I’m Scared But I’m Doing It Anyways – Starting My Own PLR Membership

AfraidIt’s been 14 months since I first told myself this was something I wanted to do. It’s been 7 months since I finally told myself I knew what topic I wanted to cover. It’s been 4 months since I wrote most of the content for the first month.

So, why do I not have my own PLR membership site up and running?

Fear. Pure fear and nervousness.

How to Get More Affiliates For Your Products Using PLR

Product creation has always been one of the best ways to earn money, grow your audience, and establish yourself as an expert in your market. When you have a product, it gives you credibility! I don’t need to tell you that though. I’m sure if you don’t already have a product launched it’s something on your to-do list.

I’ve been creating PLR packages for around three years now. I’ve learned a lot along the way and one of the biggest things is that affiliates mean the world! One good affiliate can be the difference between a total flop and profit. One of my recent packs about 75% of my sales were from affiliates.

Top 10 Best Places to Buy PLR

Untitled design (4)I’ve mentioned many times that I use a ton of PLR in my business. I’ve even shared some tutorials showing you how to make more money with your PLR. I don’t normally mention my favorite places to BUY it though.

If you’re looking for PLR memberships I talk about those over on this post.

While memberships are great once you’ve found a niche you want to stick with, early on it can be better to go ala carte solely because you don’t quite know how much new content you’re going to need each month.

My Newest Launch Reached My (Very Reasonable) Goal!

successWhen I sat down to get back to work I started tallying up how much I was going to need to pay my online bills. We kind of have this rule that we pay online bills with money from our PLR and writing for clients and I wanted to stick to that.

Today I want to share my thought process as I put together my new package and got it up for sale. (Click here and check it out for yourself!)

So, after adding it up I needed about $150 to pay immediate bills like domain renewals, hosting, and my autoresponder.

How to Use PLR Content Funnels Part 4 – How to Use PLR Sales Letters

tips-for-writing-persuasive-sales-copyThere are so many PLR ebooks out there that you could easily turn into your own product, so what holds you back? I’ve asked people this question before and one of the biggest concerns is setting up the sales page and writing the sales letter. Well, don’t let that stop you! There are plenty of sellers who also include sales letters with their PLR ebooks so you can just upload it and be ready to go.

Did you miss any of the other lessons? Click here to go back to lesson 1. 

How to Use PLR Content Funnels Part 3 – How to Use PLR Emails

emailGetting the opt-in report always seems to be the easy part when I’m getting ready to build a new list. The hard part is always the follow up emails. I don’t know why, I just always have trouble planning and writing them.

PLR has been my go-to way of setting up a series for my niche lists. Sometimes I take regular PLR articles and turn them into emails but I always have better results of I can find an actual PLR auto-responder series. Since they were originally meant to be emails it makes sense they work better.

How to Use PLR Content Funnels Lesson 2 – How to Use PLR Reports

ebook-cover-template-17Note: While I specifically mention Tiffany Lambert’s new PLR content funnel several times in this post, this information applies to any PLR funnel purchased from any provider. In fact, these strategies will work for any PLR report free or paid.

In lesson one we went over how to use PLR articles. We learned how to take any PLR article and in five minutes turn it into a better, more unique, and more informative article. If you missed lesson one, click here.

Today we’re going to be learning all about using PLR reports like the one included in Tiffany Lambert’s nutrition funnel.

How to Use PLR Content Funnels Lesson 1 – How to Use PLR Articles

funnelNote: While I specifically mention Tiffany Lambert’s new PLR content funnel several times in this post, this information applies to any PLR funnel purchased from any provider. In fact, these strategies will work for any PLR article free or paid.

We all know about PLR articles, videos, and all of that but PLR content funnels are an entirely different beast. Most funnels include everything you need to start selling your own product and have a site promoting that site. The average funnel includes:

  • A ready to sell ebook.
  • An opt-in report.
  • Autoresponder emails.

How to Use PLR ClickBank Presell Reports to Earn Commissions [Video + Text]

I run a lot of websites and blogs which means finding time to keep them all updated isn’t easy. PLR has been my secret to that for a long time. I’m always looking for ways to fill my blog with quality content without as much time or energy. For a long time the big thing I was excited about was Easy Article Starters by Peggy Baron. Those are awesome but they only fill one gap, the articles and blog posts.

The newest thing I’ve been excited about is Tiffany Lambert’s ClickBank presell reports. Let me tell you a bit about my ClickBank experience and then I’ll explain why I’m recommending these to everyone I talk to about blogging.

How to Find Blog Post and Article Topic Ideas

I-have-an-ideaToday my main task is to work on a new article pack for PLR Content Market and as I sat down to pick out my article topics I thought the process I use to pick topics might be helpful to bloggers, writers, and PLR providers. So, today’s blog post is a step-by-step of me doing my research and deciding what my articles will be about.

Okay, so the topic for this pack is paper shredders. It was requested by a particular buyer and I’m not sure how much interest there is for it, but he’s a long time customer so I figured I’d take the time to put it together for him.

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