How to Generate Plot Ideas for Your Kindle Fiction – Guest Post by Brian Tubbs


I saw Brian’s thread over on the Warrior Forum about writing fiction for the Kindle and was so impressed by the information he was sharing that I sent him a quick PM asking if I could share the information with you as a guest post. He agreed and I am excited to bring you some great information about coming up with ideas for Kindle fiction!

How to Generate Plot Ideas for Your Kindle Fiction

I’ve really enjoyed writing eBooks for the Kindle. I started with mostly nonfiction, but have started venturing into fiction of late (though all of my fiction titles are thus far under pen names). It’s great to make money from your imagination.

Establish Yourself as an Expert Through Kindle Publishing

A lot of people are hesitant to get into Kindle publishing because it’s an entire extra branch of their business to worry about. While focus is important in Internet marketing, a lot of them are missing a very important point here…

Kindle Can Help You Establish Yourself as an Expert in Your Niche!!!

Think about it from your customer’s point of few for a moment. No matter how much of an expert you are in a niche, how much more credibility is it going to add when you can direct them towards your books on Amazon.

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