Your Subscribers Aren’t the Only Ones You Should Give Freebies To

freeGiftAlmost everyone gives at least one freebie to their list, the opt in incentive. Many of us, especially those of us taking part in Tiffany Dow’s blogging challenge, send other freebies to our list. Lately I’ve been sending out short reports, keyword lists for Squidoo, and stuff like that. It’s great to show your list you care, but what about people who follow you in other ways like through Twitter or Facebook?

Not everyone subscribes via email and I think it’s important to recognize them for being awesome and caring about what you have to say.

Screencast: How Do I Get My Own Facebook Page?

When I mentioned that I set up my own Facebook page and invited you to come over and like it, a few of you commented and emailed me asking how to set one up. Rather than just explaining how to do it, I decided to show you with a screencast. Check out the video below.

I actually messed up and didn’t check that my mic was recording the first time so I had to record it a second time… and then it cut off the first second or so! D:

How To Manage Social Media Networking – In 15 Minutes a Day by Dr. Mani

Social media is Social Media Network Marketinghot and day after day I get people asking the same group of questions. One of these is always, “Should I really bother with Twitter and Facebook? I don’t really have much time to spare.”

Social media networking is the future of the Internet. Sites like Google are paying more attention to it and it is becoming more and more important to SEO. Your audience, that means your potential customers, are likely spending most of their online time using these sites. Isn’t that enough reason? Well, if not, hopefully this article by Dr. Mani will show you how to MAKE time for these sites.

Pins? What’s Up With This Pinterest Thing?

Pinterest LogoIf you spend any time at all on Internet marketing forums, or even just on the Internet in general, you have probably heard of Pinterest. Now, that doesn’t mean you know what it is tough, does it? If you haven’t been there, you still probably know that Pinterest is a social networking site based around sharing pictures.

Why are people freaking out about some new social networking site? New social networking sites rarely stick, right?

Why and How to Use Twitter + Tips


Twitter is a lot of fun and can really do a lot for your business.

I’ve recently become a Twitter fanatic. Now, that isn’t to say I just started to use Twitter. I used it a long time ago but got tired of seeing my stream filled with spam and I really didn’t understand the power of it. Recently I decided to give it another go and set up a new Twitter account. (Follow me on Twitter here!)

I don’t have a whole lot of followers, maybe 40 at this point, but I get a much better response from these 40 than I ever did with the 2000 I had on my account filled with spam.

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