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A lot of people who visit my PLR store and are thinking about starting their own ask me a single question – “How many packs of PLR do I need to get started?” Tiffany Dow recently blogged about how much content you need to start a blog and I left a comment with a little story about my PLR shop and it really made me want to blog about the experience.

“So, how many PLR packs do I need to start a PLR store?”

My PLR shop as the time of posting. It’s always a work in progress, and I like it that way!

For me it was one, and it wasn’t even for sale! Let’s go back to the beginning and I’ll tell you a bit about why and how I got into the PLR business.

I originally came to online marketing after trying a few other make money online methods. You know… things like surveys where you’re lucky to make $10 a month. When I was doing some research on other things I could do I came across this work at home mom blog and downloaded their free report. They pointed me towards the Warrior Forum. I started reading and learning but I everything took money to make money from what I could see, so I didn’t think I’d ever be able to do it.

I started noticing people offering up writing services for money. While I didn’t get great grades in English class, I did take English in college and I did knew I had a good grasp on grammar from doing my own fiction writing for fun. Of course, I was too nervous to actually put myself out there.

My First Writing Gig

I was lucky enough to find a guy looking for people to review a few websites. He just wanted some simple 200 word reviews talking about whether or not the sites were useful. I made got my first PayPal payment from writing and it made me think it might be a good path for me. I posted on the Warrior Forum asking for tips on how to get started and an awesome guy sent me a message offering to pay me $20 to write two articles provided I used that money to start a Warriors for Hire thread to get more clients.

That’s where it all began. I was writing and realizing I was really good at it. My clients loved my work even though I charged more than many of the other writers on the WF. I started wondering what else I could do with my skills. I had a website up but money was slow and I had a lot of spare time to write.

Discovering PLR

I had already learned about what PLR was and even bought a little bit for my blog and loved it. From there I started reading more on it.

I started learning about selling PLR by reading posts by Tiffany Dow, Ruth Pound, and Peggy Baron. What a cool idea… writing articles once and making money over and over again by selling them! And I can write about all kinds of topics without having to worry about the crazy keyword requirements that clients were giving me? Yes please!

I saved up money from a few clients and I bought PLR ATM and Become a PLR Writer and got to work. It was a great feeling! Those were the first two IM courses I ever bought and probably the ones that have made me the most money. I studied carefully, registered, signed up for Aweber, and slapped a simple theme on the site.

My First PLR Pack

A lot of people who want to get into PLR tell me they are waiting to have 5 packs or 10 packs of articles ready. I had exactly five articles, not packs, when I started advertising my site – and it wasn’t even for sale!

I started out by writing five articles on different topics and offered it for free to those who signed up for my lists. My main page said, “New PLR coming soon! For now, head over and download a free sample of my PLR.” Below that was some info about me and what I would be offering, but the main point was to get people to my very simple squeeze page. (I used a template squeeze page from one of the PLR guides.) I put a link to my free PLR and store in my signature in the IM forums I posted on, set my Skype status to the link, and commented on blogs with my PLR store in the URL field.

I started out not even selling PLR, I was building a list. From there I figured out which shopping cart I wanted to use, E-junkie, and wrote my first PLR pack. It was so exciting to email my list with my first ever PLR pack and I even made a sale! That was when I realized that PLR really could be for me.

I released more packs and started promoting PLR as an affiliate as well. Being an affiliate helped me forge connections with other PLR providers that would later become some of my best affiliates.

My store started with a plain theme, no logo/header, and a free pack of PLR. I redesigned it and grew it to what it is now, but I started with just five articles so I could get myself out there and start getting people to my site.

Don’t wait until you have “enough” content!

Everything doesn’t need to be perfect. You can tweak things once they’re up. Once you see traffic or even sales coming in you’ll be even more motivated to work on and improve your site.

Do you wait until things are perfect to get started? Or are you the type that puts your work out there and improves it as time goes on?

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  1. Hi Amanda,

    Originally, when I decided to start a PLR store, I thought I had to have several packs in hand before getting started. That idea held me back for a LONG time, because other things kept getting in the way of my writing. So therefore, not many packs were being produced.

    Hence, not many sales were realized in the beginning, either.

