How Do You Identify Yourself in IM? Vlog #1

Today I finally got a chance to upload my first vlog as part of Tiffany Dow’s vlogging challenge. I was nervous from the time I set my mind to getting it done today all of the way until I stopped recording. Then I watched the video and I realized it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I do need a better mic though, and I want a better webcam in the near future. Plan to pick up the mic at the very least next week.

I ended up going outside to film it. The lighting was better and I didn’t have to worry about my family interrupting me in the back yard. You may need to adjust the sound. This microphone is a bit wonky.

I talk to a lot of people on Skype and whenever I get a new contact they always ask me the same question. “What do you do in internet marketing?” I’ve grown to hate that question because I do so many different things and I don’t think one or even two or three of those things accurately represents what I do. I hope I’m not the only one who struggles with this.

Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Kudos to you Amanda! You’re a vlog natural! I refer to my IM as my writing hobby . One day I’d like to say its my career though!

  2. Hello Amanda I like your Vlog, I can relate to what your saying about identifying what it is exactly that we do online, I have struggled with the same thing. When people ask me what I do I first used to say I was an independent contractor, then I would say I was an online writer, or I have said I was a freelancer. Now I have decided I prefer to say I am a content publisher, because I feel that sums up what I do best. I look forward to seeing more of your blog videos.

  3. This is a great vlog, Amanda! I found you via Tiffany’s site and followed you here. I’m just getting started in IM, although I’ve run websites since the ::gasp:: mid 90s. LOL. What I failed to do was monetize them.

    Even when I was still in the corporate world, I wrote on the side, because that’s my passion. (And my beginnings were in newspapers, as a reporter and editor.) So it’s easy to say “I’m a writer.” But those who have known me my whole life have always known I’ve got my hands in a variety of things.

    At this point, only a couple of people in my life know I’m changing things around, and moving into IM. They don’t really understand it. Once I get my IM blog going, I plan to just say go check it out, and see how they react.

    My number one problem at this time is that I’m “studying” too much, not actually taking action steps, and feeling so overwhelmed with ideas and “to do’s” that I’m somewhat stuck. Did you feel that way in the beginning? (Do you feel that now?)


    p.s. Nice to “meet” you. Love your blog!

    • Ya, a first I spent so much time reading that I wasn’t making my own sites or working on my own stuff. It was just alternating between writing for clients and reading about what to do when I did decide to work for myself. In the end I started with selling PLR. I bought Tiffany’s guide and got started. From there I got into blogging, Squidoo, Kindle, and a ton of other things. Once I started making money it got easier to try new things.

      To start I’d suggest picking something and trying to take at least one step towards getting things set up each day. It was tough but when you’re done you get to sit back and be proud of yourself for what you’ve accomplished!
      Amanda T recently posted..I’m Reviewing Squid Pro QuoMy Profile

  4. Amanda!

    You’re so good in front of the camera, a real natural! Kudos to you for joining us on the challenge. So nice to finally hear/meet you!

    When people ask what I do online, I always start my explanation in the typical fashion as explained below.

    Sometimes, I’ll say “I help online marketers build a list so they can get known and sell their products to a community.


    Sometimes, I’ll say “I help people find their voice on paper so they can become known as an authority figure and attract an audience.”

    I use this expression to explain my Article Writing Workshop (I used to hold them one on one over the phone.) LOL

    Depends on what I’m explaining but my responses always start in a similar fashion. (BTW: This was my elevator speech that I designed for a coaching class I took) and it works well with any niche!

    Try it out…
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..Video Challenge – Day #14My Profile

  5. I’m not sure how I’ll answer that question, but no one is really asking me, so that’s good.

    I like content publisher because it does cover about 90% of what you do Amanda.
    Minna Bryant recently posted..Ego Meets Coaching – Vlog Challenge Day 14My Profile

  6. I hate this question too! I also kind of hate that I hate it if you know what I mean – I feel I should be pleased to tell people what I do but I’m not lol. It’s very complicated, and I usually just say I’m a writer. Because I’m travelling, people always assume I’m a travel writer so it’s always a bit of a letdown when I say I’m not lol!
    Ruth P recently posted..NaNoWriMo Has Begun And I Am Completely UnderpreparedMy Profile

    • Lately the part that’s been driving me crazy is my family. They always ask what I’m doing with work and when I say “same as always, writing” they get mad and want more details. I go into more details and and either their eyes glaze over or they talk about some new MMO scam that was on the news recently.
      Amanda T recently posted..Time For November Goal SettingMy Profile

      • Absolutely relate to your comment here. Its hard to explain to friends and family, unless they are into it too. What is SEO? lol!

  7. Amanda! πŸ™‚ So glad you joined the vlog challenge!!

    I know what you mean by not knowing what to tell people about what you do. Maybe you could say that you’re an entrepreneur with several projects going on at one time. Then, if people are curious you could expand and tell them more.

    You’re so right that there are so many aspects to the business. It can be a lot for people to comprehend.
    Tiffiney Cowan recently posted..Gluten Free Recipes PLRMy Profile

  8. Hi Amanda! Great Vlog! It’s so fun getting to know people through this challenge!

    I’m the same way when people ask me what I do. I usually just say writer as well, but I’m enjoying some of the ideas I’m reading in the comments here. I need to come up with a 30 second job description.

