Honesty When Reviewing Products Works – And I Have Proof!

ethics-caliber1Whenever I read those tutorials about reviewing products the all have this basic format.

  1. Introduce the product by discussing a horrible situation where this product could be helpful. The typical one in online marketing goes along the lines of: “Another early morning and you head to your PayPay to check for any commissions. Your hand excitedly hovers over the login button. You close your eyes as the page loads. The page pops in and… nothing again.”
  2. Talk about how you know how they feel. “I was like you once.”

I’m Starting an Amazon Review Site!

405356_489095324435657_390647834_nOne of my goals for this year was to have an Amazon review site up and getting sales before the holiday season. I had picked my niche (a certain kitchen item) but never really got started. Well… NameCheap recently had a $1 domain sale so I decided it was time to jump in.

Something you guys may not know is that I’m particularly skilled with writing Amazon review articles. I’ve been writing in-depth (1000+ words) reviews for clients, Squidoo, and other sites since I first started working online and I’ve been able to get some pretty awesome conversion rates. I was just too nervous to create a site of my own since the reviews take a lot of work. What if I picked the wrong niche?

New Zujava Contest – Win $100 Gift Card?

zujava-signup-badge-horizon-468-v1Zujava is having a contest that I’ll be entering and I wanted to invite you all to join in as well. It’s called the “Magnum Opus Contest” and one person will with a $100 Amazon gift card. Four others will win a $25 gift card.

Now, it’s not going to an easy task. The requirements are tough.

The leaf requirements are:

  • It has to be 2500+ words.
  • Needs 8 or more images that are credited.
  • The intro image needs to be one of your own.
  • Include a YouTube video.
  • Link to five high quality pages not on Zujava.

Zujava Challenge Day 5

Hey guys! I wanted to check in and let you guys know what I’ve been up to and where I am on the Zujava challenge. I’m currently one day behind on the Zujava challenge but I’ll be caught up before bed. I realized a little too late that I forgot about my weekly Squidoo lens though! I’m still kay because I made extras last week, but I’ve gotta make sure to remember that this week.

Here are the three new Zujava leaves I made.

February Zujava Challenge – Day 1

Today is the first day of the February Zujava challenge where I’ll be creating 28 Zujava leaves in 28 days. I decided that I’ll also be posting here each day to share my leaf and the other things I do each day. I liked doing this before but I backed off. I’ll still be doing some pure information type posts though, so don’t feel like I’m forgetting about them!

zujava-signup-badge-horizon-468-v1First I’ll give you an update on everything else that’s been going on lately.

Vlog: Zujava February, Squidoo Challenge Reminder, and More

Hey everyone! This post is mostly just to update you on what’s been going on. Between my back and being out all day Saturday my sleep schedule is all messed up and my days are running together but I’m getting things together and the last few days have been more productive than ever! I brainstormed a ton of great blog post ideas and have been writing them so I’ve got some great informational posts lined up for you and I’ll post some vlogs in between. It’ll give me more time to work on my Squidoo guide and my opt-in report. (Thanks to Bonnie for helping me come up with a great idea!)

February Zujava Challenge – You Still Have Time to Join!

Sign up for Zujava.com: Simple online publishing.
I mentioned Zujava recently in this post about the best guide for making money on Zujava. I checked the forums a few days ago and Zujava is having a little challenge in February I’ll be joining in on and I wanted to extend an invite to all of you!

It’s a bit of a tall order but it’s perfect for those of you who want to jump in and establish yourself on Zujava or just add a bunch of extra leaves. The goal is 28 Zujava leaves in 28 days. You can do one a day or you can sit down and do 10 in one day, your choice. I’ll likely be doing one a day and, of course, I’ll share them with you and give you a chance to share yours.

Reader Questions: What’s the Best Guide for Making Money on Zujava?

Sign up for Zujava.com: Simple online publishing.I’ve gotten a few emails asking for more info about Zujava since I mentioned it in a few vlogs and recent posts. I’m going to answer some of the most common questions I got as well as tell you about the best guide I’ve found to help you make money over there.

What is Zujava?

Zujava is a writing platform a lot like Squidoo. It’s 100% free and you write articles called “leaves” to earn money. The modules used to build pages are also a lot like Squidoo.

Are You Getting in on the Holiday Shopping Rush?

Halloween may not even be here yet, but NOW is the time to start thinking about Christmas if you plan to make any money off of the gift buying rush. According to polls, the average person spent over $500 on Christmas gifts and almost $200 on other Christmas expenses, and that is per person! (Scroll down to see an infographic on the subject.)

Now is the time to start getting ready for the rush of online shoppers. One of the best ways to rake in commissions is by promoting Amazon products. There are a ton of ways to do this. Don’t click away if you aren’t able to be an Amazon affiliate though! There are ways for you to still make plenty of  money this holiday season.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Join Squidoo

Today I bring you a guest post by video game blogger and Giant Squid, Tony Lee! Tony is an avid Squid, co-founder of SquidsPro (along with myself), and owner of the video game blog Fung Foo Gamers! He has joined us today to tell YOU why Squidoo is so awesome.

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