How to Get More Affiliates For Your Products Using PLR

Product creation has always been one of the best ways to earn money, grow your audience, and establish yourself as an expert in your market. When you have a product, it gives you credibility! I don’t need to tell you that though. I’m sure if you don’t already have a product launched it’s something on your to-do list.

I’ve been creating PLR packages for around three years now. I’ve learned a lot along the way and one of the biggest things is that affiliates mean the world! One good affiliate can be the difference between a total flop and profit. One of my recent packs about 75% of my sales were from affiliates.

Yes, that means I got less per sale on those but I reached tons of buyers I wouldn’t have found otherwise and now they’re all on my buyer’s list. Who knows how many sales and commissions I would have missed out on if I hadn’t gained those new leads!

Getting affiliates can be tough. What I’m going to focus on here is the “affiliate toolbox.”

What is an affiliate toolbox?


An affiliate toolbox is a page (or several pages) where you include different tools to make things easier for your affiliate. Here are some of the things you’ll normally find in an affiliate toolbox.

  • Promotional graphics and banners.
  • Swipe emails.
  • Articles or blog posts for affiliates to post on their websites.
  • Promotional videos.

I’ve seen some toolboxes with just graphics and swipes. I’ve seen others that include everything listed plus rebrandable reports, audios… the list goes on. I’ve also seen a few affiliate programs that give you reports and courses on how to promote as an affiliate! I’ve gotten full courses on affiliate marketing just by signing up to promote.

You can include as little or as much as you want in your own affiliate toolbox but if you want to attract more affiliates you need to have one. So… on to the real point of this post.

How to Use PLR to Build Your Affiliate Toolbox

If you have a lot of products in the same niche you’ll be able to reuse some of the affiliate tools for all of them but things like graphics and swipe emails will need to be created for each product if you want to include them. Outside of swipe emails (it’s hard to use PLR to create these since they need to be specific to your product) private label rights content can really cut down the time and money you spend on putting together your toolbox.

Here is a good place to get started looking for PLR:

Top 10 Best Places to Buy PLR

Creating Promotional Graphics

I used to have to buy all of my graphics. It got expensive fast when I had to order my ebook cover, header, and promotional images of different sizes. I just recently found something that’s so much easier. It’s this graphics club where you get PLR graphics templates that are really easy to edit and add your own text to. You even get video tutorials showing you how to edit them. Here is one of the graphics I made with it.

profit with plr graphic


It took me all of 45 seconds to edit the text and switching out my own picture for the placeholder and it was done. The best part of the graphics club is there are tons of sizes and styles of templates and they add more each month. Check it out if you’re tired of paying for graphics like I was.

Graphics Treasure Chest

Give Your Affiliates Articles to Repost

Note: For this and all other methods I mention be sure to read through the rights of the PLR you want to use. If you’re not sure if what you want to do is allowed, you can always email the provider and ask.

Find PLR articles that are related to your niche and change it around to mention your product. You can do two or three of these and invite affiliates to change the link to your product to their affiliate link. It gives them new content for their blog and will let them promote your product in a way that won’t seem promotional to their readers.

The goal here is to pick articles that are going to teach something and be informational so when their readers get to the end they don’t feel like they’ve read a promo.

Create a Rebrandable Report

Pick up a PLR report related to your product and offer it to affiliates the same as you did the articles. They can change the links inside to affiliate links to your product. Invite them to give the report away to their list either as a freebie or even incentive to sign up!

People love having freebies to give out to their lists and being able to make money doing it is a huge bonus.

Give Them Things to Give as Bonuses

A lot of affiliates (myself included) like to create bonuses for big promotions. “If you buy through my affiliate link get this extra bonus.” You can use PLR to create these bonuses! If you do this you want to create a few different bonuses so every affiliate isn’t using the same one.

Let them download the bonuses and distribute them to people who buy through their links. It will help them make more sales which helps you make more sales!

Create a Library of Affiliate Marketing Information

If you know a lot of your affiliates are new to affiliate marketing buying a PLR course or ebook on affiliate marketing and offering it to them for free could be a great way to help you turn a one time affiliate into a lifelong affiliate.

Business Content PLR has a great PLR package called Affiliate Marketing 101 I’d highly suggest for this.

Use PLR to Create Promotional Videos

PLR articles can easily be turned into scripts for a video. You can read the article word for word or summarize the points along the way. At the end you promo your product. It doesn’t matter if you sit in front of the camera or use a program like Camtasia and a slideshow with the key points outlined.

Affiliates can take that video and add it to their blog posts to further promote your product.

What Else Can You Think Of?

Want more ideas? Try to think like a potential affiliate. If you really wanted to promote a product what different ways would you promote and how can you make things easier for anyone who wants to promote like that?

Get out there and create the best affiliate toolbox you can!

Not sure where to get started looking for PLR? Head here first:

Top 10 Places to Buy PLR

Want more tips on how to use PLR? Check out my Facebook page: Profit With PLR.

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  1. Wonderful share:-)
    traditionallymodernfood recently posted..Baked Healthy MixtureMy Profile

  2. Great information! I hope my Affiliate website will be finish next month 😉 Thank you for the tips!
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  6. Writing PLR products and packaging them up is a big enough challenge, but having affiliates on board is really important. These are great tips to making sure your affiliates promote well for you. Nicely done!
    Mel Day recently posted..How To Grow Your Blog and Build an AudienceMy Profile

    • For me affiliates have been the difference between a launch where I earn $50 and a launch where I earn $500. Everything I do to keep affiliates happy leads to more profit for me and more new leads. 🙂

  7. Oh my gosh , awesome tutorial Amanda. Thank you for sharing , this post is priceless …
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  8. Ah right, I hadn’t really heard of plr before….

  9. Having affiliates can really help when you only have a small list. You have a much better reach and new people can discover you.

    I am a bit lazy about providing extra content but it is something on my ever increasing To Do List. 🙂
    Victoria Virgo recently posted..My 30 Day Blog Posting Challenge – My 30 PostsMy Profile

  10. This is very helpful information as I put together my PLR Store and think about the affiliate program I will use. I will definitely refer to this.
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  11. Amanda,

    I like your top ten list of places to purchase PLR. I am very familiar with PLR and you are correct in that it can truly save you a lot of time and cost as well. You seem to be working very hard to give affiliates a road map to success. As you stated, you may not make as much money but the potential to reach many more customers is well worth it in my estimation. Thanks for sharing.
    Nathaniel Kidd recently posted..Online Shopping TipsMy Profile

  12. Wow, you have outlined some really good ideas here for using PLR as affiliate tools. I like your idea of making a rebrandable report for affiliates. I don’t have anything like that yet, so I should give that a try.

    • The nice thing about an affiliate toolbox is that you can grow it as time goes on! Start with a few things and as time goes on you can keep adding more tools as time and resources allow.

  13. I keep meaning to go check out Graphics Treasure Chest…I think it would make me finally get off my butt and start creating PLR! Thanks for sharing the great resources!
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