7 Reasons I Promote Amazon (Rather Than Other Online Vendors)

cardboard-boxI wrote this as part of a freebie I’m working on for people interested in my upcoming product, Azon Review Blueprint. It’s a rough draft but the information is something people have been asking about so I wanted to share it with you now!

There are a lot of vendors out there you could promote and earn commissions through. Even Walmart.com has an affiliate program. There are a few reasons I, and most physical product affiliates, choose to promote Amazon products.

  1. The Amazon affiliate program is well known and trusted. They pay and they pay on time.
  2. Amazon is the biggest vendor of online goods in the world. It’s where most people already go to buy things.
  3. People trust Amazon. In a day where people are afraid (and rightly so) to put their credit card information into sites they don’t know, they are happy to order on Amazon. People who are still worried or don’t use credit or debit cards can buy Amazon gift cards at any local grocery store and use them to order.
  4. They spent money researching the best way to set up their site for the highest conversions (sales). Amazon simply converts better than a lot of other online vendors.
  5. Reviews are right there on the page so once they click your affiliate link they land on a page where they can read more opinions on the product. This means you only need to get them interested enough to click over, the on page reviews can seal the deal.
  6. Amazon offers free shipping on most products and showcases discounts to increase sales. Everyone loves a good deal!
  7. The business is stable. I’ve heard horror stories of people setting up entire sites to promote items from an online store only for the store to go out of business. That means they need to quickly find a new way to make money from their site. In many cases these people turn to Amazon instead.

You can sign up to promote more than one site as well. There have been products on Walmart.com that weren’t available on Amazon so I included a link to buy it from Walmart, but I’ve always had the best success focusing on Amazon.

This really sucks for people in states where you can’t promote Amazon. There are a few legal ways around it but they generally include writing on sites like Squidoo and Zujava rather than your own site.

Are you a new Amazon affiliate trying to earn money writing reviews? Where do you find yourself getting stuck? What holds you back?

If you’re interested in Azon Review Blueprint, my guide to writing engaging Amazon reviews that will convert readers to buyers, click here and sign up for the prelaunch list. You’ll get first access to the freebie I’m currently working AND get a chance at early bird pricing with the guide is released.

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  1. Great post. I do have an affiliate account, but need to be more active about writing reviews with affiliate links. The only drawback with Amazon seems to be that they don’t have very high commissions. Usually, if you promote the product straight from the publisher, the publisher’s affiliate program gives you a higher commission. Of course, if you have a lot of traffic to your site and are promoting an expensive product, using Amazon might not be a problem. What are your thoughts on this?
    Nicole recently posted..10 Free Foreign Language Learning ResourcesMy Profile

    • In general physical products will have lower commissions than digital products, but going directly to a vendor can have higher commissions. The difference is that (in my experience) the conversion rate is lower. I assume it has something to do with people leaving to see if Amazon has it for a lower price.

      If you have a large site it’s worth split testing though. In some cases you might make more selling less but with higher commission rates. One nice thing is that Amazon commissions go up based on how much you sell each month. I boost my commission but promoting low priced items on Squidoo (like $1-20 items) and selling higher priced items on my sites.

      Personally I stick with Amazon unless the commissions are VASTLY higher, enough to make up for selling less. Their reputation really helps them get sales.

  2. I totally agree about Amazon. I became an affiliate because I already shop on Amazon often anyway. Amazon if usually the first place that I check for pricing for something online. I haven’t had any luck yet with the affiliate side of things, and I’m ok with that, because my blog is small and my following is very small, so I understand not getting the hits, any suggestions for affiliates that trying to grow their blog and make a little extra with Amazon?

    I stopped trying to do the Amazon deal of the day (which was suggested as a part of an fb group I was in), because I don’t want to become a deal/coupon blog. Does that even make sense? Anyway, thanks for the great post!!!
    Ashley Addison recently posted..Italian Chicken Wraps~My WayMy Profile

    • Well, when it comes to growing your blog I focus on social media. With food blogs you want your main focus to be Facebook (a fan page) and Pinterest. That’s where your main audience will be hanging out.

      For earning Amazon commissions, I use contextual links and reviews. If I’m writing about how to make gluten free cookies I’ll link to the gluten free flour and special baking pan I use. If I’m writing about a cake I may include a link to decorating tools, pans, or mixers I use. I use them sparingly.

      Otherwise I specifically do reviews. You could review mixers, blenders, premium pans, and coookbooks. You could also look into reviewing any type of specialty cooking equipment.

  3. This makes me more confident about being an Amazon affiliate, knowing that others have real success with it. I’ve only ever tried one link on my blog and couldn’t figure out how to make it work…I will have to figure it out but since my blog following is practically nonexistent I need to remedy that first! (Could be I only have the WP subscribe button without any service like Aweber?)
    Great post…just signed up for the Azon Review!
    Jessica Woods recently posted..Should I Save or Should I Go?My Profile

    • There are two basic steps (with a lot of little steps for each step) to success as an affiliate of any kind.

      1. Write compelling content and reviews.
      2. Get people to read them.

      Which are you struggling with most?

  4. The partner and I are always going to Amazon to see if they have something. If we’re in a rush for something, we’ll get it locally like Walmart, but we always check the price at Amazon.

    There’s been plenty of cases where we paid less because Walmart claimed they had the lowest price, but in reality Amazon did. We would take the print out with us and get it cheaper at another store based on their “we’ll beat any price” rule.:)

    Amazon.com for the win! 🙂
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..Time Management Tips for the Busy MomMy Profile

    • I love Walmart’s price match. You know they even do it on Black Friday? lol The year before last I went there for a Wii because I knew most people would go to the store with the cheapest Wiis. I just took the ad in and got it for the same price without waiting in as long of a line. lol

  5. Very helpful post, Amanda. Your point in #3 (the gift card logic) is unique and makes so much sense. I look forward to following your blog, thanks!
    Anita Hampl recently posted..ABOUT Page Bios: Have I Told You About My Dog?My Profile

    • My fiance’s grandma loves to shop on Amazon and eBay but she’s terrified of putting her debit card information online. She used to order on eBay with money orders but they don’t let you do that anymore. She started having us order for her and she’d give us the cash but now that I’ve shown her you can buy gift cards she’s a shopping fiend. lol She just drives to the grocery store for eBay or Amazon gift cards whenever she wants something and she can enjoy shopping without fear of identity theft.

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