5 Tips for Emailing Potential Affiliates

iStock_000016463161Large1-1024x768Between my big video game PLR release and my upcoming Azon Review Blueprint (yes, I picked a name!) release I’ve been doing a fair bit of emailing. (If I haven’t gotten to you and you were hoping to promote either of the offers you may still be further down my list or I missed you so feel free to use my contact form to get in touch.)

Emailing potential affiliates can be very intimidating. Some of the things that were going through my mind as I got started…

  • What if they hate my product and don’t promote it because it’s bad?
  • What if they email out and say that it’s bad?
  • What if I come across as desperate?
  • What if they’re mad I’m emailing them to ask in general?

You know how it goes… your mind goes to the worst case scenarios. Well, in the end I just reminded myself that most marketers and bloggers are like me. They get a lot of emails but they have certain things they look for when someone asks if they want to be an affiliate. Here are a few things you can do to boost your chances.

  1. Include a review copy. Many people, myself included, won’t email out about an info product they haven’t been able to read. I’ll promote PLR if I’ve already read/bought a lot from them in the past but it doesn’t matter if it’s the newest Tiffany Lambert product, I won’t promote it  and say “you should get this” unless I’ve read it. Why? I need to know I’m not promoting crap. It needs to be good information and it needs to be valuable to my particular audience. So, when you email a potential affiliate, include a copy for them so they can make sure it fits whatever criteria they may have.
  2. Use their name and write an individual email to each potential affiliate. Don’t start “Dear Sir” or something impersonal like that. Make sure they know you are addressing them personally. If it looks like a form email, most of them will go right into the trash bin. If you can’t take the time to write them a personal email, why should they take the time to promote for you? The only exception is if you have an email list affiliates sign up for. In that case they should be expecting a mass email to be sent out.
  3. Do some research on the person you’re emailing. I don’t mean get all creepy and Googling for their personal information. I just mean take a look at their blog (if you don’t regularly follow them) to get a handle on their target audience, topics they cover, and their ethics. I get so many people asking me to promote their newest article spinner or scraper and my first thought is, “Seriously? Have you read a single thing I’ve written because I’m pretty open with my opinion on crap like that.” Similarly, if you’re emailing someone about your new article writing course and the person mostly writes about video marketing you’re probably not the best match.
  4. Respect how busy they may be. Keep things brief. Include some information about yourself, how you found them, your product, and tell them where they can sign up and find tools. You don’t need to write a sales letter of an email to convince them. Respect that they don’t have time to read a giant email about your product. Give them the basics and a copy of the product.
  5. Invite them to email you and let you know either way. Often times the potential affiliate will decide not to promote. That’s going to happen. Often times if you tell them to email you either way you’ll get a quick email that may explain why they aren’t promoting. That information can be invaluable! Don’t email them back right away offering to change something, that’ll just annoy them (unless it’s something really small, you’ll know when it’s okay). Just keep it in mind.

Remember, the worst that is likely to happen is they’ll say no or ignore your email. Best case scenario you’ll connect with an awesome affiliate and BOTH of you will make a nice bit of money!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I’m sure going to need this list soon 🙂
    Ambitious Curls recently posted..Button Swap!My Profile

  2. Those are some great tips for emailing potential affiliates.

    Personally, I only ever became an affiliate of a product I loved so expect the same of my affiliates. I am choosy that way. I only want people who love what I’m doing.


    Kathy Hadley recently posted..What Real Freedom Means For YouMy Profile

    • That’s how you get the passionate affiliates! The ones who want to promote you because they want others to experience your product like they do. That’s why I review products rather than promote them. I don’t want to promote something I’m not passionate about.

      Lately all you hear me talking about is The Product Creation Puzzle because it was such an awesome product that really got my mind where it needed to be to take action. I hope I can do that for someone with my product!

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