Question: How Do You Plan Your Tasks and Work Day?

clockI have days where I really get to it and I can get tons of stuff done. I have other days where the day drags on and I feel like nothing gets accomplished at all. (With all of the life stuff I’ve been feeling a lot more of the latter.) Today I’m going to tell you about how I keep track of what needs to get done and I’d like to hear your ideas! (By the way, if you have a method that works really well and want to maybe write up a guest post about it, I’d love to feature it here. You can use my contact page.)

Do You Do Too Much?

You always hear people say you should stick with one thing and really focus on it until you make money. You also hear a lot of people saying not to “put all of your eggs in one basket.” This can really confuse a newbie…

When people ask me about this I usually say you should stick to something until you can make it work, but what then? Do you move on to something new or stick with what works?

I’m a bit odd in that I have to be involved in many projects or I get bored and don’t work at all. I figured this out early on.

Q&A #1: Affiliates, Books, and Time Management

Hello and welcome to my first ever Q&A blog post! I’m sure many of you have noticed that big contact form at the top of the website asking for questions… well this is what it is for.

Every week I will be answering a few questions in a blog post. The questions will cover a variety of topics depending on what is asked.

Here are the three questions I chose this week. (Since it is my first Q&A post I only had about 7 questions to choose from.)

How To Manage Social Media Networking – In 15 Minutes a Day by Dr. Mani

Social media is Social Media Network Marketinghot and day after day I get people asking the same group of questions. One of these is always, “Should I really bother with Twitter and Facebook? I don’t really have much time to spare.”

Social media networking is the future of the Internet. Sites like Google are paying more attention to it and it is becoming more and more important to SEO. Your audience, that means your potential customers, are likely spending most of their online time using these sites. Isn’t that enough reason? Well, if not, hopefully this article by Dr. Mani will show you how to MAKE time for these sites.

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