How to Make $1000 in 45 Days from Scratch – Method 1

How to Make Quick CashI run a Skype mastermind group full of people at all different levels of IM, all working with different aspects of IM. It is a great place where we support each other, share ideas, ask questions, and learn together.

My co-leader, Matt, suggested a brainstorming activity for the group. After all, one of the important things we want to do is keep members thinking of new ways to make money and improve their business. It was also a good chance to hear how other people would go about starting an IM business from scratch.

The question: If you had to make $1000 from scratch in 45 days, how would you do it?

The rules:

  • You are starting from scratch so you can’t use your existing list or websites.
  • Anything you spend will be subtracted from what you make. We are looking for $1000 profit.
  • The money needs to be either in your hand or on your PayPal within 45 days.
  • In my methods I will be aiming to get started for under $20.

I have a few methods that would work… one includes services, one includes making a niche site, and the other includes a bit of offline work. I’ll go over all of them, but I’m going to start with the offline method because this is something I have actually made into part of my business whether I need quick cash or not.

Offline Affiliate Marketing Method

This whole method is about promoting information products offline through fliers. I’ll go over how I do this step-by-step.

Step 1: Where to Find Products to Promote

ClickBank has the biggest variety of products so I normally go there, but with ClickBank you have to wait for a check. This means you will have to wait a little longer for the money so it may not be best for getting money within 45 days. Because of this, I have been looking into other platforms.

JVZoo is a GREAT option because they pay instant commission to your PayPal. If you need quick cash, this is the platform I would suggest and it is also the one I am using for all of my new promotions.

There are others that you can use, but these are the two I would suggest because I have experience with them both.

Step 2: Picking a product/niche.

This doesn’t have to be difficult. You aren’t going to be trying to rank websites. You won’t have tons of competition. The key is finding something that will get people thinking “I need this.”

The most successful niches for me have been:

  • Couponing/Saving Money
  • Weight Loss
  • Health and Fitness
  • Relationships
  • Self-help

The Make Money Online niche can also be good, but you need to make sure the product is good and it is something people can understand even with no Internet marketing experience. (This is why I didn’t suggest WarriorPlus for finding products, those are aimed at people with at least some knowledge of IM.)

Pick a niche and start looking at popular products. I try and find products between $20 and $50 with good commission. You can go higher or lower. Lower may get you more sales but less commission, higher will get less sales but more commission per sale.

Things to look for in a product:

  • Salespage that makes you want to buy.
  • Something people really, desperately want to know.
  • Good reviews when doing a search for the product.
  • Low refund rate.
  • Mobile salespage is a plus if using ClickBank.

Picking a product doesn’t have to be hard… just think about whether or not you would want to buy the product if you were in the potential customer’s shoes.

Tip: My favorite is the couponing niche for this because their headlines make for great flier headlines and conversions from fliers in grocery stores are great on these products.

Step 3: Make a website. (Optional)

This step is 100% optional. I’ve done it with a few products to add a personal touch and it does increase conversions, but it increases the time you spend setting up the campaign and also increases the start up page.

Basically, head over to NameCheap or your favorite domain name registrar and find a short, memorable domain name where you will make your presell page. This will be around $10.

If you already have hosting, you can set up a simple one page WordPress site on that domain. (If you don’t have hosting, you can head over to HostGator. They are very reliable and affordable, plus their customer support is first class.)

Your presell page is very simple. If you have read the product you are promoting, you can write a review. Otherwise you can talk about what the product includes and why they need it.

For example:

Tired of spending hundreds of dollars on groceries EVERY WEEK? Do you always here about these “extreme couponers and wonder how they do it?” In Couponing for Newbies you will learn everything you need to know to start slashing your grocery bill by 70% of more.

From there just go on explaining what types of things they will learn in the book and how it can save them money.

You can end with something like:

This book may cost you $25 today, but it will save you more than that your FIRST time shopping using these expert couponing techniques.

