30 Little Known Facts About Amanda Part 1

Following in the footsteps of Nicole Dean, Bonnie Gean, and Victoria, I’ve decided to put together a list of 30 things you may not know about me. I’m sure there are a few that you’ve picked up on if you’ve been following me for a while, but we’ll see. I’ll add in some stories where I can.

If you also put together a list like this, leave a link in the comments! It’s great getting to know each other better.

1. I’m 25 years old. I turned 25 on March 14th of this year. I got a slow cooker that I can cook three things at once in.

At 25 I still get way too excited about cute cartoon pictures like the yetis on the Blue Yeti mic box.

At 25 I still get way too excited about cute cartoon pictures like the yetis on the Blue Yeti mic box.

2. I became a vegetarian on February 14th in 8th grade. There are a few reasons I became a vegetarian and I’m not sure which was the deciding factor. Around the time I made the decision there were three separate things that happened. The first was that one of my pet chickens was stolen by one of my neighbors who told me the next day at school that his dad cooked it for dinner. The second was that for about a week and a half during this time my mom had been cooking rotisserie chickens and I was not only getting tired of eating chicken but I was getting freaked out by how you could still make out the shape of a chicken when you put it on the table. The third was that this boy I liked was always eating lunch with me and he always seemed to get bits of hamburger stuck in his braces. Yuck!

3. The only times I’ve been outside of Washington were when I lived in Idaho for a few short years in elementary school, a trip to Montana to see one of my friends from high school get married, and a trip to Wyoming to meet my mom’s boyfriend she met online.

4. I used to be an admin on a HUGE forum dedicated to role playing. It was based around the popular “Naruto” anime.

5. While we’re talking about Naruto, I’m a huge anime geek. I’ve even been to the Seattle anime convention Sakura-con a few times and it was a blast!

6. I took Japanese for two years in high school and one year in university. I also hosted a Japanese exchange student for a few weeks.

7. I had my gall bladder removed when I was 19.


This was us at 16 years old.

8. I met my fiance on my first day of high school. We started walking to class together because he had a crush on my friend. Me and him quickly became good friends. A little over a year later we started dating. We were both 15. We’ll be celebrating our 10 year anniversary in November.

9. I don’t have a driver’s license. I took drivers education when I was 16 but after failing my drivers test 3 times I gave up on trying to get it. Since then I haven’t felt the need to try to get one.

10. I started playing the trumpet in 4th grade and was in band until 11th grade. I hated marching but I loved pep band. I also went to jazz band competitions. Our high school had a great jazz band that you had to try out to get into and then show up an hour before school everyday for “zero period” along with being in regular classical band.

11. In Junior year I was suspended for 90 days after making a series of poor decisions. I took about two months off of school and goofed around and then signed up for an independent school program for summer school to catch up. Because I got to work at my own pace I made up all of the classes I missed AND took senior year history and English so I wouldn’t need to take them when I got back to the regular high school. I only had to take electives my senior year. I choose to take AP Physics, AP Chemistry, advanced math, and Japanese.

12. I almost didn’t graduate because I had only taken one semester of P.E. and you needed 3 to graduate. I guess the school lost the note that my doctor had given them when I was in 10th grade excusing me because of my asthma. The principal just didn’t see not letting me graduate after they saw the classes I had taken instead.

13. I applied to four universities and got into all of them including Yale. I chose Central Washington University because I had an emotional attachment to it. My grandpa was a janitor there when my mom was a kid and always talked about how badly he wished he could have been a student instead.

14. I failed English in school but ended up becoming a writer for a living.

15. My first job was cleaning tables at a restaurant when I was 14. My step-dad was a cook and they paid me cash to work on the weekends and on holidays as well as after school sometimes. It was hard work but that first payday had me so excited. I went and bought the new Gameboy the day it came out and a pack of Twisted Metal games for my brother. I still have that Gameboy and it reminds me of how great it feels to work hard and earn something you want.

16. I worked at McDonalds and Dairy Queen with my fiance. Both jobs were horrible. I ended up quitting both because my back problems were getting worse and I couldn’t handle it.

