Are You Missing This Step in Your Product Creation?

As I’m sitting here working on my first info product it seems that everyone’s talking about product creation. It’s really exciting because I love learning more. Tiffany Dow is hosting an awesome 90 day product creation challenge. (Expect a lot of blog posts about the process as I work my way through it.)

Well, there is this guy I’m friends with on Facebook named Caliban Darklock. He’s a really awesome guy who isn’t afraid to be himself and I love that. He occasionally posts videos on YouTube that at first glance normally seem like random stuff or rants but almost always end up teaching me something and I find that totally fascinating. He’s kind of one of my heroes because he just gets out there, is his unique self, and helps everyone he an along the way.

Okay, well, on to what this blog post is actually about.

WARNING: If you’re offended by strong language or men in face paint, this video isn’t for you.

He posted this video called “What the fuck do I even DO anyways?” I had an idea of what he did but I was curious to learn more. He talks about product creation and says a lot of things that make so much sense.

You’ll notice early in the video he focuses on TESTING his steps. Remember when I blogged about being afraid to release my info product I said I was going to go through and follow my steps to make sure everything works and I’m not missing anything. I think this step is so important if you’re really aiming to help your buyers. You don’t wan to leave them lost halfway through because you forgot to explain a small step in the middle.

The other thing he talks about is production value. When Tiffany was releasing her confidence class I bought every issue. (It’s fantastic and I highly recommend it.) Each issue was (if I remember correctly) $5. Each issue wasn’t hugely long but the information was great and I was happy to pay for each and every one. The thing is, I know that if it had just been a regular PDF with no graphics or images it would have been a lot shorter and could have easily left people feeling like they didn’t get much value. By dressing it up and making it look nicer she was able to make the newsletter look much more professional.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with just putting the information out there but perceived value is always something you need to think about and you can really up that perceived value by dressing your report up and making the information more visually pleasing.

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  1. Good Points! Thanks for the reminders!
    Suzi~Q recently posted..Living Well Doesn’t have to be Expensive: A Facial RecipeMy Profile

  2. Great post! I totally get what you say about perceived value…it’s too easy to undervalue ourselves sometimes, too. I think it’s a fine line, but you’ll do fine! You always have the best info and, more importantly, are a natural teacher. You’ll do great!

    • Thanks! The product is all written and I’ve almost made all of the videos. I’m sending it to my SquidsPro partner and the two of us are both going over all of the steps and after the product is released I’ll be blogging about the progress made on those lenses.

  3. That’s definitely something to think about. I’m working at the very beginning of my coaching business, and so I’m definitely needing to remember to follow my steps closely.
    Gwynne Montgomery recently posted..Accidental CougarMy Profile

  4. congratulations on your new adventure! I hope everything goes well for you and the release, such a brave undertaking! I need to take those steps soon too!
    pattio recently posted..Hair ESSENTIALLY!My Profile

  5. A good lesson in here, but unfortunately I found myself wondering why the due wore the makeup and then noticed the mess reflection in his monitor.

    Which is another good lesson here.

    If you want people to take you seriously, at least dress the part and make sure that I’m not looking at some mess in the back of the room that’s reflecting off of your camera.

    It’s like making video in your jammies, but nobody sees it because the camera is above the waist. If this dude wants me to listen to what he has to say, he needs to play AND LOOK the part, which he doesn’t.

    I wouldn’t buy his bucket of shit. 🙂
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..Top 5 Weekly Roundup, Edition #5My Profile

    • I think this comes down to attracting the audience you want. Not everyone likes him. In fact, I know a ton of people who can’t stand him. He’s weird, brash, and just not the type of person a lot of people like to be around. However, the people that like him really like him.

  6. I think it makes a huge difference whether your product has a professional look – nicely edited, divided into sections or chapters with headers, maybe some graphics. I’ve bought products that looked like a 7th grader wrote them (I taught 7th grade for 12 years, so I speak from experience here) and it was hard to take the information seriously.
    Katie S recently posted..Your Official Motivational Message for the WeekMy Profile

  7. This guy sets a specific tone with his make-up which his presentation DOESN’T match it. I don’t know if he’s going clown or if he’s going metal. If this is how all of his videos are – it creates a disconnect for me.

    Obviously you get something from him though, so it doesn’t create the same disconnect for you.

    But you’re right he’s not afraid to be himself, junk in the background or not. (LOL Bonnie you made me skim through his video to see if I could see that.)

    The testing? The making sure what you’re selling works and wasn’t a one-time fluke? Hells yeah I’m all for that.
    Minna Bryant recently posted..The Power of a Focused Business – Review Part IIMy Profile

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