Do You REALLY Know What Your Audience Wants?

Yesterday I wrote a bit about how to survey your audience after emailing out a survey to my list of PLR buyers and subscribers.

Today I was looking over the results to plan out my next few weeks worth of releases and emails and I was actually very surprised to see how people answered my questions! There were a lot that didn’t surprise me like the subjects they wanted to see me cover. There was a small shift where people were more interested in product reviews than before but overall the niches they wanted were the same.

I want to share some interesting things I found. Now, I don’t want you to go off and think this is what your list wants. The point I’m trying to get across is that you may think you know what your list or readers want and be totally wrong!


For one, I thought my readers were more interested in ebooks and reports. I always get sales when I promote them but according to this they’re much more interested in articles or all-in-one packs. As for other formats, they don’t seem to really care unless they’re part of an all-in-one pack. What this tells me is that it’s not so much the reports and ebooks that make them buy when they click to those sales pages but the “all-in-one” feel they give with bonuses.

Though, that wasn’t the one that really caught me off guard.

Now, I promote quite a bit to my PLR list. I throw in tips and freebies a lot too, but a lot of the time I feel like I promote too much. Well, these were my results when I asked what people wanted to see more of in the emails they receive from me.


What I gather from this is that it’s pretty even across the board with people wanting more freebies, tips, and PLR notifications. I honestly thought that tips and freebies would be WAY higher than anything else. In the notes I actually had a lot of people tell me they’d like to see me send emails with notifications about PLR more often so they don’t miss it. Wait… you want more promos? Not less? I was surprised but now that I know I can work on making more of my subscribers are satisfied with the emails i send out.

I relearned a bit lesson today. Don’t assume you know what your readers are looking for. You are not your target audience – they are! You obviously don’t need to cave in to their every want and desire but knowing what they are looking for can help you build a better community and a more responsive list.

And if you don’t know what they want – ask them! Trust me, you’d be surprised how many marketers never ask and lose out on a lot of valuable knowledge because of it.

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  1. Great follow through from the survey Amanda, and valid point. Those results are from your audience and every audience is different. And we all know assumptions can be totally off mark. Nice job.
    Mel Day recently posted..Top 10 Tips For Participating in a ChallengeMy Profile

    • Every audience is different so just because someone says you need to email out x times a day and y of those should be promos doesn’t mean that’s good for your list. Sometimes the best thing to do is just ask them what they want!

  2. As a PLR buyer’s point of view I can tell you that I like to have the initial email about something, and then a reminder a day or two later. I often think, “I will check this out later” and it gets buried. When I see the reminder, I most often will act immediately because I realize it’s something I wanted to check out and forgot about once already.
    crystal touchton recently posted..Consistency In Business Challenge Day2My Profile

    • Ya, I’m the same way. I’ll see something and go “I really want that but I’m busy right now.” If I don’t get an email a few days later there is a 90% chance I’ll forget to go back and pick it up.

  3. This is a great aha moment that everyone should pay attention to. when you say “YOU ARE NOT YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE” We might enjoy working on something but if people are not interested and they do not want to buy that product or service, then it becomes a very time consuming hobby right?

    Thanks for sharing your results. I will look at conducting my own survey for my list sooner rather than later.
    Victoria Virgo recently posted..My 30 Day Blog Posting ChallengeMy Profile

    • Even if your target audience is filled with people like you, you are still not your target audience. You’re the one teaching them or working along side them. You may have a good idea of what they want but it’s not always right! I learned that my PLR buyers want me to give them more tips but also keep them notified of more good PLR deals so they don’t need to look for them themselves.

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