How to be Successful Beyond Your Wildest Dreams – Guest Post

Take a stroll into any good bookstore and there, hidden amongst the dusty shelves you’ll find a book on ‘how to be successful’. That’s not surprising when every man, woman and child strives to be successful at something.  Yet ask a group of your friends what success means to them and you’ll get a bunch of different answers.

The reason for that is simply because success exists on different levels. And believe it or not, you’ve already experienced a degree of success in your life, even though you may not recognize it as such.

Still there are those who look to go beyond everyday successes; individuals who reach for the sky and end up living life beyond their wildest dreams.  If that’s the kind of success you crave, then read on to discover the traits you’ll need to adopt in order to fuel that success.


Speak to extremely successful people and one thing becomes immediately clear. These guys hold strong beliefs in their ability to do whatever they set their minds to do. You need to learn how to trust yourself. Let go of your inhibitions and really believe you can achieve greatness.

Embrace the Fear

This is closely related to self-belief. You see the more confident you are in your abilities to succeed, the less likely you are to let anything stop you from pursuing your dream. Fear of failure is one of the biggest things that separates successful people from unsuccessful people. Don’t let fear be the road block in your quest to achieving great things in life. Stand firm and embrace fear!

Deflecting Negativity

The moment you decide to take that leap of faith and truly strive towards your goals, is the moment the naysayers will begin to rear their heads. They will tell you that you can’t do this or you can’t do that. Although they may mean well, this negativity is a distraction and an unwelcome opportunity for the fear to creep in.

Successful people are able to tune this noise out. They actively surround themselves with other like-minded individuals who act as a buffer to the negativity.

Goal Setting

It’s a fact – successful people make goals, write those goals down and then do everything in their power to achieve them within a set deadline. This is a key element that will allow you to identify the real drivers behind your motivation. If you truly want to know how to be successful, then this is something you need to start implementing.

Taking Action

Highly successful people don’t just sit around; hoping life will get better for them. They are impatient for change, and so lead themselves into situations where they can make things happen. They do this by taking action and working hard at it.


This requires you to have the ability to see things through to the end, even when times get really tough. A successful person’s desire to succeed far outweighs any obstacles that may present themselves. You need to be prepared to find a way around the barriers to your success and work diligently to achieve your goals. If that means occasionally going without sleep or having to pass up on social invitations to get the job done, that’s exactly what you will need to do.

Knowing how to be successful is simply a case of studying the behaviors of successful people.  It’s the doing part that is the real challenge. But if you’re determined to adopt the right mentality and start incorporating these traits into your everyday life, you’ll set yourself on the path to notable victory.

In the comments below…

What steps are you taking towards success? Which of the things discussed in this blog post do you struggle with the most?

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  1. Amanda, Great post. You are right in what you wrote about here. You asked what do we struggle with most. I would say mine our fear. However, recently I have overcame most of them. It took me until recently to decide to do YouTube videos. It is actually about taking action and not worrying about the outcome. You have to put your best foot forward and if something is not working keep changing it bit by bit until it works. Really great information here.


    Kay Brasher
    Skype frsprt21462
    Kay Brasher recently posted..Be A Great PresenterMy Profile

  2. I struggled with the fear aspect for a long time. When I first decided to start ghostwriting it took me forever to actually find my first client because I was too afraid they wouldn’t like what I wrote. When I opened my PLR shop I was so nervous that I would make my first sale and they would hate my work. I knew I was good at what I was doing, but I was terrified they would hate my work anyways.

    In the end I realized I just had to go for it and hope for the best. If my client didn’t like my work, I would offer to fix it. If I got a refund request, I would refund them and figure out what was wrong with my articles.

    It helped a lot when I realized I could tackle these potential problems when/if they came up.
    Amanda T recently posted..How to be Successful Beyond Your Wildest Dreams – Guest PostMy Profile

  3. Great post Amanda. Commitment is a big one. Sometimes when things get hard or don’t go as planned, my initial reaction is to mope or want to give up. Recognising that this is the wrong attitude and forcing myself to keep plugging away almost always helps turn things around.

    Tom Parker recently posted..10 Bike Accessory Reviews – PLR ArticlesMy Profile

  4. Great post! Mindset is so important! If your dream (or your message, or your reason WHY you are doing what you do) is bigger than YOU then you WILL push through ever and ALL obstacles! When I’m focused on myself and how I feel then fear and lack of commitment and everything else starts getting in my way. But when I focus on serving others then I really start stepping out and doing things that matter and that create more success in my life!
    Lisa Stoops recently posted..What Can A Box Of Cheerios Teach You?My Profile

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