What Are PLR Articles?

In the comments on one of my earlier blog posts I was asked exactly what PLR is. I’m going to do a bit of content repurposing and help you understand exactly what PLR articles are and how they can help you in your business.

What do I know about PLR? Not only do I own PLR Content Market, but I also use PLR in some way on every single one of my websites! It’s a huge time and money saver and it allows me to do more much faster.

How to Make Money with Gift and Toy PLR

Like a lot of marketers right now, I’ve been buying gift and toy PLR left and right to make a bit of extra money off of the holiday shopping season. A lot of people ask me exactly why I buy all of this PLR. What do I use it for?

I figure this is as good of a time as any to give you a few ideas on how to use gift and toy PLR to make a bit of extra money.

How to Rewrite PLR – A Walkthrough

Most people I talk to feel a lot like the guy on the left when they sit down to rewrite an article, but there is no reason to feel overwhelmed! Once you get started and understand what your end goal is, with a little bit of practice you can pump out rewrites in no time!

Today I’m going to show you how I rewrite a PLR article. I use a lot of PLR for my niche sites and I try to at least partially rewrite it before I add it to my blog. I like to make sure every article posted on my site reflects my own style.

PLR Buyers Anonymous

I was browsing the Warrior Forum earlier and came across a thread that got me thinking. You may have seen it too if you are a War Room member.

Tiffany Dow posted a thread linking to a free guide titled “How ot Cure Yourself of PLR Hoarding.” Tiffany Dow is PLR seller who I follow and buy a lot of PLR from. She is also one of the people that helped me get started selling PLR, so of course I downloaded the report to check it out.

You can check it out here:

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