Freelancers: Put Your Skills to Use! (And a Bit of My Story)

It may start out feeling like a juggling act, but it gets easier!

It may start out feeling like a juggling act, but it gets easier!

Yesterday I posted a little blurb on my Facebook page about this is a message that needs to be spread far and wide.

I’ll go ahead and quote the post for you.

“When I was mainly a freelance writing I remember my clients would come back all of the time asking for more Amazon reviews. I had a lot of repeat clients but the ones that wanted review articles came back over and over again, often times offering to pay more if I would move them up higher than my other clients.

Now, I just assumed this was because they were in a rush but one day I was chatting with a client and they started telling me about conversion rates. They were comparing the conversion rates on reviews written by a few writers they hired and mine were twice that of the other writers. THAT is why they kept coming back.

I used this to advertise my service for a while but I never really did anything with the skill outside of that. Now that I’m using my skill for my own profit on my own sites, it feels so amazing!

Working for clients is a great way to make money, but please don’t forget to put those skills to use creating a long term income for yourself! I regret waiting so long!”

This is a skill I developed through practice, research, and thinking as a consumer as I wrote. It’s something that I got good at and I didn’t even realize it! Once I did, I still settled for selling the service for small amounts of cash. I wasn’t a one cent per word ghostwriter, but I was still working for hours for a mere $20-30 for a 1000 word review that was obviously making them money.

It’s one of those things where it’s easy to work for clients and get paid but it takes more risk to do the work and potentially not make anything, but it’s a risk/reward scenario. You have to take a bigger risk for a bigger reward!

If you’re a service provider, you know that people wouldn’t order your services if they weren’t making money with what they’re doing.

If you, like me, have a skill for writing product reviews there are a lot of ways you can make money with them.

  • Sell them as PLR.
  • Create your own Amazon review blog.
  • Post them on Squidoo.

Rather than making money once you can write them once and make money time after time. That’s when you’ll start seeing your income getting higher, when you are making money from work you did days, weeks, months, or even years ago.

If you’re worried, don’t be afraid to offer services while also putting you own skills to use. I was offering my writing service for the first year of blogging to make sure I didn’t fall behind on bills.

In the end, it’s worth the work and risk to build a real business and future for yourself!

If you have or are currently making the change from service provider to business owner, leave a comment and tell us a little about the adventure.

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  1. Super tips on leveraging:) Warmest, Sheri
    Sheri Kaye Hoff recently posted..A Simple Vision Board that Really WorksMy Profile

  2. I followed you on UBC, I am really interested in how you make money doing reviews and what not. I have been at it a year and made about 30 dollars! Though I get a lot of free stuff that doesn’t pay the bills.
    Marisa Slusarcyk recently posted..My Own Mr. Darcy Cover RevealMy Profile

    • With my product reviews? I use a mix of Squidoo and my own blogs to sell products as an Amazon affiliate. If you have any specific questions feel free to use my contact page to email me and I’d be happy to point you in the right direction.

  3. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with ways to make money with my writing other than the typical content mills/private client one-off jobs. I feel silly that reviewing on Squidoo never even crossed my mind! I really do read reviews to determine if I want to buy something or not…it makes good sense to help other consumers with great reviews!
    Jessica Woods recently posted..Don’t Fall For the Poor Man’s TrapMy Profile

  4. I’m sure this post will be quite the ah-hah moment for many! As freelance writers, we tend to stick to the “they need content” and that’s why they’re hiring me.

    I don’t think we give kudos to where they’re due; meaning, we’re good at what we do, but the content is obviously TOP NOTCH and making clients money or they wouldn’t keep returning for more.

    At least… I didn’t!

    Now freelancers can read your story and know, it’s possible to step outside the box and experience a different kind of reward when their writing is put to use in their businesses rather than someone elses!
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..90 Day Product Creation Challenge, Day 32My Profile

    • Content is valuable for a reason – because it’s the backbone of online business! It’s similar to how a doctor can work per hour for a clinic or open up their own practice and get a portion of the profits, only online the barrier for entry is a lot lower (both when it comes to money and education).

  5. Hi, Amanda…Thanks for sharing this today. It was helpful to me today because I’ve been questioning myself.

    I’ve recently started selling PLR, and was wondering if I had made a good move or not.

    I haven’t added anything new to Squidoo since all the changes with the filters and shutdowns, and haven’t added to Zujava lately either.

    I’m hoping that PLR and my own sites will be a good decision, and one that pays off too.
    Becky recently posted..Melissa & Doug Toys PLR PackMy Profile

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