you can connect with them and find out more about what they want and need, problems they have, and things like that.

This is a great way to get inspiration for your blog and products too.

How to you get traffic from social media before you have followers?

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  1. Great ideas… still weary and learning about hashtags, but I’m sure I’ll get to it!
    Nimira recently posted..Stress Kills! Physical Stress… (Part 2)My Profile

  2. Hi! Stopping by from the UBC and Facebook! This is excellent – thanks for sharing. I’m bookmarking your blog. 😉

    I am very active on Facebook and use Twitter, though probably not as much as I could be. I’m really just learning about the possibilities of G+ and haven’t done a whole lot with Pinterest. Guess I need to spend some time improving my social media connections!
    KLee Banks recently posted..Facing Your Fears and Moving Forward-Part 6 of 9My Profile

  3. I hate social media. I find it to be pointless, inane, and a big time-waster.

    I did enjoy Pinterest until everybody figured out it could be used for promoting stuff they were trying to sell.

    I broke down a few months ago and made a Facebook page for my designs and art, but don’t think I’ve gotten any sales because of it, and I rarely post to it.

    I think I’ve posted on Twitter all of three times since I’ve had the account.

    I’d love to hear more success stories from people that have successfully used social media though.
    Becky recently posted..Flip flops for the heat waveMy Profile

    • You do have to be active to make social media work. I don’t use social media for personal stuff outside of my Facebook to keep up with family but I’ve found it’s been an invaluable tool for business.

  4. Hi

    I’m still working on getting a following on FB and Pinterest. No sales to speak of yet, but I live in hopes – so thanks for these tips.

    Joy Healey recently posted..Arsenic ToxicityMy Profile

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