Product Creation Experts – Interview With Ruth Pound

A lot of you are full swing in creating your new products so I decided it was time to bring you another product creation experts interview!

Today’s interview is with Ruth Pound of Net PLR and Content Shortcuts. She’s been a very fun blogger to follow because she spent quite a bit of time traveling while also working online (which I know a lot of you hope to do one day). Her products at this time are about selling PLR and ghostwriting, which have been my methods of choice for earning money from home.

“Failure is the Key to Success” – Not Quite


I seem to hear this all the time. “Failure is the key to success.” Well, I don’t really think that’s all there is to it. You can fail over and over again and it won’t get you any closer to success unless you take one extra step…

You need to LEARN from your failure!

Failure is part of life and it’s definitely part of business. You’re going to mess up. You’re going to forget a step. There will be times where you get off track and fight to get back. It’s going to happen and it might even happen a lot. (I know it does for me.) You can’t stop yourself from failing, but failure can lead to something amazing if you’re willing to keep trying.

Product Creation Experts – Interview With Tiffany Dow

Today’s interview is with product creator extraordinaire Tiffany Dow. She’s put out more products (both PLR and regular info products) than I can count and every one I’ve picked up has been awesome. She’s one of my favorite product creators to follow because she’s honest, ethical, and really provides value to her readers and customers. When I started emailing people for interviews, asking Tiff was a no-brainer. Notes by me will be added in blue.

Q: The first product I ever bought from you was PLR ATM when I was still fairly new to online marketing. Since then I’ve picked up another couple of guides. How many products do you have on the market right now?

Product Creation Experts: Interview With Peggy Baron

The first expert interview about product creation is with Peggy Baron. If you don’t know who she is, you may still have come across her products. I first met her through her PLR store, All Star PLR. Her PLR was always really high quality stuff so it’s always been one of my go-to places to buy PLR. She also released a guide to starting a PLR store that was one of the first info products I ever bought. When I decided to do these interviews, Peggy was on of the first people I decided I would contact. So, here we go!

If You Were Face to Face With an Experienced Product Creator, What Would You Ask Them?

31716_600Today I went out to lunch with my mom (who I hadn’t seen since Thanksgiving) and it was really nice. My younger brother was there too. When I got home and got to work I noticed 6 new emails in my inbox. They were all asking me questions about product creation. Well, I’ve done Kindle books. I also have a PLR store. I don’t have any info products though so I could only answer based on experience with other things I’ve done and things I’ve read.

Are You Missing This Step in Your Product Creation?

As I’m sitting here working on my first info product it seems that everyone’s talking about product creation. It’s really exciting because I love learning more. Tiffany Dow is hosting an awesome 90 day product creation challenge. (Expect a lot of blog posts about the process as I work my way through it.)

Well, there is this guy I’m friends with on Facebook named Caliban Darklock. He’s a really awesome guy who isn’t afraid to be himself and I love that. He occasionally posts videos on YouTube that at first glance normally seem like random stuff or rants but almost always end up teaching me something and I find that totally fascinating. He’s kind of one of my heroes because he just gets out there, is his unique self, and helps everyone he an along the way.

“I Don’t Think My Product is Good Enough”

I’ve mentioned over and over again that one of my current projects is working on my first info product. I’m struggling right now with something that a lot of new product creators go through. I want to share this with you and tell you about a few of the things I’m doing to get over it. I know some of you out there already have your own products on the marketplace and I’d love it if you’d leave some tips in the  comments because quite frankly I’m shaking in my boots as I get ready to do my big release!

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