How and Why I’m Changing My Video Game Blog – When a Project Just Isn’t Fun Anymore


This is how I was feeling whenever I sat down to blog.

Today I want to talk a bit about one of my own projects. At the start of the year I started a video game blog called Mem Sucks at Games. I was enjoying it… at first. I was writing game reviews and keeping up with news. It was going great. The thing is, I started to dread writing about new video game news.

Why? Why was I starting to cringe when that time came?

I didn’t feel like I was putting enough of me into it. That’s when I realized… I never wanted this site to be a video game news site. I wanted this to be a site where I can talk about issues in the video game industry, review cool games, post up Let’s Play videos, and talk about cool merchandise. I was focusing too much on news and I need to step back and rethink things.

I got a better handle on it and I actually posted up my first new blog post there in a long time. I got a lot of hate messages on my Tumblr because of it. lol

Should More Video Game Companies Advertise to Women?

I felt great when I got that posted because I finally feel like I know where the site needs to go. I’m excited to keep writing. I’m even going to be recording more Let’s Play videos!

(Let’s Plays are videos where you record your gameplay with commentary. They’re really popular on YouTube.)

Do you have a project you dread working on?

I’ve had this happen a few times and there are only a few ways to handle it, because if you don’t want to work on it you’ll either find a way to avoid it or you won’t be able to fully put yourself into it and that’s just not good for business.

  1. Re-imagine the project like I did. Find out why you don’t want to work on it and change things to get yourself excited about it.
  2. Outsource it. If you can afford it, outsource the part you don’t like. This gives you more time to focus on the parts you do enjoy.
  3. Drop the project. Sometimes the best option is to take a hard look at whether or not you even want to continue with a specific project. If it’s causing you that much stress, is it even something you want to continue with? The best projects are things you can feel passionate about. Sometimes the best thing you can do is let a project go.

As soon you you get to the point where you hate working on something, the entire project will suffer. Not to mention the added stress will make the rest of your work suffer and it could even leak outside of your work. It’s just not worth it. When you get to this point, it’s time to take a hard look at why and come up with a solution.

Have you ever had this problem? How did you fix it?

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  1. This is why I stalled on my PLR site. I dreaded writing topic packs that didn’t interest me. So I just kept putting it off. I finally found the solution – outsourcing!

    Now I am enthusiastic about the project and have so many ideas running around my head about how to make it work better and how to provide the best service possible.

    I am glad you were able to figure out where you were making a mis-step and how you could correct it.

    Good luck Mem!
    Victoria @ My Daily Cuppa recently posted..How to Read Kindle Books Without a KindleMy Profile

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