[Vlog] 3 Reasons You Should Always Be Learning and New Books

When I started working online it was a huge learning experience. Once I got a handle on the basics I told myself I wouldn’t stop learning because once you stop learning you stop moving forward.  It’s not just business, you should always be taking time to learn and develop yourself. One of the ways I make sure I’m always learning is through reading. I recently realized it had been a while since I read a book so I asked the awesome Tiffany Lambert if she had any suggestions. I know she talks about books she’s reading on her blog quite often.

5 Tips For Staying Focused on the Task at Hand [Video and Text]

Focus is important but it’s even more important when you’re working from home. More often than not when someone isn’t moving their business forward it’s a time management or focus issue more than knowing what to do. It’s taken me a long time to get to where I can sit down and pump out 3000 words without getting distracted and I really have to intentionally give myself that focus but it can be done.


Here are 5 tips to help you out based on my experiences.

Is Working Online a Stepping Stone or the End Game? [VIDEO]

I’m at my dad’s house for his 50th birthday and decided to record a vlog. I tried to get him to come over and say hi but he wouldn’t do it.

Click here for more info on the vlog challenge.

While I’ve been here for the birthday celebration (his birthday is actually the 10th) I’ve been thinking a lot. I turn 26 on the 14th and my family keeps asking me what I’ll be doing when I turn 50. I said I hope I’m doing what I’m doing now. I just hope I’m better at it, more successful, and helping more people.

You Don’t Need to Be an Expert to Be a Blogger

Hey guys! I was talking to a friend who is working hard on a newer blog and he’s been asking me what he’s supposed to do since he’s not an expert in the niche. It’s a niche he’s passionate about but he’s still learning.

This is a message for him as well as any of you who struggle with this. I know I did for a while… It’s easy to feel like you’re supposed to have all of the answers but sometimes having questions is even better.

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Weekly Vlog 5/6/13

Hey! I recorded my weekly vlog earlier today. The sound quality isn’t too great because I used my internal laptop microphone while I was outside. I’ll bring my good mic next time, though tomorrow’s video will have the same quality since I recorded them both at the same time.

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Sunday Vlog 4/21 – Health Update

I was getting a little emotional during the video so I went a bit monotone. Sorry about that. I’m trying to power through and just focus on what I need to get the PCOS under control and it’s been a bit of an emotional roller coaster.

I’ve been staying pretty well caught up on work. I’m brainstorming ideas for the product I’ll release during Tiffany Dow’s product creation challenge.

I was in a serious need for a break where I just wrote about something fun so I went over to Squidoo and noticed that the IMMINENT quest was called “Time Machine” and you were supposed to write about something from your favorite decade. This is what I came up with:

[Weekly Vlog] Spring Cleaning and Product Creation Interviews

Hey! Just a little text to go along with the video. I’ve gotta get back to spring cleaning!

The three people I’m interviewing (that you get to know about ahead of time) are:

[VLOG] I’m Rejoining Sunday Vlogging!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a “Sunday vlog” and I’m rejoining!

The last few weeks I’ve been working on some different books. I’ll give you a hint about two of them. The first one is a young adult sci-fi/fantasy type fiction. I really enjoy these types of stories and I got an idea I’m kind of running with. The other is more of a rant/informational type book about the mindset behind dieting.

[VLOG] 30 Little Known Facts About Amanda Part 2

Last week I shared the first 17 little known facts in a blog post. I decided that part 2 would be a vlog! This way I get to tell you stories “face to face” and let you get to know me better.

Number 30 is about vlogging in particular and it’s especially for those of you who haven’t tried vlogging before.

Now, I’d like to get to know you a bit better! How about sharing one thing I may not know about you in the comments?

Vlog: Zujava February, Squidoo Challenge Reminder, and More

Hey everyone! This post is mostly just to update you on what’s been going on. Between my back and being out all day Saturday my sleep schedule is all messed up and my days are running together but I’m getting things together and the last few days have been more productive than ever! I brainstormed a ton of great blog post ideas and have been writing them so I’ve got some great informational posts lined up for you and I’ll post some vlogs in between. It’ll give me more time to work on my Squidoo guide and my opt-in report. (Thanks to Bonnie for helping me come up with a great idea!)

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