How Small Jobs can Earn you BIG Money – Guest Post

Today I bring you a guest post about micro jobs!

When starting up a new business or money-making scheme, it’s all very well to start picturing yourself earning millions, but unless we are willing to put in a great deal of work, most of us won’t get there. Of course, there are a few people out there who just “get lucky”, but the majority of us will spend most of our lives trying to reach our goals. It doesn’t all have to be an uphill struggle though; small steps and small jobs can ultimately amount to something worth the wait.

The Big Picture… Is a Jigsaw Puzzle

Many of us start off with “The Big Picture” in our minds. This is what we are aiming for; this is what we ultimately want to achieve. This can be anything from earning bucket loads of money to being considered a guru in your field of expertise. Whether it is the cash or recognition that spurs you on to achieve you goals, you can be sure that getting there isn’t going to be an easy ride. So why not take your new business venture step by step?

Business Idea – Without an initial business plan, nothing else will come about. Whether you are selling a product or services, you need to know how you are going to promote them, who you are going to sell the product or services to, and most importantly, whether it will be worth your time.

Process – An initial idea is no good without a process which follows. The process is where you need to organize yourself. Be vigilant in reaching out to potential customers or clients, let people know who you are and above all provide a near-perfect product or service.

Reaching your Target – Congratulations! You’ve made sales, you have generated income, but now this stage is all about connecting with previous customers, establishing relationships with clients, and building on the foundations of your business. Whether you are selling window cleaning services or website building software packages, customers (both old and new) need to feel valued to ensure a return in custom.

How Small Jobs can Earn you Big Money

You have to start small in order to earn big. That’s something I have learned over the years, and when I first started out writing professionally, I knew that making lots of money fast was very unlikely. However, thanks to a few recommendations, I was nudged towards micro jobbing. With the vast growth in popularity of sites such as Fiverr and Fourerr, it is needless to say that I was intrigued.

A micro job site process is simple enough, you sign up, set up a profile, set up a “gig” (a cheap service that you are willing to offer for around $5) and then wait for the sales to come in. Simplistic it may sound…but it has huge potential.

Earning Potential

Making sales on micro job sites might be a little slow-going at first, but after a while, your ratings can boost your popularity and therefore gain you additional sales. When you provide a great quality, reliable and (of course) cheap service, you get many repeat buyers who want to use your services again and again.

Micro jobbing therefore makes great part time work and can be a great little earning solution. Even five sales a day at $4 each can see you earn $140 per week ($560 per month).

Want to find out more about micro jobs, then visit Thomas’s site on see for yourself hot to choose the best online jobs for your needs.

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  1. Not to mention micro jobbing is awesome for networking potential and for testing out viability of services and products before you devote a huge amount of time to fleshing them out. I’ve been meaning to sign up for Fiverr…I just keep dithering over what I actually want to do for the four bucks I’d get from each gig!
    Jessica Woods recently posted..Save Money on Back to School ItemsMy Profile

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