“Failure is the Key to Success” – Not Quite


I seem to hear this all the time. “Failure is the key to success.” Well, I don’t really think that’s all there is to it. You can fail over and over again and it won’t get you any closer to success unless you take one extra step…

You need to LEARN from your failure!

Failure is part of life and it’s definitely part of business. You’re going to mess up. You’re going to forget a step. There will be times where you get off track and fight to get back. It’s going to happen and it might even happen a lot. (I know it does for me.) You can’t stop yourself from failing, but failure can lead to something amazing if you’re willing to keep trying.

The real key to success is failing over and over again and learning something new every time.

I have a friend who recently had her blog hacked. She was devastated  It was a new blog but she had put hours and hours into setting it up and had about a dozen blog posts up on it. She wanted to give up rather than go through all of that again. She was venting (and I let her) but when she was done I told her it wasn’t time to give up. She did the work once and she learned a lot when she was going over hte steps. The second time will go faster, but she’ll learn from this mistake. She won’t leave her WP login username as “admin” and she’ll add some protection to her site. She’ll also start to backup her blog in case this happens again. She will learn and do better on her second try.

Let’s bring this back around to product creation since so many of you are working on products right now.

Show of hands… who is nervous about releasing your new product? Worried it’ll flop, people won’t like it, or you’ll mess something up getting it ready for sale? I’m guessing about 90% of you raised your hand. I know I did! Here is what I’ve realized though… my product might flop, but so what?

If my product flops it just means I’ll get to learn from the experience. Why did it flop? Was the sales copy horrible? I can rewrite it. Did the customers hate the product? If they did, I can find out why and fix it before re-releasing it. Was the delivery system annoying? I’ll look at different options. Was the topic something no one was interested in? Well, I guess I’ll do more research next time.

It sucks to put a lot of time into something and have it not work out but that’s part of life. You can keep it from being a waste by learning from it and bettering yourself.

How do you cope with failure?

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  1. I’m trying to have the attitude of treating things I fear as an experiment. If it works, I get data. If it doesn’t work, I get data. Either way, I win. It helps remove some of the fear.
    Katie S recently posted..Getting to Know Your Readers: Building Blog Community Off Your BlogMy Profile

    • Ya, I try to treat everything as a learning experience. That’s one of the reasons I like to blog about what I’m currently working on. If I make a mistake it doesn’t feel as bad because not only will I learn from it but I can tell all of you guys so you can learn from it too.

  2. Good post Amanda. I tell my clients that failure is just a step along the way. And I wholeheartedly agree that we must learn from our mistakes and failures so we don’t need to repeat them.

    I have had launches that weren’t as successful as I had hoped. It doesn’t feel good but it isn’t the end of the world. You just ask how could I done this better? What would make this more exciting to people? Then get busy and make the changes and relaunch.
    Julia Neiman recently posted..Making Difficult Choices in BusinessMy Profile

    • I’m gearing up for my first product launch and I just keep reminding myself over and over again that if something isn’t right and the customers don’t like it, it’s too bad but I’ll be able to fix it.

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