Stress and Overwhelm Kill Creativity and Productivity


I’m sure a lot of you can relate to this… something happens with life (like having to move, a sick relative, children getting themselves in trouble, or any number of other problems) and you need to put work on the back burner, just for a bit. You focus on getting life back in order and work starts to pile up. Oh well, nothing you can do right now.

You Don’t Need to Be an Expert to Be a Blogger

Hey guys! I was talking to a friend who is working hard on a newer blog and he’s been asking me what he’s supposed to do since he’s not an expert in the niche. It’s a niche he’s passionate about but he’s still learning.

This is a message for him as well as any of you who struggle with this. I know I did for a while… It’s easy to feel like you’re supposed to have all of the answers but sometimes having questions is even better.

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Do You Really Want Advice? Or Are You Afraid of Getting Started?

d006c67c78a3a77873d27406d0319cd4I’m going to tell you a story about someone (who I won’t name) who I’ve been chatting with off and on for a month. I’m really frustrated because she’s an awesome person and I want to help her succeed.

We originally met when she emailed me to ask a simple question. I sent her links to some resources and we started messaging each other on Skype. She was new to online marketing and struggling monetarily. She wanted to learn the ropes and I told her to go ahead and ask me questions and I’ll help her out where I can.

“Failure is the Key to Success” – Not Quite


I seem to hear this all the time. “Failure is the key to success.” Well, I don’t really think that’s all there is to it. You can fail over and over again and it won’t get you any closer to success unless you take one extra step…

You need to LEARN from your failure!

Failure is part of life and it’s definitely part of business. You’re going to mess up. You’re going to forget a step. There will be times where you get off track and fight to get back. It’s going to happen and it might even happen a lot. (I know it does for me.) You can’t stop yourself from failing, but failure can lead to something amazing if you’re willing to keep trying.

3 Excuses It’s Time to Stop Making

personal_responsibility_areaSome of you aren’t going to like this post much but I want you to know it’s mean to be a kick in the butt for myself just as much as it is for you guys. It’s time to remember that we aren’t just bloggers, we’re business owners and entrepreneurs. Part of that is taking responsibility for ourselves, our time, and our work.

These are three excuses that either I make myself or I hear readers make all the time and we’re going to look these excuses in the face and tell them they’re not needed anymore. We’re going to punch these excuses in the face (figuratively, because literally punching things usually isn’t a good idea) and tell them to take a hike so we can run our businesses the way they need to be run.

“I Don’t Think My Product is Good Enough”

I’ve mentioned over and over again that one of my current projects is working on my first info product. I’m struggling right now with something that a lot of new product creators go through. I want to share this with you and tell you about a few of the things I’m doing to get over it. I know some of you out there already have your own products on the marketplace and I’d love it if you’d leave some tips in the  comments because quite frankly I’m shaking in my boots as I get ready to do my big release!

It’s Time to Learn by Doing – Not by Reading, Watching, or Listening

file000564261807When I was a little kid I was terrified of learning to ride a bike without training wheels. I was also extremely jealous. I was 6 at this point and my best friend (who also went by the name of Mandy) would ride bikes with me. She could go so fast without training wheels. My little brother was three years old and even he had his training wheels off! What was I missing? Why could they do it and I couldn’t?

Be an Online Marketing Warrior – Your Warrior Theme

You guys know I’m normally a pretty tame person. I get enthusiastic and I have a very optimistic view on life. Every once and a while you also get to see my more fierce side and you’re going to be seeing a lot more of what I call “warrior mode” in the future. Why? Because tomorrow is my 25th birthday and I’ve been doing a lot of re-examining. I’m ready to take my business up a notch and I’ve identified a few things that need to happen.

The Day I Almost Quit Online Marketing For Good

I was checking out today’s post for Tiffany Dow’s blogging challenge and saw her post was about getting rid of negative self talk, at least for a day. Sometimes that’s so important to do!

I’ll tell you a little story about how I almost gave up on online marketing about a year and a half ago.

At this point I was mostly doing freelance writing and running PLR Content Market. I also ran a niche blog that was making me about $100 a month through ClickBank sales. I spent my days writing for other people, creating PLR, and trying to figure out the whole “blogging” thing. It was going okay but I was still trying to convince my family that it was worth my time.

Is Online Marketing Still an Adventure For You?

When I first started this blog I picked the name “Adventures in Online Marketing” because that’s honestly how I feel about what I do.

I got into internet marketing completely by accident. I was no longer in university and I had recently quit my job at *shudder* Dairy Queen. I was tired of bosses who ignored my back problems because they knew I needed the job. I also wasn’t a fan of having to ask to use the restroom (and even having them say no sometimes). I didn’t mind serving people, I just hated feeling belittled by my supervisors and coworkers.

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