The Difference Between Having an Online Income and Growing an Online Income

Lately I’ve been taking a hard look at the way I’ve been going through my days. It seems like each day I have some new chaotic thing going on and it’s frustrating. Six months ago my online business was flourishing. I was bringing in tons of commissions and sales. I had plenty of writing clients – in fact, I had so many I was turning them away from time to time. More than all that, each day left me feeling happy and fulfilled.

You Know When You’re Making Excuses – Stop Holding Your Online Business Back!

excuses_nikeI know all about making excuses. There are times (like the last three weeks) where I seem to spend more time making excuses than anything else. “I work hard, I can take the day off and play video games.” “I’m too tired to get anything productive done.” “That can wait until tomorrow.” “I’m still getting over the flu.”

3 Tips for Getting Back on Track With Your Blog or Online Business

Many of you know I’ve been rather ill lately. I think my headache when on for nearly five days non-stop. I had a fever off and on in there and horrible body aches. It was no fun at all. It was a lot of sleeping and watching Doctor Who on Netflix. (I’m part way through season 2 now.) Now I’ve finally spoken to the doctor and I’m feeling so much better.

Unfortunately I fell pretty behind and when you’ve gotten used to not working it can be really hard to get back into the habit. I’m working on it and wanted to share three things I’m doing to get back on track.

I’m Proud! – My Fiance Builds His First Site and Uses Covert Store Builder

Basic RGBToday I’m super proud. My fiance has been a freelance writer for a while now. In fact, clients pay him more than they pay me. (*insert small sad face here*) Well, today I told him I think he should really consider starting his own blog to earn some affiliate income.

He was goofing around on NameCheap and found a domain that he thought sounded brandable. I heard it and what he thought it would be good for and I told him to go for it. We bought the domain and installed WordPress.

I Hate Spammy Email Subject Lines

subjectLineLately I’ve been getting a lot of emails with spammy or downright deceitful subject lines. Some of these are even from marketers I once followed and learned from. Not anymore. These are the kind of people I’m happy to unsubscribe from.

Email lists are about building that trust. Well, when you use these types of subject lines you lose my trust and I have no reason to believe you’re going to be truthful with me in the future.

Here are some of the offenders I’ve gotten recently:

  • “You’ve earned a commission.” – Advertisement for their product about affiliate marketing.

July Blogging Challenge, Using JVZoo, and Not Vlogging

updatesWhat a stressful night! Fireworks were going off all night and my poor kitties wouldn’t quit shaking. I feel so bad for them! I’m keeping the music on for them to drown out the sound but some of the louder ones still frighten them. I’m going to see the vet today about it. I guess it’s pretty common to pick up mild sedatives for your pets around this time of year. I don’t want to give them pills but on the 4th it might be the only option. The fear can’t be good for their little hearts.

Freelancers: Put Your Skills to Use! (And a Bit of My Story)

It may start out feeling like a juggling act, but it gets easier!

It may start out feeling like a juggling act, but it gets easier!

Yesterday I posted a little blurb on my Facebook page about this is a message that needs to be spread far and wide.

I’ll go ahead and quote the post for you.

“When I was mainly a freelance writing I remember my clients would come back all of the time asking for more Amazon reviews. I had a lot of repeat clients but the ones that wanted review articles came back over and over again, often times offering to pay more if I would move them up higher than my other clients.

I’m Starting an Amazon Review Site!

405356_489095324435657_390647834_nOne of my goals for this year was to have an Amazon review site up and getting sales before the holiday season. I had picked my niche (a certain kitchen item) but never really got started. Well… NameCheap recently had a $1 domain sale so I decided it was time to jump in.

Something you guys may not know is that I’m particularly skilled with writing Amazon review articles. I’ve been writing in-depth (1000+ words) reviews for clients, Squidoo, and other sites since I first started working online and I’ve been able to get some pretty awesome conversion rates. I was just too nervous to create a site of my own since the reviews take a lot of work. What if I picked the wrong niche?

Spam Comment Round-Up #1 – Come Have a Laugh!

Spam.. it’s the bane of most online marketer’s existence. You work so hard on putting great content out there and you click the comments tab only to see a bunch of spam left by bots. Well, rather than getting upset about it I think it’s time we take a moment to have a good laugh!

Today I went to reply to the comments I got while I was asleep and figured I’d go through and check my spam filter (like I do everyday) to make sure nothing got stuck there that didn’t belong. As I was scrolling through I couldn’t help but laugh at some of them and I figured why not pass this on so we can all enjoy a laugh together! I may do this again in the future… I know I get enough spam each day.

Stress and Overwhelm Kill Creativity and Productivity


I’m sure a lot of you can relate to this… something happens with life (like having to move, a sick relative, children getting themselves in trouble, or any number of other problems) and you need to put work on the back burner, just for a bit. You focus on getting life back in order and work starts to pile up. Oh well, nothing you can do right now.

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