Top 3 Mistakes I See on Amazon (Affiliate) Review Websites

3 Common Amazon Affiliate Review SiteI love Amazon review websites. I enjoy writing product reviews and they’re just a fun type of website to create. I’ve also tend to see faster success promoting physical products than digital products.

I wouldn’t say I know everything about what makes an Amazon review website work. I don’t really do much SEO. I don’t follow all of the newest methods of getting things done quickly. I don’t bother with special plugins or anything. I still see results though.

I Found a Cool Plugin for Comments That I Love (Facebook + Standard Comments)

supersoYou may have noticed the comment section looks a little different. As a blogger I’ve always loved Facebook comments because it can help you get more traffic to your posts. When someone posts a comment via Facebook comments (unless they uncheck the box) it gets posted to their wall.

The thing is, as a marketer reading other blogs I hate it when I only have the choice of Facebook comments. If I’m reading a blog about Doctor Who or video games I don’t mind if my comment gets posted on my profile but when I don’t really share marketing stuff with my friends and family. That goes on my Facebook page.

How to Write With Your Audience in Mind – My Top Secret Method

When I was sitting down to write today’s blog post I was kind of drawing a blank on what to write about. I pulled out my list of blog post ideas I’ve compiled over the last year or so. Whenever I have an idea I write it down and when I cover them I cross them off. It normally serves me well but today none of them were feeling quite write.

Do You REALLY Know What Your Audience Wants?

Yesterday I wrote a bit about how to survey your audience after emailing out a survey to my list of PLR buyers and subscribers.

Today I was looking over the results to plan out my next few weeks worth of releases and emails and I was actually very surprised to see how people answered my questions! There were a lot that didn’t surprise me like the subjects they wanted to see me cover. There was a small shift where people were more interested in product reviews than before but overall the niches they wanted were the same.

Should You Be Ashamed of Self Promoting? (Forums, Facebook Groups, etc.)

promoteA few nights ago I was sitting on my phone chatting with a few people on Facebook when a fellow blogger messaged me for some advice. They wanted to know how to go about promoting their content in a Facebook group they were a member of.

Honesty, it’s just as simple as this.

  1. Become a member of the group. Chat, discuss, learn. Be an active and participating group member if you want people to actually care what you say.
  2. Read the rules before you post. Some won’t let you post links at all!

Top Five WordPress Plugins to Encourage Social Media Shares [Guest Post]


It is absolutely essential for any blogger to have a blog where your readers can share your content through out their social media networks easily. People are busy and will not want to take the time to manually share your content online. However the good news is, there are free great social media plugins that bloggers can use on most platforms. If you have a self hosted WordPress blog, you can use excellent social media sharing plugins to help increase your traffic, and new readers to your blog. I will share the top 5 social media sharing plugins that I would highly recommend that bloggers take advantage of.

New Blogging Schedule and About Being “Visible” Online

seo-magnifying-glassToday I’m sitting down and working on a new schedule for this blog and my PLR releases mainly. I’ve been doing a lot of behind the scenes work but I haven’t been very visible – and that’s just not good! You can’t be a successful blogger if you don’t blog and I can’t teach you if I’m not showing you my adventure.

It’s so easy to get caught up in your work and side projects and pretty much disappear from the internet. You know what happens when you do that? Your audience starts finding other people to follow. They start thinking about other things. In the end, you lose readership. Sure, some of them will come back when you’re actively blogging again but not all of them.

How to Use PLR ClickBank Presell Reports to Earn Commissions [Video + Text]

I run a lot of websites and blogs which means finding time to keep them all updated isn’t easy. PLR has been my secret to that for a long time. I’m always looking for ways to fill my blog with quality content without as much time or energy. For a long time the big thing I was excited about was Easy Article Starters by Peggy Baron. Those are awesome but they only fill one gap, the articles and blog posts.

The newest thing I’ve been excited about is Tiffany Lambert’s ClickBank presell reports. Let me tell you a bit about my ClickBank experience and then I’ll explain why I’m recommending these to everyone I talk to about blogging.

New Internet Marketing/Blogging Blogs to Check Out

my-favoriteI’ve done posts in the past sharing some of my favorite blog posts and they were often filled with some of my favorite bloggers such as Bonnie Gean or Tiffany Lambert, but today I wanted to share some of the blogs I’ve found since then but probably haven’t shared with you. Each one has something that makes it a little bit special!

Are You Disappointed in Your Christmas Affiliate Earnings for 2013?

I was going over my earnings for December and overall I’m pretty happy about it. It could have been better but I didn’t get nearly enough work done on my websites to earn as much as I could have. ¬†After talking to some of my friends they were pretty disappointed in their earnings overall.

Most of them are just moving on and continuing with their regular projects and planning to do better next December.

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