Product Creation Experts – Interview With Jon Mac (Product Creation Puzzle – WSO of the Day 6/19/2013)

cover2You probably remember I reviewed Product Creation Puzzle a while back and totally LOVED it. Jon not only put together an awesome product but it’s about product creation and he showed me he knows what he’s talking about. It even made WSO of the Day! He seemed like the perfect person to interview.

So, here we go!

Q. Your guide to product creation, The Product Creation Puzzle, has been a huge hit. It even was made WSO of the Day! Did you expect that kind of success when you were writing your guide?

The Product Creation Puzzle Part 4 (FINAL) – How to Write an Infoproduct

cover2I’ve been working on my product outline based on the methods explained earlier in The Product Creation Puzzle and now I’m moving on to the chapter about writing the info product itself.

Honestly, the hardest part for me was actually picking a topic for my product. That’s where the most anxiety comes from. I know I can write and I know I can research, but even though I don’t need to create something new and groundbreaking, it’s easy to feel like my topic is TOO covered already, you know? Well, either way I’m taking action and working through those feelings.

Review of The Product Creation Puzzle Part 3 – The Real Product

cover2So, the last chapter of The Product Creation Puzzle (which I wrote about in part 2) was the bonus included when you buy the guide. Now I’m on to the real product.

Chapter 1 – Choosing Your Niche

I’m not too worried about niche selection since I’ll be creating products to go with my blogs, which are already set up within their niches, but the advice is solid. This is the EXACT advice I give people when they ask how to pick a niche. He also has a great tip about how far to narrow down your niche. I’d never thought about that… great advice.

Review of The Product Creation Puzzle Part 2 – Dig In!

cover2It was really hard for me to write part one of my review of The Product Creation Puzzle where I go over the sales copy because I was simply so excited to start reading! There was no OTO which means all of the information should be in the report.  Oh, by the way, this product got WSO of the day! A big congrats to the product creator.

The product is a 50 page PDF. The free bonus is actually at the start of the report apparently. Let’s dig in and see what’s up with all this.

Review of The Product Creation Puzzle Part 1 – I Love This Saes Copy

cover2I was reading some threads on the Warrior Forum while eating lunch earlier today and I came across this WSO called The Product Creation Puzzle. I haven’t really been product shopping and I never really thought I needed a guide to product creation, but something about the sales copy really made me interested in what the guy had to say.

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