3 Tips for Using Memes in Your Marketing

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of discussion about using memes in your marketing. I actually just posted a poll about it in my Facebook group (which you’re welcome to join and participate in).

So, if you don’t know what a meme is they’re basically funny or relatable pictures with text on them. I’m sure you’ve seen some common memes such as:

Overly Attached Girlfriend


Futurama Fry (Do Not Know If)




There are a lot more than that out there. Basically they follow a template with a picture and a general format but you add your own text to them. They’re incredibly popular. There are tons and tons of sites dedicated to them and people on social media love to share them. The thing is, a bad meme can easily get ignored or worse – get people clicking the unlike button.

So, how do you leverage the power of memes without embarrassing yourself? I’ve got three tips for you and from there I’d love to hear your tips and opinions on memes in the comments.

1. Make sure your meme audience is the type that will appreciate memes.

Some niches are serious, personal, or sensitive and memes aren’t going to be appropriate or just aren’t going to get shared. If you’re in the men’s hair loss niche, I can bet there are a lot of people pretty sensitive about the subject. Even if you manage to create a relatable meme that your FB fans enjoy, there is a good chance they’re not going to feel comfortable sharing it. Think about your readers, are they going to enjoy your memes and if so, is it something they’d want to post to their own wall?

2. Know the meme you are sharing.

Just putting any text on a meme image is not a good idea. Learn about the meme and how it’s used. In fact, there is an entire meme dedicated to when people use memes incorrectly:


The best way to learn more about memes is to read up on one you’re thinking about using (unless you’re already familiar with it) and to look at examples. You can head over to a site like Know Your Meme that’s full of mostly correct information about memes.

People who love memes are generally pretty annoyed when they see a popular one used incorrectly. If you’re not sure you can always asking someone you know and trust to take a look at it, but generally you should understand how a meme looks just by Googling the name and looking through images.

3. Don’t overuse memes.

Obviously your main goal is to provide value to your audience. Memes can be funny, relatable, and get some social share action but don’t spend all your time on memes. They’re meant to get you engagement and help get more eyes on your page. If there isn’t anything that interests them when they head to your page your effort is lost. Posting meme after meme isn’t a good idea unless that’s the point of your Facebook page. Of course, if that’s the point of your page you probably don’t need these meme tips.

On the pages I use memes I generally don’t post more than one or two a week with links, infographics, videos, and text posts in between. Memes are a small part of my Facebook promotion.

To those of you who use memes, what other tips can you suggest for people thinking about making their first meme?

Do you think memes in business are a bad idea? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. My daughter is obsessed with Doge…
    I don’t use many memes, although if one catches my eye and tickles me I’ll borrow it rather than make my own.
    You make a great point about using a meme the right way too!
    Jan Kearney recently posted..How To Add a Business to FourSquare for Pinterest Map Pins [Video]My Profile

  2. I use images in my social media marketing strategy often. They are shared more often than text status updates and people tend to check what other ‘sharable’ things you have on your fan page if they see something they like. Of course, you need to tailor your images and memes to fit your audience, but if you know your niche, that should not be hard to do.
    Carrie Medford recently posted..7 Ways to Escape the Trap Of PerfectionismMy Profile

    • Ya, the big thing is you’re not going to get any real benefit if it’s not related to your niche. Even if you get shares, the people who click over to your page won’t be interested if the meme wasn’t related to your page.

  3. I’m not fond of fooling around. To me, life is a serious matter. I know–I need to develop a sense of humor.
    Francene Stanley recently posted..Train line to Cornwall swings above sea like a fair-ground track.My Profile

  4. I don’t really use ‘memes’ some are so funny though!
    Sophie Bowns recently posted..Azure- Chapter 23My Profile

  5. There’s one thing worse than a bad meme – it’s using the wrong style of text for it. Either I can’t read it because the text is too small, or they’re using the wrong color of font and it clashes with the picture.

    If you’re going to share memes or social media images, make sure your text is readable, large enough, and the color doesn’t give my eyes a black and blue mark! 🙂
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..When Personal Issues Interrupt Your WorkMy Profile

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