How to Make Time for Blogging

clockThe biggest thing I’ve learned so far from participating in Tiffany Dow’s blogging challenge is that I have a lot more time available than I thought I did. Before this challenge I struggled to even post 3-4 days a week here. Since the challenge started I’ve been updating two blogs five days a week and creating weekly gifts for my list. That’s on top of continuing to write for Squidoo and Zujava. (And still playing some video games. I do run a video game blog as well after all.)

So, how did I go from having no time at all to having time to do all of this?

  1. I started brainstorming blog posts everywhere I go like I mentioned in this blog post.
  2. While brainstorming I also outline the articles by listing a few points or tips I want to cover.
  3. I bought an appointment calendar book and used it to write down which days I’d like to do certain blog posts. (I don’t always stick to the idea I wrote down, but it means I always have one when sit down to write.)
  4. I took a hard look at where I was wasting time, like with my email. Sometimes I even find I write better when I’m somewhere with no internet. I just go back and add in links later.
  5. I set a deadline each day for when work will be done by and do everything I can to stick to it. When you only have an hour to write a blog post you won’t let yourself get distracted as easily. After work I play games and spend time with my family.
  6. I reminded myself that a great blog post doesn’t need to be super long. It just needs to share something useful with your audience.
  7. When I have extra inspiration, I stat up more blog posts to finish up later. A half done post takes less time to finish than starting from scratch.
  8. While reading forums I keep a notepad open to write down questions people ask that I could cover on my blog.
  9. I blog early in my work day. Some days I may not publish until later, but I always write before I have time to get distracted by other things. If you sit down and blog AND THEN go do social media and all of that other stuff it’ll be out of the way and you won’t find some other task that is “more important”.
  10. Be willing to make time for it. Some days you may need to push something else back or shuffle things around. Sometimes it comes down to making time even if you don’t really want to. Do this for a little while and blogging will start to feel more natural and become a habit.

What helps you make time for blogging? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Great tips Amanda! Planning is essential – and getting on with the job asap! Social media and email is my biggest distraction for everything else I need to be doing …..
    Tamsin recently posted..Overcoming Your ObstaclesMy Profile

  2. I’ve jacked my schedule around so many times it’s not even funny. At times, I think that was just an excuse to avoid work as much as anything.

    I do have one that works pretty well for me WHEN I use it. I try to set a four hour work day for PLR and review writing. If I know I’m done with that by lunch time, the rest of the day usually goes easier.
    I have it set so that I can take a few hours off for lunch, regroup and then come back in the afternoon and work on products and blog posts. I do end up putting in about 8 hours a day, but the first four are mandatory. There’s also a lot of days I work through lunch, especially if I’m having tech issues or emails from customers.

    But knowing that I have to get my main work done by lunch helps me the most.
    I try to remember to use a timer and write in 30 minute batches, then get up and walk around for a few minutes, and I have to avoid social media to be the most productive. But, the afternoon and evenings can be used for being social.

    It’s not a perfect system and it is flexible and I do veer from it, but when I stick to it, I get the most done.
    Patti Stafford recently posted..How Do You Get the Power of a Focused Business?My Profile

    • Ya, I try to get the “must be done” stuff done early and then I work on the rest. It means I can kind of relax as I get through the rest of my work.

      I actually work hard to stay active during the work day and it helps a lot. It’s not just moving around, I do this office get up and move video every hour. (On the half hours I normally go to refill a drink or something.)

  3. I found that getting up at 5:00 AM to do my blog post makes it far easier for me to get it completed ahead of time. At that point, all I need to do is keep an eye out for Tiffany’s post so I can add my comment.

    This makes the day much more productive for me once the post is done. I can then dote time on other things. I’ve recently found more time to write out that Kindle book I’ve wanted to do on spousal abuse.

    Yay me! 🙂
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..Case Study: Blogging with John Chow – 2 Months LaterMy Profile

    • I’m glad! I really love Kindle. It was a lot of fun and I love that I’m still making money from the books I wrote early last year. I’m excited to see how this new product I’m reviewing works out.

  4. Well, since I’ve set up a “real” workspace in the spare bedroom, I thought I was going to be more productive. Not. It seems that my family doesn’t take me serious. They think I’m playing with a toy! Coming by and sticking heads in the door, grinning, saying things like, “How’s it going, Mom?” That hasn’t happened since I threw a fit. Then I felt guilty. And didn’t get any work done.
    No one takes me serious. I thought they did. Oh, well, it will all come out all right.
    ARRRRGGG…I have just about decided to do a newsletter once a week.
    Ruth Clark recently posted..Day 1 of the Freaking Fantastic Blog and List Building ChallengeMy Profile

    • I know what you mean. My family generally supports me but a lot of the time they act like I’m just goofing around on Facebook. It’s tough to get them to understand unfortunately. I know a lot of people set up “office hours” where they aren’t to be bothered and I heard it works okay.

  5. Tony lee says:

    This blog post was extremely helpful for me. I only have a few hours each day to get work done, and most of those hours go towards research or learning. I need to improve my time management if I want to be able to post everyday and have stuff that people are actually going to be able to find useful or valuable. But I did find that on the weekends I have time to write a few blog posts and I schedule them out a few weeks in advance this gives me the chance to cover content for the week and if I get more time I can write more posts for that week. It’s really the only system I can work with being that time goes towards college. But once things slow down over here I want to attempt on of those challenges. Thank you for the great information Amanda!

    • Time management is something you’ll learn over time. You want to start by creating high quality stuff and then learn short cuts to save time without lowering your quality. If you’re short on time it’s a good idea to learn to leverage work others have already done in an ethical way!

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