Blog Commenting 102: What Blogs Should I Comment On?

blog commentingThis post is going to be a bit shorter than usual. I’m going to give you a list of things I look for when deciding if I want to comment and then I’d like you to do the same in the comments. Everyone will be a bit different, so let’s take this change to learn from each other!


  • I comment on blogs where people tell stories.
  • I comment on blogs where the blogger replies and has conversations in the comments.
  • I comment on blogs owned by new bloggers. If I am on Twitter or get an email from a reader about their new blog post on their new blog, I’ll head over and say hi because everyone loves knowing their blog is read.
  • I comment when I have an opinion on what was said, whether for or against.
  • I comment when I have some extra information.
  • I comment when I blog post really hits me or I learn something neat.

Are you kind of getting where I’m going with this? I don’t have fancy SEO needs. I don’t care if links are dofollow or nofollow. I don’t care about page rank. I care about the people who are receiving these comments.

I probably won’t comment if…

  • Your blog post is so full of typos I can’t get through the post.
  • Your post is boring and lacks personality.
  • I don’t have anything constructive to add other than “nice post”.
  • The blog seems to be abandoned and hasn’t been posted in for a long time.
  • The posts have a ton of spam comments. I assume it’s an autoapprove which means the blogger likely isn’t reading the comments.

You probably thought this post was going to be super profound or a guideline to finding good blogs, didn’t you? No, I’m just telling you that when it comes to blog commenting… read blogs you enjoy. If you enjoy the blog, take a moment and leave a comment to engage.

I generally don’t comment on blogs unless I’ve read a few posts from them but that’s just because I’m not sure I like the enough to want to connect. That doesn’t need to be the case with you.

For those of you who did come here looking for a guide to finding blogs to comment on, that will be coming up in part 4.

So, what makes you want to comment on a blog? Are any of your guidelines similar to mine?

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  1. I was always a lurker. LOL I’m enjoying not being a hermit on other peoples’ blog anymore.
    Tiffany Dow recently posted..Is Automation Good for Your Business?My Profile

  2. “Your blog post is so full of typos I can’t get through the post.”—- Very very true.
    I never thought of this seriously. It’s critical for blogger blog as any typo in title can’t be changed.
    arindam recently posted..7 Success Mantras For YouMy Profile

  3. I look for blogs that reach out and connect with me. I don’t like a blog post that’s written for the masses – write as if you’re speaking directly to me and there’s a good chance I’ll respond in kind with a comment.

    Then… there are just some people who I instantly connect with. This is the case with you, Amanda. You’re someone I feel I could “hang” with in the offline world. Your style and down-to-earth approach in your writing makes me feel as if you’re talking to a friend — ME! Love it!

    I’m with you on the too many typos. If I have to strain to read, I won’t. Simple as that. Nuff said. 🙂
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..The Tutorials You Need In 2013My Profile

  4. I am a big believer in the power of commenting to share knowledge, build communities and develop relationship. Still, I am encouraged to leave comments by the levels of the community and the author’s engagement. On a technical point, I have preferred to leave comments on blogs using systems such as Disqus or livefyre because I find them easier to use. Some blogs use a terrible commenting system that I could sometimes discourage commenting! To help me organize and track my conversations I use Engagio (!

    • I tried Disqus at one point but the recent updates make it load more slowly and a lot of people don’t like needing to sign in to Disqus to use it. That’s why I decided to stick with WordPress comments with CommentLuv.

  5. I’m like most people. I want information that is presented in a friendly, easy to read format. I enjoy posts that show the writer’s sense of humor. A smile or laugh lightens my day and makes my work time fly. I love reading posts that make me think outside the square or just make me think. I enjoy learning new tips and tricks or different ways of doing things. Like everyone, I want to be entertained, to read a good story. I don’t want to be lectured to or start yawning because the material is boring.

    I enjoy the community here as we have so much in common and we have conversations. This is what I look for.
    Kathy Robinson recently posted..Blogging With John Chow 30 Day Action Plan Part 8My Profile

  6. Gotta add another reason why I don’t comment on some blogs, even if I really want to: if they require me to sign up or use some system that doesn’t make it easy for me to just leave my thoughts. I almost never bother in that case!

    Otherwise, I totally agree. Forget about SEO, dofollow, nofollow, commentluv etc (though it’s a nice bonus!) – comment on blogs you like to read and people you enjoy having a conversation with.
    Ruth P recently posted..Do You Start With An Intention? – Vlog Day 21My Profile

  7. I suppose I could copy your reasons verbatim and save my fingers. I would add that I, too, was a lurker, but since I hooked up with you guys, I want to join the community. And that’s key I think…that sense of community.

    I do hop over to Copyblogger sometimes…they have a few things that I like (see the Infographic post I have in CommentLuv.)

    I don’t comment there, though. I simply lurk. I have no desire to jump into the sea of people I’m never likely to meet again, online or off. Lord, I’d drown in some of the arrogance I’ve found in some of the comments. I probably shouldn’t have said that.

    I learn as much, or more, from the people who gather at the hub of Tiff’s blog, then march out from there…(I like that picture.) 🙂 Thanks, Amanda.
    Ruth Clark recently posted..Special Edition—Infographic from CopyBloggerMy Profile

    • Tiffany’s blog has really helped me find a community of like minded bloggers and I’ll thank her forever for it. A sense of community is important! There are some bigger blogs I read by I feel no reason to jump in and participate. I prefer to comment on blogs where I can get to know people and start a relationship with them.

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