3 Tips for Surveying Your Readers or List (And How I Overwhelmed Myself)

surveyYesterday I sent out a survey to my list from my PLR store (PLR Content Market) to do a little research on what they wanted out of my store and the emails I send them. I try to do this every three months or so and it usually goes okay. About 40% of my list opens the email and of those about 20% do the survey.

That may not seem like a lot but honestly those are the opinions I’m worried about the most. The people who take the time to open my emails and click through my links are the ones I need to be working the hardest to serve because those are the people who care about what I have to say.

Well, I’m actually a little overwhelmed with the response of my survey. I had about four times the responses I normally do! I made a few tweaks to how I do things, mainly in the body of the email where I told people about it. I hope they help you get more survey responses the next time you send one out!

1. Keep things short and be specific. You shouldn’t have more than 10 questions on your survey. Ideally stick to five or less. Mine was four multiple choice questions and one open ended question. You want them to be able to get through it fast and get back to what they’re doing. The longer it looks like it’s going to take the more chance there is of your reader just clicking away.

While we’re on the subject, think about how long this will take and let them know in the email. If you can say “This will only take around 2 minutes,” more people will be willing to give it a shot.

The whole idea here is that you don’t want them feeling like they have to dedicate a lot of time to helping you out. Remember, your readers are busy people!

2. Focus on the fact this is all so you can help them more. Don’t focus on you. Sure, you need this information – but in the end this is about helping you help them. Keep the focus on how taking a few minutes to do this survey will help you give them the information and help they need and filter out the things they don’t care about.

I’m sure you have readers that do care a lot about you and helping you out but the majority of them deep down want to know what’s in it for them so you need to think about that when sending out your survey notification.

3. Offer a reward! It’s always a good practice to offer something in return for people’s time. The more in depth the survey, the better the reward should be. You could offer anything you think they’ll find useful. Here are a few ideas:

  • Write a short report and offer it to everyone who completes the survey.
  • Give them one of your products.
  • Let them have early access to an upcoming product.
  • How about a coupon code?
  • A checklist or tip list could be a really quick and easy freebie that’s also very useful.

For the one I offered my PLR list I allowed everyone to choose a pack for free from my shop. It’s always been pretty easy to send them out since I don’t get tons and tons of responses but this time… oh this time.

I had four times the number of responses I normally get which is four times as many packs I need to email out one by one. I’m definitely going to do it because I promised them I would but it’s taken me most of the day and I’m not quite done. Lesson learned! For now on I’m going to be creating coupon codes or giving everyone a specific pack so it’s a little easier to deliver.

On one hand, it’s been a lot of work but on the other hand the feedback I got is invaluable. It’s got me flowing with ideas and I know they’re what my list wants!

Do you have any tips for surveying your readers you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Hey Amanda, great tips. I know if it looks like a survey will suck up my time I click away fast. The reward is a good idea to but bummer about the work it created – lesson taken on board! I have actually never surveyed my readers. Are you meaning you emailed the survey to your blog subscribers?
    Mel Day recently posted..Coaches, Mentors, Experts, Authorities NoteMy Profile

    • I email my blog subscribers with surveys sometimes but in this instance it was my list of buyers and subscribers for my PLR store. I used Survey Monkey to create a quick five question survey about the types and formats of PLR they were looking for as well as what kinds of things they wanted to see from my emails. I was actually surprised that over half of them wanted to see MORE promos, not less. I try to only send a max of two promos a week and I guess a lot of them would like to see me up that by a bit.

  2. These are some great ideas for future reference and a reminder to everyone who has a list that there are always ways to do things better. Congrats to you for having such an excellent response. 🙂
    crystal touchton recently posted..Consistency In Business ChallengeMy Profile

  3. Thank you for sharing this feedback Amanda.

    I always wondered if surveys work. It is a great idea to add the freebie gift. I will look to do this for my own list.

    Thanks for sharing. I look forward to reading about the results of your survey and the new products that you release. 🙂
    Victoria Virgo recently posted..My 30 Day Blog Posting ChallengeMy Profile

    • You’ll be seeing me incorporating my results in my next launch and in my upcoming emails for sure! The free gift did help a lot and I even got emails from other marketers saying that they appreciated me adding the free gift because it really reinforced that this whole survey thing was about helping them just as much as it was about helping me.

  4. Great tips, Amanda. Thanks for sharing the lessons you’ve learned and your tips for sending out surveys. I’m still to set up a list (I know, it’s something that’s at the top of my list (haha) of things to do). But I’ll keep these points in mind when I come to set one up.
    Alexandria Gunn recently posted..Writing for Private Clients: Is This Something for You?My Profile

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