Then, link to the product. Make sure your link is a call to action, like “Click here to start saving on your groceries EVERY time you shop.”

Step 4: The Flier

I normally create two fliers. The first has little tear off tabs with the product’s tagline and the url for my website. The second is either a half sheet or quarter sheet version of the first flier meant to hand out, put on cars, stuff like that.

Example of what a flier might look like:

Example FlierI got the headline from the product’s salespage. I just copy/pasted their headline. Find a royalty free image to pop on under that. Add a little more information to pull them in and understand why they need the product. I like to include a QR code because it gives people an easy way to look up the product right away rather than waiting until they get home, where they may forget. You just need to explain what the QR code is, like I did above. (Click the picture and you’ll see a bigger version.)

There you go, now you have a flier.

Step 5: Distribution

This can get a little tricky… you need to know where you are allowed to distribute fliers and that may be very different depending on where you live. Be sure to pay attention to your local laws and regulations. I will be going over how I do it, but you may need to come with your own plan based on where you live.

Every grocery store and hardware store in my town has a bulletin board where people can post fliers up. I start there. College campuses are also great options because many of them have as well.

Where I live you can also post fliers on car windows in certain areas such as public streets, so I like to go out and post fliers around. I also put them up on telephone poles near the grocery stores.

Generally, anywhere I can distribute a flier, I do.

Usually I can spend a day distributing fliers and get a couple hundred dollars.

Wrap Up

Using this method I could come up with $1000 in a week if I really worked hard at it, provided I had a good offer. If I didn’t set up a website, the total cost is limited to the paper and ink costs for your fliers. (I normally make and print one of each flier and then take them to a copy store, it is cheaper than buying paper and ink.)

Bonus tip: How I Turned This Into a Permanent Part of My Business

I still make money using this method, but I don’t distribute the fliers myself anymore. Instead, I put up an ad on Craigslist looking for some high school and/or college students looking to make extra cash.

I have 6 people working for me now distributing fliers, each for a different product. I simply send them 50% of all commissions I receive. I plan to continue hiring on more students. It is a win-win because they make extra cash by handing out fliers and I get a nice bit of income on autopilot.

In the comments below:

I want to know YOUR method for earing $1000 in 45 days from scratch. You don’t have to go into too much detail if you don’t want, but as much detail as you want to provide is appreciated. (Feel free to do a blog post about it and link to it in the comments!)

You can also feel free to share your thoughts on my method or ask any questions you may have.

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  1. I like the idea, this goes well with Matts March traffic challenge which I will be taking part in.

    This is a very unique approach, I will be following your success.

    Chris Deals recently posted..My First Two Products – PLR Store Plus & Pin It ProfitsMy Profile

  2. Hello,

    I really want to be a part of group to share ideas, actually I need a mentor.
    Fawad recently posted..Pregnancy Diet Month by Month GuideMy Profile

  3. I must admit that you are a genius…your money making idea as listed in this great article is superb.

    I actually followed your link from warriorforum to read what the trick of making such amount in 45 days is all about and I must confess that it is worth doing.

    Am actually a tabla rasa newbie and would need a help/guide to tap into the internet biz. Mind helping me?

  4. Hi Amanda,

    WOW! great idea, I too follow your link from the Warrior Forum and grateful that I did! I know you can make money online but trying to sift through all the sales letters to try to find one that is genuine is really hard. (I do not like long sales letters – short, honest and to the point are the best for me!) I am a totally newbie and don’t have much understanding of all this sort of thing. Trying to learn so I can get started! So a URL is like a product code so the customer types that into the computer to buy the product and it then transfers the commission over to you? This this correct? Thanks so much of all your great ideas/help!

  5. Hey Amanda!

    I just came across this post after reading your “Tips For Kindle Publishers” thread in the WF. I was wondering if you have experimented with Craigslist or Fiverr for getting people to distribute your fliers in other cities for greater exposure?

