30 Days of Planning for 2013 Marketing Challenge – Day 1

Looks like Tiffany Dow has started another challenge that I plan to take part in! I’m still going to vlog until I’m up to 30 days of vlogging, though I’m taking today off because I’ve been out of the house, but I’ll be doing this challenge as well.

The challenge is all about planning for 2013. It’s December 1st and we have one month until 2013 is here. We need to be ready! We need to start the year with a bit of a head start! You can read about the challenge on Tiff’s blog.

Part of the challenge is to outline what you are going to do each day in December as part of the challenge. Since the 1st is almost over, my day one task is to do this planning. Each day I’ll hop on and blog about how that day’s tasks went. If you’re also joining in on the challenge, be sure to leave a comment so I can check out your posts!

Here is my December planning schedule! (Remember, this is just the planning tasks for each day. I’ll be doing plenty more each day. lol) Since I’ve got a lot going on this month I’m going to try to stick to one planning task a day.

Feel free to scroll post the list to where I’ll share a bit about what I did today and announce a bit about my products for 2013!

The plan:

Day 1 – Plan out the rest of the month for this challenge.

Day 2 – Create the broad outline for my Squidoo guide and send out a survey to my Squidoo list.

Day 3 – Plan out five PLR packs.

Day 4 – Read over survey responses and create a full outline of the Squidoo guide.

Day 5 – Plan out 2 PLR reports including outlines of the reports.

Day 6 – Plan out five PLR packs.

Day 7 – Start subscribing to more blogs in the video game niche so I have more news resources for my Amazon site. Start reading and commenting on posts to get more involved.

Day 8 – Set up my new YouTube channel for my Amazon site.

Day 9 – Play around with WordPress themes. This always sucks for me. I’m never happy with any theme and I don’t like spending a lot on themes when I’m already a member of a few theme sites.

Day 10 – Order my capture card to record video game gameplay. I’ve been researching different ones and I might have found the one I want.

Day 11 – Talk to a graphic designer about graphics for the new site.

Day 12 – Plan out 2 PLR reports including outlines for the report.

Day 13 – Start planning out what I’ll need to start my new PLR membership site.

Day 14 – Pick a domain look into membership software for my membership site.

Day 15 – Work out graphics for the membership site as well as some affiliate banners.

Day 16 – Set up a FB fan page for my Amazon site.

Day 17 – Brainstorm ideas for the Squidoo mini reports and graphic packs for SquidsPro.

Day 18 – Outline a Squidoo mini report.

Day 19 – Create a list of upcoming product releases I’ll need to write about for my Amazon site.

Day 20 – Work with my PLR shop theme to learn how to use the extra graphical elements I’ve disabled. I’d like to use them to promote some future sales.

Day 21 – Start setting up the site that will host my PLR membership site.

Day 22 – Plan out the first pack for the PLR membership site. I want to wait until as close to the release of the site as popular so it’s super current.

Day 23 – The capture card should be here by now. Test it out and learn how to use it.

Day 24 – Plan out the first three games I’d like to showcase using the capture card.

Day 25  – Get the Amazon site all set up and ready to go live in the first week of January.

Day 26 – Research a product to review on either this blog or SquidsPro starting the first week of January.

Day 27 – Plan out a PLR freebie to promote my new membership site.

Day 28 – Plan two more PLR reports.

Day 29 – Plan out a low cost PLR pack to promote the membership site.

Day 30 – Go over all of the previous days and work on anything that hasn’t been planned out fully.

So, there is my 30 day plan! Not quite as ambitious as Tiffany’s. lol

Everyday Tasks:

Planning is great, but I also have a lot of work to do through December that I can’t ignore. Here are the daily tasks I’ll be doing as well.

  • Because of my December PLR Extravaganza I’m releasing a new PLR pack every single day in December. They are already written, but I still need to release them, email affiliates, and email my list.
  • I will post to this blog everyday and I’ll be vlogging most days as part of the two challenges I’m taking part of.
  • I will post to SquidsPro at least every other day.
  • I plan to have a new Squidoo lens done every other day. I will plan it one day and post it the next.
  • Each day after day 7 I will be visiting blogs and getting involved in the communities.
  • I’ll also be doing various other writing.

Day 1:

Today’s task was to plan all of this, which I’ve now finished. It’s been a busy day. I had to deal with the PayPal issues I mentioned in yesterday’s vlog and they are mostly taken care of. PayPal said my bank had to cancel the fraudulent transfer and my bank said PayPal had to so PayPal said they would give me a credit for the refund the hacker issued and let the fraud department figure everything out.

Today was also day one of my PLR extravaganza and I released my first pack. It’s on Tablets for Kids, which is perfect for now because kid’s tablets are selling out in stores and more parents are buying them online. It’s $4 right now but it’ll be going up to $5 as soon as day 2’s pack is released.

Today I planned out a new Squidoo lens and I’ll be putting that together during day 2.

About 2013 Projects:

I mention them a bit in my plan, but I wanted to tell you what I’m working on exactly.

  1. I’ll be releasing some more PLR reports and mega packs in my shop in 2013. I know that as an affiliate I prefer promoting bigger packs for bigger commissions and as a buyer it’s nice to get a lot of content at once. I’ll also be doing more five article packs because they have their place as well.
  2. I’ll still be creating Squidoo lenses. In 2013 I plan to create at least 2 a week.
  3. Now for the new projects… I’ll be releasing a new PLR membership in 2013 that I’m really excited about! A bit part of the new year is really harnessing my love of video games so I’ll be doing a video game membership. It’ll be different from a lot of memberships because it’s focusing on the most current information. Each month customers will get up to date PLR about upcoming and new releases. It’ll be limited PLR as well to make more useful for buyers. I’ll release more information as I plan it more.
  4. I bought a domain name for my Amazon site and it’s something I’m going to have a lot of fun with it. There isn’t anything on the domain but it’s “memsucksatgames.com”. Let me explain… I love video games, but I’m really bad at most of them. I enjoy them no matter how bad I suck. “Mem” is a nickname I got back during my online gaming phase and it’s really stuck with me. I’ll be blogging about video game news, reviewing games, and even doing some gameplay videos. (I’ve been reading a lot about how to legally do this.) It’s something I can really get into and have a lot of fun with. When it’s successful I can also write a Kindle book about how to be a video game blogger!

That’s it for today! I’ll be back tomorrow with Day 2 stuff as well as a new vlog.

In the comments below:

Are you joining the challenge? How are you getting ready for the new year?

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  1. Sounds like a great start Amanda 🙂
    Tiffany recently posted..How Much Content or Info Do You Need for a Site Launch?My Profile

  2. Hey I’m curious about your Squidoo list how did you get one? What do you do with it? etc? Great challenge!!

  3. Oh my gosh, I am feeling overwhelmed!

    Tiffany started this challenge when I wasn’t looking. 🙂 I worked over the weekend, but I didn’t get to her blog to read until Monday (yesterday) and I found out she was already on Day 3 of her new challenge.

    I better get my butt in gear and get to work! Your plan looks wonderful! Wish I had mine done!
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..Video Challenge – Day #25My Profile

  4. Ok, I’m waiting forward for next days of this challenge, hope to read it soon
    Gergory recently posted..operante opinieMy Profile

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