Kindle Singles Pro Launch Review Part 2

I’m ready to dig in and see what’s up with this product. If you missed part one, I’m reviewing a product called “Kindle Singles Pro Launch“. It’s about creating short Kindle books for the Amazon Singles program. It’s a special branch of Amazon Kindle where editors look over short books (about 20 pages) and the ones that make it into the program are promoted by Amazon themselves. I do okay with the books I already have for sale but since I don’t actively promote them I can’t even imagine how awesome it would be to have a book in Amazon Singles.

I’m Reviewing Kindle Singles Pro Launch – Review Part 1

kindlesingesHey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a product here. You may remember I used to do a lot of Kindle around here but I backed off because I really wanted to focus on my niches rather than just publishing books about a ton of different things. Well, I was on Facebook and Tiffany Dow mentioned this product called Kindle Singles Pro┬áLaunch. I hopped over and the sales page made me click that buy button. I love Kindle and I still make money every month from the books I have.

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