3 Ways to Write a Blog Post When You’re Low on Time

images (2)Working online is so busy, plus you have to balance it with what’s going on at home. Ideally you’d set aside enough time to write a thought provoking and information filled blog post each and every day. I know that’s what I aim to do. The fact of the matter is, you aren’t always going to have enough time for that. On those days where time is short there are still ways to provide value to your readers while saving time. Here are three of my favorites.

1. Share a video.

There have been a few posts where I shared some great videos by coaches, marketers, or speakers that I thought would help you. The best way to do one of these types of posts is to find a video that will touch your audience or help them learn something they want to know. Then, rather than just including the video, write a bit about how you found it and why you thought it would help them. Add in some of your own insights to go along with the video.

2. Compile a list of resources.

I did this recently when I wrote about how to use PLR. I found a topic my readers wanted more information on and I created a list of links to resources. I linked to some of my blog posts as well as other people’s blog posts. Next to each link I wrote a little bit about the page they were clicking over to so they weren’t clicking blind. Telling them a bit about the blogger who wrote the post is also a great idea.

These posts are great for a few reasons.

  • They can be created quickly provided you bookmark great resources like I do. I just went to my “PLR Resources” bookmarks and grabbed some of my favorite tutorials.
  • You give your readers a lot more information than you would include in the average blog post.
  • It helps you build connections. I don’t know about you, but when someone blogs about me or links to one of my posts from their blog I normally tweet their post and give them some extra promotion. I also usually leave a comment to thank them for mentioning my post. It’s a great way to build connections with other bloggers.

3. Syndicate an article.

While some people have mixed feelings on syndication, it’s still very viable. News sites all over do it and they still do just fine in the search engines. Besides, we’re here to help people, not Google!

Syndication is simply republishing articles that you have the right to republish, usually with a “resource box” at the end that links to the authors website. Sites like Ezine Articles have a ton of articles that you can syndicate whenever you want for free. Some people also offer articles for their affiliates to syndicate. I know a lot of PLR sellers have PLR tutorials you can republish with your affiliate link.

The key to doing this right is to make sure the article you syndicate is high quality and has valuable information for your reader. You also want to check over the links included to make sure that it’s something you’re okay associating your blog with.

Note: If you republish an article without permission or without their resource box, you are STEALING. Don’t do that. It’s not okay.

What do you do when you need to blog but don’t have much time?

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  1. Nice post, short and to the point!
    I like it, because we often think that we need to do everything ourselves and we tend to force things on ourselves, which can’t end well (not always anyway!) Thanks for reminding me about PLR and syndication – I know about them, but I never used them. Maybe I should try when times get too challenging to write things on my own!
    Renata recently posted..I’m so grateful for…My Profile

    • I tend to try to do everything on my own. It just isn’t possible most of the time! Luckily there are tons of ways you can leverage other people’s work to provide value to your readers.

  2. I like that last tip using other articles. I’ve always published my own and linked back to my blog and I will often write posts that link to other people’s. But I never thought about sharing articles on my blog (and of course making sure the resource box for the author is there). Thank you, this was very helpful!
    Mike recently posted..Gratitude In ActionMy Profile

  3. When I don’t have much time and have no posts written ahead of time, but want to get a post up quickly I usually illustrate a quote, write a smaller post, or rarely but sometimes use articles from places like Ezine. I’ve never used PLR before, but I did see a few PLR packages you offer that might (with editing) be a good fit for my Fibro site.
    Emily recently posted..C is for CommentLuvMy Profile

    • PLR is another great way to get posts up fast. Rather than post it up as is I will take a PLR article and edit in my own voice. I’ll insert some personal stories and anecdotes while leaving the raw information the same.

  4. I love how well you embrace the attitude of gratitude! I too sometimes take the internet for granted, but do in fact truly appreciate the internet! Lovely post!
    Emily recently posted..Happiness is a Conscious ChoiceMy Profile

  5. Those are all great ideas, Amanda! I have used them all, at one time or another. I particularly like using videos and linking them to others who have quality information to share. I linked to an example below.
    Jeanine @ Mystic Comfort recently posted..The Dance of the Dissident DaughterMy Profile

    • Videos are a great tool. All of these methods let you leverage work other people have done but in an ethical way that actually fosters relationships. A little creativity and willingness to share someone’s work goes a long way.