    — JaRyCu on the WF
    JaRyCu recently posted..Goal SettingMy Profile

  6. I would list an offer on Fiverr and all the Fiverr clone sites for starters. Also the Digital Point forums. You list some really good ideas, but my problem is time. My day job interferes with my marketing life 🙁
    Clara recently posted..Marketing With QR Codes PLRMy Profile

  7. Hi Amanda,

    Thanks for the great information! It was simple yet effective. I have been dabbling in IM for about 6 months. I have a problem with “shiny object” syndrome. I would love to join your Skype group and would love to talk with you 1 on 1 if you have time.

    Can I just add your skype name that you provide on the Warrior Forum?

    Hope to speak with you soon…
    Much Success

  8. This sounds like a viable method to make some money. Too bad I can’t use it in my country.. All the big affiliate networks are in english language. I am looking forward to your other methods!
    Herb recently posted..Make Money Online Review – You Can Make Money With Online ReviewsMy Profile

  9. Hi Amanda,
    I love your site! I am so glad I checked it out. I have read many of your posts especially on Tom Ness’s threads. We are both fans of him. I would love to join your mastermind group on skype if possible.

  10. Hey, Amanda.

    Great information here. I would have never came up with something like this. You have a gift of creativity that you can use to your advantage. If you can make money doing something like this, I have a feeling that you will be very successful with online marketing, if you are not already. Very interesting post here, Amanda.

    Oliver recently posted..0T1k – Day 6My Profile

  11. Do you supply the fliers to the people you hire or have them absorb the cost?

  12. Karen Pottinger says:

    Hi Amanda,

    I have seen how actively you participate in Tiffany Dow’s blog so I came to check out your site. Wow! you have accomplished alot! good for you, and at a young age too, you have set yourself up for life. I have 20 years on you and I am just in the beginning stages of my online career so the remaining many years of my life are going to be fun 🙂

    I have some questions about this method and how its working for you. I love the idea, seems to be so practical to take what we know about affiliate marketing online to the offline market.

    In your experience, what is your conversion rate in percentage to the flyers that are sent out?

    Have you explored doing direct mail with the post office and if so what are your thoughts on that.

    I suppose you have made it simple for yourself in terms of paying commissions as 1 person delivers 1 offer so that you can track easily what you have to pay them. That is a really good idea.

    If you create a website, what theme do you install for your one page?

    For the flyers you use a QR code on, I guess you want to make sure your website is mobile accessible so do you use a WP plugin to help with that or is your theme already set up for that.

    Sorry about all these questions – if you create an ebook (and I really think you should) on how to do this I would be your first customer for sure! I am looking at ways to bring more money in to support what I want to do/am doing online – I am making a little on Squidoo and Clickbank so far so thats great. I currently work a full time job too but I plan to “retire” as soon as my online income will cover my expenses.

    Thank you in advance Amanda! You are so generous with your knowledge and transparent and honest – those are the very best traits of any online marketer in my opinion (thats why I follow Tiffany’s blog too) You got a new subscriber in me and I am looking forward to “getting to know you”

    • Let me know if I get all of your questions answered properly.

      In your experience, what is your conversion rate in percentage to the flyers that are sent out?

      I don’t really measure conversion rate because I don’t always know exactly how many flyers are put out. I hang some of them but when the kids do it I don’t know how many they put up.

      Have you explored doing direct mail with the post office and if so what are your thoughts on that.

      I’ve thought it but the main draw of this method for me is that it’s low cost. There is almost zero risk because it’s just a little bit of time and some paper.

      If you create a website, what theme do you install for your one page?

      Any theme works. I have some paid themes so I normally use one of those but before I used the one that’s included with a new WordPress install. Now I normally just do a redirect.

      For the flyers you use a QR code on, I guess you want to make sure your website is mobile accessible so do you use a WP plugin to help with that or is your theme already set up for that.

      For the QR code I like to have it link directly to the offer.

      I’ve actually been thinking about creating a low priced report explaining this method in more detail. I’ll have to add that to my list for March!

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