Screencast: How Do I Get My Own Facebook Page?

When I mentioned that I set up my own Facebook page and invited you to come over and like it, a few of you commented and emailed me asking how to set one up. Rather than just explaining how to do it, I decided to show you with a screencast. Check out the video below.

I actually messed up and didn’t check that my mic was recording the first time so I had to record it a second time… and then it cut off the first second or so! D:

Vlog: It’s Only the 8th. Don’t Give Up Yet! + Updates

It was nice to vlog again. I’m all cozy in my pajamas so I’ll be headed to bed! I actually didn’t press the record button the first time so I just talked at the computer and when I went to press the “stop” button I realized my mistake and had to start over. >_< Let’s see if I can get the links to all of the things I mentioned in the video.

Vlog #12: Forget the Haters!

Hey guys! After a long day of getting nothing done yesterday I’m back and more focused and excited than ever! Today I decided to share a bit of a secret passion with you guys. Halfway through Runty decided to interrupt but he’s adorable so I’m sure you won’t mind.

One of my close friends on Skype mentioned that my hair is always a mess in my videos and I realized that it’s a mess because I’m normally wearing a hat up until I press the record button. Well, for now on I’ll start showing off some of my awesome and silly hats! For any of my fellow silly hat fans, I’ll also show you where you can get one (when I can find it online). lol

Vlog #11: Brainstorming Together Gets the Creative Juices Flowing!

I normally film sitting on my bed because it’s the easiest way to find somewhere quiet but today I was under my electric blanket with my laptop on an upside down laundry hamper and my mic sitting on the cat tree next to me. It was going okay but every time I moved it shook the basket and then the cats decided they needed to scratch right then! lol

Vlog #10: Take a Deep Breath – Not Letting Stress Get in the Way

Hey guys! Here is vlog #10. I know a lot of people are done with the vlogging challenge now that they’ve hit 30 but you’ll be seeing a lot more vlogs from me.

These PLR site issues are driving me mad. I’ve got this big sale going and tons of PLR to release. If I can get it figured out this weekend I’ll release the packs for all of the days that were skipped and leave them discounted for a few extra days so people have a chance to get them.

Vlog #9 – PLR Snafu and Thanks Again Vloggers!

Here is vlog #9 where I talk about a bit of a snafu over at my PLR store, why I love being involved in the IM community, and another big thanks to the vloggers!

This is the first video I’ve recorded with my Blue Yeti mic. It’s kind of to the side and far away so I turned the gain up. The quality sounded so much nicer when the mic was right in front of me but I’m recording while sitting in bed with my laptop and there wasn’t a good way to set that up.

Vlog #8 – Nervousness is Trying to Get the Best of Me

Today is my day 8 of the vlogging challenge and day 4/5 of the planning challenge. I’ve been doing well with getting my planning done, but I’m having another issue today. Maybe you’ve had a similar problem and can offer some advice?

I got my Blue Yeti today! I love it. The quality is great and you’ll get to hear it in tomorrow’s vlog. I’ve gotta figure out how to get my Windows Movie Maker to pick up audio from it and figure out where to set the gain with where I normally records. That quality is worth every penny! Next I’ll order an HD webcam and my capture box for recording video games gameplay.

Vlog #7: Day 3 of Planning for 2013 – PLR and Squidoo

Here is video #7 as part of Tiffany Dow’s vlogging challenge! I talk a bit about my day 3 task and how I plan my PLR pack and then ramble on about Squidoo and my Squidoo product. Just call me a “rambling Mem.” (You’d have to have read about my video game blog in an earlier post to fully understand that one)

Today’s task was to plan out five PLR packs. I picked the pack topics, the article topics, and created outlines for each one. They look a lot like Peggy Baron’s Easy Article Starters. I love EASs. If you don’t know what they are, you can get some free ones here.

Vlog #6: 2013 Planning Day 2 – Planning my Squidoo Guide

Today I filmed my sixth vlog and Runty decided my mic looked tasty part way through. I’ll post up the video and then type down below it.

Yesterday I posted up my 30 day plan for planning for 2013 as part of Tiffany Dow’s new challenge. You can check out that post here.

Today’s Planning Task:

Today’s planning task was to set up a survey about Squidoo to get some ideas of what people are struggling with and to do a broad outline for my Squidoo product. I’ve got the outline done and I’ve had quite a few people fill it out. If you write for Squidoo or would like to but have something holding you back I’d love it if you’d answer a few questions. The survey is 9 questions and 100% anonymous.

Vlog #5: Using PLR on Squidoo and PayPal Problems

Hey guys! I’m having some PayPal issues that I’m fairly stressed out about but it’s out of my hands until morning so I’m trying to focus on work. Here is vlog #5 as part of Tiffany Dow’s vlogging challenge.

So, I had some unexpected and unauthorized transactions on my PayPal. I sent in disputes right away but I’ve gotta call PayPal in the morning because one was a $1,800 refund for a ghostwriting project I did and I sure didn’t authorize a refund. I also emailed the client to let them know there was an issue because I’m sure they got an email about the refund as well. Hopefully PayPal gets it figured out tomorrow.

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