17. One summer in high school my mom took my family to Ocean Shores on vacation to meet my new step-dad’s family. My brother and I were playing in the water and trying not to go out to far but somehow managed to go from waist deep to neck deep. I got caught in the rip tide and almost drowned. I was screaming for my brother not to leave and pull me out by he want back to find help. When I screamed louder he came back out to find me. I fought my way back to shore only to find out he was still out there because he got caught trying to find me. Luckily people had heard me yelling and there was a group ready to help pull him back. After the paramedics made sure we were okay a news reporter came to talk to us. Just our luck that a big news station was doing a story about the dangers of the rip tide and so all of my friends back in Washington saw me crying on TV. (My brother Derrick didn’t make it on the news because he was trying to act macho about it. lol)

Okay, that’s it for part one. I was going to do this all in one go but I’m going to do part 2 tomorrow and it’s going to be a VLOG! Keep an eye out.

Share something about yourself that I may not know in the comments.

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  1. Scott Worthington says:

    I’m already tired of seeing the red equal sign used as a profile pic on Facebook. We get it, People love to jump on the bandwagon of the latest “in” crusade. Especially when the question isn’t “IF” but “WHEN”.

    • I can respect that, but I’ve been fighting everyday since as long as I remember for the right for my friends and family to marry whomever they choose. I’m sure at this point it’s “when” but that “when” is too far away. The day that marriage equality came to Washington I cried for all of those wonderful couples who finally got the right to marry the person they love like everyone else.

  2. OK – first – boyfriend/fiance/husband = so cute. Happy 10 years for November – aaah.

    Second – You have never left the United States of America – ever????? huh? With all that interest in Anime and Japanese and stuff, have you never wanted to venture to the next state and then beyond?

    Third – You don’t drive? I thought that the only town where that was allowed was in New York on account of all the taxis lol. Never mind- I tried and failed to get a license too.

    I love the fact that you still have a pretty awesome life story with lots of drama too.

    What a great list – I look forward to discovering more. 🙂
    Victoria @ My Daily Cuppa recently posted..Working with Google Plus – A Bit Like Facebook but Without The Inane BanterMy Profile

    • I want to travel but I’ve been paying off student loans for so long it’s just starting to feel like I’ll be able to afford it! I’ve always wanted to go to Japan to see Kyoto in spring and all that good stuff. I’m sure I’ll go one day.

      Nope, no driving. I take buses or have my fiance drive. I also got in a car accident a few years ago that messed up my shoulder permanently. The pain just reminds me of another reason I don’t want to drive. It actually keeps me more active though because I can bus and walk everywhere!

      My life has always been full of drama. That’s probably why I like how peaceful it is to stay at home and work!

  3. Fun post, Amanda! It’s always fun getting to know people better. 🙂
    Jeni Starr recently posted..New Skin Care PLR 5 PackMy Profile

  4. Well you’re certainly someone who has shown throughout your life that making decisions on what you want vs. what people say you “should” do is the way to go. I’m guessing that friends told you you were nuts for taking the tough courses for electives and family told you you were for not going to Yale? 🙂

    And since you still don’t have your license, I’m guessing you live in a fairly small town?
    Debi J recently posted..A Visual Way to Stay On Track & Improve ProductivityMy Profile

    • Oh ya, everyone thinks I’m nuts still. I rarely do what everyone things I should do. I like to live my life my way!

      It’s a fairly small town but I don’t think it would matter. I take buses from time to time but normally my fiance drives me where I need to go.

  5. I find it simply amazing how many people have shared the fact that they “almost drowned” and it’s a bit scary! Good thing you didn’t! The world would be at such a loss Amanda without your wisdom shared with it!

    Thank goodness you’re okay!
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..How to Add a Border to a PictureMy Profile

  6. I’m looking forward to part 2 as part 1 is fantastic. I love learning more about the human side of people I’ve met online. I don’t think I nearly drowned but I did have a major problem for the first 9 months of my life. You’ll have to watch out for my 30 quirky things to find out what it was! 🙂
    Kathy Robinson recently posted..Are You Succeeding The Way You Want?My Profile

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