    As I continued to follow Tiffany, I bought her PLR Atm book and also the one Peggy Baron offered. (I don’t recollect the name of her book)… but those two guides made me realize I could start with one pack and work my way up the ladder.
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..After the 30-Day Video ChallengeMy Profile

  2. Amanda,

    What a great article! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. As a newbie, we’re always wanting to now the HOW of what others have done. To respond to your question, I am the type that waits for things to be perfect. It’s an OLD habit Amanda. I think it’s clinically called OCD (lol).

    However, I do intend to start my plr store this year. I already have the site setup and just need to purchase and install download guard. I know I don’t have to wait on those things, but I would like the site to be automated from the beginning. I do have some article ideas with bullet points and all. I am working on it, but in the background.

    Again, thanks for giving all of use who are still struggling with doubt the thumbs up. I really enjoyed reading this!
    Cynthia Dixon recently posted..Weekly Wrap Up: Google Plus Tutorials and Fiverr Case StudyMy Profile

  3. Hi Amanda

    What a great article! I love the idea of writing articles without the faff of keyword research!

    I did Tiff’s PLR ATM course but have held off starting a PLR site because I thought I’d have to have loads of article packs, not just the one I’ve got.

    Thanks for the info
    Shan recently posted..6 Ways to Use Waiting Time ProductivelyMy Profile

  4. Hi Amanda

    What a great way to start building your list first. Thank you for sharing with us who haven’t started yet and would like to……..

    Regards Karyn

  5. Hi. Great stuff! As others I have been thinking about starting my own PLR store but thought I would need a bunch of stuff to get started. You have convinced me to start thinking about, nay planning how to do it.
    I am an English teacher and love writing. I used to write for our in company magazines for our students learning English and loved doing it.
    I did sign up on FreeLancer and got a few gigs – wrote some pretty good stuff (even if I say so myself! LOL) on weird subjects, but only got paid $1 per article so decided I wasn’t going to pay the bills with that.
    I have copies of the articles so it is worth re-writing them (I imagine I can’t use them as they are as I sold them) and starting from there?
    What do you think?

    Best wishes,
    Ann recently posted..A Review of “Facelift Naturally” by Julia Busch + exclusive interview!My Profile

    • Personally I would suggest starting from scratch. If you want to write on the same topics, that’s fine, but rewriting them could lead you to sell PLR similar to something you already sold to the client which isn’t fair to the client.

      $1 an article sucks. lol That’s what I charge for my PLR and I sell it to dozens of people or more!

      If you love writing, PLR is perfect for you.

  6. Hi, Amanda…Thanks for this article! It was very helpful.

    I’m following Tiffany’s PLR ATM method too, but there’s one thing I haven’t figured out. I have my website up, sign up form on the page, and I put a couple of sample PLR articles on another page.

    I’ve signed up for eJunkie, and am working on my first article pack, but I don’t know whether to just make another PAGE and label it “PLR”, or do I have to make a new website to put the actual article packs on? I haven’t seen this covered anywhere that I’ve been reading so far.

  7. Hi, Amanda…I finally figured out how to upload to e-Junkie. Are you using the e-Junkie plugin for WordPress on this site, or are you somehow pointing your customers to your e-Junkie store on e-Junkie? That’s what I’m trying to figure out.

  8. Thanks for the insight, Amanda. I’m a newbie myself, only have one pack up for sale right now. Working on the second pack, but your article made me realize I have to create a couple of free articles to give away asap. I wanted to wait until I had a few packs ready, but you’re right, getting people on my list is more important right now. Added to my to-do list for the weekend.

    To other newbies, I’m also following PLR ATM. Peggy Baron’s guide will be bought as soon as the sales start coming in. I heard these two guides complement each other very well.

    • Good luck! PLR ATM was fantastic and really helped me get my butt in gear instead of spending all of my time researching. Having a plan of action in front of me gave me real steps to take and get started.

  9. Hey Amanda!

    Great article, as always. I love how you write as though you’re talking to an individual.

    After playing around with PLR, getting stuck and abandoning it, I’ve realised it’s the way for me to go. I love writing having been a copywriter in a past life. I’m clearing the decks to focus in this area by the end of the year when I’ll sort my hosting and just start posting some freebies with an opt-in.

    Very pleased to see how you’ve developed over the past year or so. Steady, reliable, honest and consistent…good model to follow. Thanks for all you do 🙂

    • I really love writing PLR. I’m a writer at heart and I get to write about tons of different topics. I’m great at finding popular niches and doing research as well, but I don’t have the time to set up sites in all of the niches I’d like to so instead I put my skills to use creating content in hot niches for others.

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