Top 3 Mistakes I See on Amazon (Affiliate) Review Websites

3 Common Amazon Affiliate Review SiteI love Amazon review websites. I enjoy writing product reviews and they’re just a fun type of website to create. I’ve also tend to see faster success promoting physical products than digital products.

I wouldn’t say I know everything about what makes an Amazon review website work. I don’t really do much SEO. I don’t follow all of the newest methods of getting things done quickly. I don’t bother with special plugins or anything. I still see results though.

How to Get More Affiliates For Your Products Using PLR

Product creation has always been one of the best ways to earn money, grow your audience, and establish yourself as an expert in your market. When you have a product, it gives you credibility! I don’t need to tell you that though. I’m sure if you don’t already have a product launched it’s something on your to-do list.

I’ve been creating PLR packages for around three years now. I’ve learned a lot along the way and one of the biggest things is that affiliates mean the world! One good affiliate can be the difference between a total flop and profit. One of my recent packs about 75% of my sales were from affiliates.

Squidoo is Dead and Zujava Took a Hit Too – Goodbye!

frustration.gifIt’s a bad week for people who write for 3rd party sites like Squidoo. We got some news from both Squidoo and Zujava that really show why it’s important to have your own site.

Let’s talk about them both and how I’ll personally be dealing with the changes.

Squidoo Has Been Sold to HubPages

I always loved Squidoo. The people there were cool and the environment was always fun and light hearted. Then things started to change. They got more strict with their rules (which is fine). Then they started locking lenses left and right that used to be considered fine. I lost a lot. I was angry but it’s their system.

How to Use PLR ClickBank Presell Reports to Earn Commissions [Video + Text]

I run a lot of websites and blogs which means finding time to keep them all updated isn’t easy. PLR has been my secret to that for a long time. I’m always looking for ways to fill my blog with quality content without as much time or energy. For a long time the big thing I was excited about was Easy Article Starters by Peggy Baron. Those are awesome but they only fill one gap, the articles and blog posts.

The newest thing I’ve been excited about is Tiffany Lambert’s ClickBank presell reports. Let me tell you a bit about my ClickBank experience and then I’ll explain why I’m recommending these to everyone I talk to about blogging.

Are You Disappointed in Your Christmas Affiliate Earnings for 2013?

I was going over my earnings for December and overall I’m pretty happy about it. It could have been better but I didn’t get nearly enough work done on my websites to earn as much as I could have. ¬†After talking to some of my friends they were pretty disappointed in their earnings overall.

Most of them are just moving on and continuing with their regular projects and planning to do better next December.

What is the Best Theme For an Amazon Review Site?

I recently wrote about a new Amazon theme called Covert Store Builder. Since then I’ve had a few people asking me which themes they should use for their sites so I wanted to share a bit of insight on the subject and share some of the themes I’d personally recommend.

When I got ready to start my Amazon review site, picking a theme was one of those things I was dreading. There are so many out there, how do you pick?!? I had a list of features I wanted but I couldn’t find any that had them all. After searching for a little while I reminded myself of a very important point…

Using Social Media to Promote Amazon Review Sites

socialmediaI’ve been discussing my newest Amazon review site, Smooth Blenders, with you guys off and on and I’ve mentioned most of my traffic comes through social networking and shares. It’s coming from Facebook (a little bit) and Pinterest (most of it). Honestly, the Pinterest traffic isn’t really from my own pin, it’s through other people pinning.

I got quite a few emails asking how I was getting traffic to a review site from social media. Quite a few people said they tried it but it didn’t work. Well, I’m going to give you a tip that will hopefully change the way you think of review sites and social media.

7 Reasons I Promote Amazon (Rather Than Other Online Vendors)

cardboard-boxI wrote this as part of a freebie I’m working on for people interested in my upcoming product, Azon Review Blueprint. It’s a rough draft but the information is something people have been asking about so I wanted to share it with you now!

There are a lot of vendors out there you could promote and earn commissions through. Even has an affiliate program. There are a few reasons I, and most physical product affiliates, choose to promote Amazon products.

  1. The Amazon affiliate program is well known and trusted. They pay and they pay on time.

Freelancers: Put Your Skills to Use! (And a Bit of My Story)

It may start out feeling like a juggling act, but it gets easier!

It may start out feeling like a juggling act, but it gets easier!

Yesterday I posted a little blurb on my Facebook page about this is a message that needs to be spread far and wide.

I’ll go ahead and quote the post for you.

“When I was mainly a freelance writing I remember my clients would come back all of the time asking for more Amazon reviews. I had a lot of repeat clients but the ones that wanted review articles came back over and over again, often times offering to pay more if I would move them up higher than my other clients.

First Sale on New Amazon Review Site! Yay!

After an awesome weekend watching my wonderful little sister graduate from high school and celebrating with her I came home ready to get some work done. I woke up and the first thing I did was check all of my stats to decide what I wanted to work on first. I was super excited to see that I made my first blender sale!

I did make a sale from my new Amazon site last week but it wasn’t even related to blenders so I didn’t count it, but today I actually sold a blender!

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