Don’t Fall for This “Instant Amazon Blog” Nonsense

Time For TruthA certain WordPress theme came out very recently that’s being promoted pretty heavily. I’m sure you’ve gotten an email for it, I know I got at LEAST a dozen. It promises to build you a working Amazon store type site in a few minutes without you needing to write any content of your own.

If you haven’t heard of it, it’s called Covert Store Builder. It’s a pretty cool theme honestly, I picked it up to see if I could use it to manually add content. It’s got some neat features… but the advertising is kind of misleading.

I assumed the theme itself would be good since they also made Covert Messenger which I loved.

My issue here is that it’s basically saying you can make money without doing any real work. I just want to clear that up and say that you WILL need do some real work. There are a few methods you could take with this:

  • Import the Amazon descriptions automatically and focus on driving traffic through social media and/or article marketing.
  • Add unique content in the form of informational blog posts and link to the products you’ve listed in your store. (You’ll still need to drive traffic.)
  • Or, the best method… import the Amazon products and manually write reviews of the products. Add in some informational stuff in the blog as well. Turn it into a typical Amazon review site but with an awesome theme.

I like the way it keeps the most popular items at the top of the front page. That’s an awesome feature. The wishlist thing is kind of cool if you have a niche where people will actually sign up. Might be cool for a “geeky gifts” type site or something. I’ve got some ideas for it.

So, all in all this theme is really easy to use and can do some neat things, but don’t fall for the “instant profitable site” ad copy, here or anywhere. There is no system that is long term and ethical that you can set up that quickly and make money from with no work. Making money takes work.

Every once and awhile I come across a product where I just feel like the copy is WAY over the top to the point where it kind of makes me angry. With how many copies of this theme they sold, I’m sure there are a lot of people who are going to be disappointed when they can’t make money through essentially auto-blogging. =/

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  1. I didn’t even know things like that existed, thanks for sharing. I guess I’m old school haha
    Samantha G. recently posted..Ageless Perfume by Harvey PrinceMy Profile

  2. There’s always some new “easy money” scheme! I haven’t heard about Covert Store Builder, but I will keep my eyes peeled from now on! Thanks for the heads up!
    Ambitious Curls recently posted..I Trust You. You Lie Once. It’s Over.My Profile

  3. Sounds like a great theme if you want an Amazon store.

    Thanks for the honest information.

    I laugh when anything says it will require no “work”. That will never be true. Anything worth having will take “work”.

    What most people don’t realize is that to gain wealth, it is really all about being high on the vibrationally scale most of the time which is pretty easy to achieve, do keep your attention more on “what is wanted” and less on “what is” unless “what is” is also “what is wanted” and leverage of time, money and talent.

    So very simple.


    Kathy Hadley Life Coach recently posted..Facebook & Google Algorithms Work A Lot Like The Law Of AttractionMy Profile

    • Ya, I like the theme. It’s got some really cool features I’ve never seen before. It also looks nice. It’s just not QUITE as awesome as they’re advertising it to be.

  4. Hi Amanda,
    I guess I’m getting a little better as spotting the “questionable” offers. Or, to put it bluntly, outright scams. I don’t know how many I deleted yesterday, but it was a bunch. Some came from people I wouldn’t have thought would send them.

    My trusted list grows shorter and shorter. You’re right in there with Tiff, and a few more, but some of my newer acquaintances are about to become old acquaintances.

    I do appreciate this post. I have to depend on people like you at this point in my business to help steer me in the right direction. That’s not to put you on a high pedestal so you’ll fall off, but to say that you are honest and if you do make a mistake or bad judgment, you’ll come right back and correct it. That’s the meaning of trustworthy. Thanks again.
    Ruth Clark recently posted..Special Edition—Infographic from CopyBloggerMy Profile

    • Oh ya, I make mistakes, but the most important thing in my opinion is being able to be honest about your mistakes and be willing to say “that’s crap” when you see something crappy. I was happy to buy this theme on features alone, it’s useful, but deception is wrong. If people are going to buy it I want them to really understand what it is, not these false promises in the copy.

  5. Hi. Thanks for the post. I have received several emails about this and, I must confess that I was quite tempted. The sales letter reads pretty well. But. no work involved seemed a bit over the top and I wasn’t all that clear what exactly was involved. And, at the moment, the price tag was a bit too high for me.
    I want to know is where all these emailers get their information from? Did they get given a review copy? Or is it something they see on ClickBank and start promoting it without even looking at it? “The sales letter seems pretty cool – I’ll send it out to my email list”, I did get one from a guy who actually said he hadn’t tried it himself but it “looked” pretty good. If it was that good, why hadn’t he bought it and tried it for himself. And, my last rant, all these reviews never say if anyone has actually made any money!
    I would rather wait a bit, till the dust dies down, and they buy it, if it has been reviewed and recommended by a reliable source, like yourself.

    Best wishes,
    Ann recently posted..A Review of “Facelift Naturally” by Julia Busch + exclusive interview!My Profile

    • They’re rushing everyone by starting at this price and raising it. I think it goes up in about 20 hours from now.

      With this particular product they released a video showing the backend of the theme (the WP panel and all that) to show how it works. Affiliates also got pre-written emails they could use. I doubt many of them have used or even purchased the theme. Most affiliates found it because the people who created it have created a TON of plugins that are popular so they had an audience to promote the pre-release to.

      At this point I can say that the theme itself is really cool. I’m working with it and it has some really awesome features like putting the most popular products at the top of the page by default by tracking which products get the most traffic/clicks. The problem is the auto-blogging part. If you’re interested in creating an Amazon site this theme is really good for it but I suggest importing the products and adding in your own reviews instead of using the product descriptions automatically imported.

      Basically, the theme is good but the whole “auto-pilot” thing won’t work. If you buy it, buy it solely because it’s a great theme to hold your original content.

  6. Thanks for such an honest review. I’ll keep an eye out for your next one.
    Ed Forteau recently posted..Blog Platform: How To Manage It More Effectively [Podcast 113]My Profile

  7. sounds nifty but honestly i’m too lazy to bother with stuff like this 😛
    Jenny recently posted..Shiny InspirationsMy Profile

  8. I’m surprised people are still falling for this “no work necessary'” garbage and buy into that misleading promise.

    But… you DO like the theme though? Will you be using it for your review site Amanda?
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..How to Find the URL for a Fan Page PostMy Profile

    • I actually LOVE the theme itself. It looks nice and I love the auto-optimizing based on popularity of products. I’ll be using it for a geeky little side project that will benefit more from the social aspects of my theme. It’ll be an Amazon store type site in a nerdy niche where I can write about awesome products and people are more likely to use the wishlists.

  9. Thanks for sharing about the theme and pointing out their ott copy. They may attract more sales from those looking for the easy way but also turn off experienced people who just cringe at the words auto-pilot and no work needed.
    Lilian recently posted..How To Pick A Topic – 90 Day Product Creation Day 2My Profile

  10. Thanks for the heads up on that Amanda.

    I had it on my list of products to have a second look at, but you are the third person I’ve come across in the last few days to give this kind of view on it.

    I think I will scrub it from the list, I would hate to have to come back and say you told me but I didn’t listen.


    Imaffiliate recently posted..The Millionaire MindMy Profile

    • Ya, I’ve been playing with the theme but the theme is the only good part. Auto blogging doesn’t work, you need your own content in there.

      • Definitely have to agree with you there.

        Back in the day I put WPRobot on one of my sites, at the time the big G had it at number 2 on page one.

        Within a month of putting on some auto generated content they had knocked me back to around page 20.

        Won’t be doing that again in a hurry.

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