I Found a Cool Plugin for Comments That I Love (Facebook + Standard Comments)

supersoYou may have noticed the comment section looks a little different. As a blogger I’ve always loved Facebook comments because it can help you get more traffic to your posts. When someone posts a comment via Facebook comments (unless they uncheck the box) it gets posted to their wall.

The thing is, as a marketer reading other blogs I hate it when I only have the choice of Facebook comments. If I’m reading a blog about Doctor Who or video games I don’t mind if my comment gets posted on my profile but when I don’t really share marketing stuff with my friends and family. That goes on my Facebook page.

3 Easy Steps to Less Slacking and More Productivity in Your Online Business

What’s the number one thing holding back the average online business owner? It’s not something they cover in most ebooks. Most people are actually holding themselves back! Are you one of them? Are you easily distracted? Can you spend hours on Facebook “working” and not get anything done?

I’m no exception here. I can look at myself and say, “Yes, I’m holding myself back. I’m slacking. I’m distracted. I’m being unproductive.” I can tell myself that I’m screwing up and I need to fix it if I want to succeed.

Taking Your Pinterest Marketing Up a Notch – Get Traffic Without Followers

If you already know the basics of Pinterest, this one is for you.

You probably already know the basic Pinterest marketing techniques. You use nice pictures, you create themed boards, you add Pinterest buttons to your site… but you’re still not getting the best results. How do you take it up a notch so your pins reach more people?

Building followers is one way but there is actually an easier way that doesn’t really require you have many followers. What it DOES require is that you’ve been actively pinning your own stuff as will as pinning and repinning other people’s stuff to your boards. If you have, this method can really help you get more visibility on Pinterest.

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