  6. Thanks Amanda! Good reminder. I agree that we are here to help our people and not go serve the Search Engine gods!
    Diana Concoff Morgan recently posted..Keywords; Key to your Blogging SuccessMy Profile

  7. Thanks Amanda. Great tips. I often run out of time as I usually think activities take less time than they do. I also like to write up a group of blog posts and schedule them.

    • I try to write in advance if I’ve got extra time during a day. It really helps a lot. I keep 2-3 evergreen posts saved for on days I’m REALLY short on time.

  8. These are great suggestions Amanda. I am often short on time for blogging. That’s why I join the challenges, it makes me do it every day even when I am short on time. It’s always good to have a back up way to get a post out.
    Julia Neiman recently posted..Self Reflection on Lessons LearnedMy Profile

    • Challenges are great for motivating yourself and they sure help me. Otherwise it’s easy to say, “Oh, I’ll just skip one day.” Then a week later you’re looking back like, “Why did I do this to myself?”

  9. Great ideas! I’ll definitely have to bookmark this because when I’m short on time these ideas would come in handy!!!
    The Famous Ashley Grant recently posted..NaBloPoMo – Wednesday, April 3, 2013My Profile

  10. LOL – just what I needed – thank you! April is already a fully-loaded month and I had forgotten how to find quick posts….

    I like the comment about not stealing – I’ve had some of my ezinearticles scraped and posted 🙁

    Lynn Dorman recently posted..Boomers: No Longer The Healthiest GenerationMy Profile

    • Stealing sucks. I can’t stand thieves who think it’s okay to steal people’s work and use it as their own. There are ETHICAL ways to get free content, why not use those?

  11. Great suggestions Amanda – I especially like your idea about syndication. Awesome insight!
    Tor Constantino recently posted..7 Questions With an Author: Steve RizzoMy Profile

    • Syndication is great as long as you use it wisely and make sure you’re providing value. Don’t rush too fast, make sure it’s something you would feel okay putting your name on (even though you aren’t).

  12. Amanda, an informative post. Among several points that I appreciated one was a simple, yet needed one: the idea of sharing what we appreciate and how it may help others!

    Have a super day,

    Lee Wise recently posted..Network Marketing Success Inspiration – Learning ContentmentMy Profile

    • When you make sure your blog isn’t just about you, your audience notices. Sometimes that means sharing someone else’s work because you know it’ll help them and explaining how it helped you.

  13. This post is right on time! I’m upset at myself for not posting i the UBC yesterday and it was for this very reason! Thanks for the info (I needed it yesterday LOL). I’m working on a content calendar now to keep me better in line!
    Lis recently posted..[UBC Day 3] Settling for consistency. (Failure to Plan)My Profile

  14. When I am short on time, I recycle one of my older posts. Maybe put a new spin on it. Add new information. You shared some great ideas that I will be using in the future. Thank you.
    arleen recently posted..One Really Good Tip to End Your Job Search: Spring Clean your Job SearchMy Profile

  15. Great tips! I schedule my blog posts so I usually will sit down and write 4-5 at once. It takes 1-2 hours on that one day, but then I am DONE for a week. It took some practice to get in the habit but now I am used to it and I love it.

    • I always have a few backup post but mine are normally inspired by something that happened that day so even when I write 5 blog posts for the week the next day I get inspired and have to post that new one instead. lol

  16. Good ideas there. I usually do one of two things for a quick post

    1. Ask a question, answer it from my point of view and then ask for alternative answers in the comments.
    2. Find a quote and a beautiful picture to go with it and then write a paragraph or two of my thoughts about it.
    Ana recently posted..Finding Mr Right (Or One Of Them)My Profile

  17. Thanks for the suggestions, Amanda. Quick & doable! It’s funny how many of us are trying to create something new each time we post. When you stop & look around at all the resources you’ve gathered and the content you already have, you soon realize not every post requires a ton of time!

    • Creating new things is a great idea and something you should strive to do often, but that doesn’t mean you need to every time. Sometimes you can serve your audience better by sharing something already created.

  18. good tips!

    I created a second gmail acct and add a bunch of quality sites to google alerts. when i need to get ideas i just log in and everything is in one place.

  19. Great ideas! A few months ago I pinned some interesting pictures to my Time Management board, thinking they would to use on the days I’m short on time when writing blog posts (and used it once successfully!) However, now when I go back, I’m unable to use the pin in my blog – not sure what I’m doing wrong. So – I’m certainly going to use your ideas now! 🙂

    Lisa Mallis recently posted..The Myth of “Touch it Once” for Managing PaperMy Profile

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