    Have a great day! And congrats, again, on winning the Squidoo contest today. πŸ™‚

  9. Hi Amanda,
    Congrats on your first video! It is fantastic that so many people are joining the challenge. It makes a real difference when you can connect with a person face to face as well as via their writing.

    With regards to your question, most of the time I say that I write stuff for websites. Most people who don’t have a clue about the content needed just go “oh” and change the subject real quick. lol

    I look forward to your next vlog. πŸ™‚
    Victoria @ My Daily Cuppa recently posted..Squid Pro Quo – How Much Money Can You Make with Squidoo?My Profile

  10. Amanda,
    Great video. You speak easily.
    I’ve felt like the thoughts aren’t coming out of my mouth the way they are in my head when I do my vlogs. So, good for you!

    I’ve struggled with answering your question too because I’m a coach, but I have a couple different niches that I coach in.
    Jenn Alex Brockman recently posted..Video Blog: Your why?My Profile

  11. Amanda so great to see you! You did not look nervous. Like your glasses too. πŸ™‚

    I can totally relate! I want to define myself better because like you I do many different things too.

    For what you are doing now it seems the word publisher is fitting. It’s tough but people who are not in this industry are not going to really understand what you do know matter what the title. πŸ™‚
    Lisa recently posted..Day 7 Vlog – Making Decisions, Following the Path, Building BackwardsMy Profile

    • Ya, job title doesn’t really mean too much offline where people don’t really understand. Most of my family just knows I run an online business and I try to leave it as that as much as possible.

      The glasses were a birthday present and I totally love them. lol I got to pick two pairs and I got the pink frames and some silver metal frames. I only wear the pink ones even though the silver ones were supposed to be my work glasses.
      Amanda T recently posted..Vlog #2: Plans for 2013My Profile

  12. This is a struggle that I have been having as well. I have the hardest time explaining what exactly we do because we do so much. Its hard to tell people offline that we work on one specific thing when, it turns out that we do many things that all come together to make an income. I try to think of us as managers of a project that were in charge of and we make it or break it for earning money online. Were kind of like the general manager.
    Tony Lee recently posted..Photo: That Moment When You Get a Squidoo Sale!My Profile

  13. I tell people “I’m a starving writer” striving for the big day when I reach a milestone. LOL It’s hard for anyone to picture a person at home, online making money. It’s not the easiest job to explain, nor is it the most accepted by family, and friends. Let’s face it, entrepreneurs all have beginnings. All of us here are walking a journey and taking steps toward a buisness goal. Sometimes when our ship steers us in the wrong direction, we struggle to find our way back – contemplating the direction we want to go in our business which makes us feel the most comfortable. The bottom line: there are so many hurdles to face when building a business like this. Questions in our minds, what works, what doesn’t.

    I say “money talks”! That’s the truth for most online buisness marketers, why would we settle for less? I volunteer my time for a cat shelter, because I adore cats and want to help them. However, I’ve started an online journey to make extra money for me and my family. For me, I’m headed out the door and changing plans – so I’m always looking for the latest idea online that can get me to that goal.

    Everyone has to do it there own way I guess. My older son has developed a software for the blind. It’s a million dollar seller, I swear I want so bad to help him promote it. He’s taken another path, but still hoping he finds his way to his goal.
    Cheryl Chartier recently posted..Happy ThanksgivingMy Profile

  14. Great vlog. I agree that it is difficult to sum up what we do as IMers. And we do a LOT of different things. Kind of reminds me of Tim Ferriss’ response to a similar question in the 4 Hour Workweek. He just said he sold drugs. Not what everyone wants to hear, but it was true in his case: he sold health/nutrition supplements at the time.

    Its amazing how little understanding still exists about the internet, or web based ventures. It is still seen as geeky, nerdy. Internet Marketers are seen as scammy and fradulent. Yet everyone is rushing to Amazon online for Xmas shopping! “What do you think Amazon does, people? Are they scam artists too? I think not!”

    Even governments in the west (US, Europe) are virtually (no pun intended) clueless about the internet. This is probably why we’re not being taxed heavily yet, for being IMers. I tried to explain to friends and family that I created websites and made them appear on Google search results. I got quizzical looks. I tried the “I create content for websites. I am a publisher” line. Quizzical looks. I even tried the “I do marketing and online retail sales for companies like Amazon”. At that point my audience launched into a lambasting of online scams and fraudsters, even pointing back to the Frank Kern scam video on Salty Droid’s website. You’ve all seen it right?

    There’s a lot of ignorance and misinterpretation of IM, which I can’t be bothered with it anymore. I just tell my close friends and family that I make websites and sell them on for a profit. To everyone else I tell them I am a scammer and fraudster. Just like Frank Kern.

    • I do a bit of affiliate marketing so one of the things I say is that I promote Amazon products for a commission. That works well usually but you also have the people that assumes I just give good reviews for commission. Everyone wants to assume you’re a scammer. >_< Amanda T recently posted..Vlog #2: Plans for 2013My Profile

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