How to Rewrite PLR – A Walkthrough

Most people I talk to feel a lot like the guy on the left when they sit down to rewrite an article, but there is no reason to feel overwhelmed! Once you get started and understand what your end goal is, with a little bit of practice you can pump out rewrites in no time!

Today I’m going to show you how I rewrite a PLR article. I use a lot of PLR for my niche sites and I try to at least partially rewrite it before I add it to my blog. I like to make sure every article posted on my site reflects my own style.

I got an article from PLR Content Marketplace, my friend Sid’s PLR shop. Check it out if you haven’t. I like his PLR about health and fitness because he always does a lot of research. He even has some free PLR available on his site.

Click the picture on the right to read the article before we start or keep reading to watch me rewrite paragraph by paragraph.

The first thing you want to do is give the article a quick read so you know what information the article covers and what direction it will be going. Otherwise you could end up halfway through your rewrite and realize your rewriting was going the total wrong direction! After that, I usually take a look at the title. You should always change the title of your PLR articles. (For more information about why this is important outside of wanting to add a more interesting title, read this blog entry by Tiffany Dow.)

The Title

This article is all about using cat grooming tools and why they are important. The title is: Importance of Cat Grooming Tools. Very to the point, but how about something like… “The Purrfect Tools to Keep Your Cat Groomed and Happy.” A little cheezy, but I like it!

Now, rework the article paragraph by paragraph. Feel free to take out anything you don’t like or add anything you do like.

Let’s start with the first paragraph.

First Paragraph


Cats are wonderful pets and many cat owners would agree that they are the most adorable pets. People who have cats as pets consider it a part of their family rather than just a pet. Pet owners should take special care about the health and grooming of their pets. Cats do take care of their grooming but pet owners should also do their part to help with the grooming of their cats. Cats spend a lot of time grooming themselves and if you have a number of cats staying together they also take care of each other. This is however not a healthy practice as it can result in hairball problems which can lead to health concerns.


Who doesn’t love petting a purring kitten or waving a toy in front of a playful cat? Cats are make wonderful pets, and most cat owners agree that their cat is more than just a pet, it is a member of the family. Just like any other member of the family, your cat has grooming needs as well.

Many people figure that since cats clean themselves, they can handle grooming on its own, but your kitty needs your help too! Cats have a lot of fur and licking that fur can cause hairball problems. If you have many cats they are all at a higher risk because groups of cats tend to spend a lot of time cleaning each other.


I broke up the info into two smaller paragraphs. Breaking information into smaller chunks is good practice for web writing. I also tried to jazz up the information a little more and add some imagery. If you are trying to explain why people need to buy grooming tools, you need them picturing their own kitty while reading. I also try to speak directly to the reader by saying things like “your kitty.” Odds are good that if someone is reading about cat grooming, they own a cat.

Second Paragraph


There are a number of cat grooming tools available in the market today which can help cat owners with the grooming of their pets. Some of the most important grooming tools are a shedding comb, a shedding blade and a self cleaning grooming brush. Cat grooming tools are extremely beneficial to keep your pet well groomed and in good health. These tools can also be utilized to get rid of stray hairs from furniture, clothes etc.


There are a few cat grooming tools that are important for your cat’s care. Some of the most important tools to consider based on your cat’s needs are a shedding comb, a shedding blade, and a grooming brush. Of course, which of these you needs depends on how thick and long your cat’s hair is. Most shorthairs only need to be brushed with a shedding comb from time to time to help them get rid of the fur they are shedding. Cats with longer fur will need more tools and more help grooming. If you are unsure about what types of tools you should get for your cat or how to use them, don’t be afraid to talk to your vet or a professional groomer.

Another important tool, especially for inside cats who eat mostly dry cat food, is a cat toothbrush. Your kitty’s teeth are very important and should be brushed 2-3 times a week. You can get specially made cat toothbrushes that are angled to be easier to use. You will also want cat toothpaste which is safe for your kitty to swallow and is often made to taste like fish or chicken.


I took the parts I found most important and expanded on them. I added some knowledge of my own, like the part about the cat toothbrush. I own three cats and brush their teeth every 2-3 days.

Third Paragraph


You can also get some products which allow the cat to clean itself and take care of its grooming. These products are the kinds that offer a post to scratch on or a mat to rub against, assisting them with their grooming. Some cats avoid scratching posts and mats to clean themselves and these products won’t work for them. Cat grooming tools help the owners to take care of their pet as it’s never a good idea to leave a cat’s grooming completely to the cat.


There are also grooming products that make it easier for your cat to keep itself clean and well groomed. Scratch posts are a great example. There are also rugs and posts made for your kitty to rub up against to help them shed. This means the fur ends up on the mat or post instead of in a hairball. Some cats won’t want to use these or won’t use them right, and even if they do you should still take an active role in your cat’s grooming.


The main thing I did with this was make it a little more personal. I didn’t change the info much but it is much more my style

Fourth Paragraph


There are multiple benefits of taking care of the grooming needs of your cat. If you own a cat with long hair it is important that you regularly brush and groom your pet to keep it in good health. When you regularly brush and groom your cat it almost eliminates the problem of hair shedding and keeps your furniture, clothes etc free of stray hair of your cat. Cat grooming tools also help to prevent hairball problems in cats and improve their overall blood circulation which helps them keep good health and agility.


There are many reasons why it is important to take an active role in grooming your cat. Your kitty needs to be brushed and groomed regularly to help reduce hairballs and keep their fur and skin healthy. Long haired cats benefit greatly from daily brushing. Along with helping your cat stay happy and healthy, it will help you keep fur off of your clothes and furniture since your cat won’t be shedding as much. Proper grooming can also help improve your kitties blood circulation and is a great bonding experience!


I already covered this information in some of the other paragraphs, so I tried not to reiterate myself too much. I focused on the benefits of grooming and mentioned benefits outside of the cat’s health to help show exactly how worth it cat grooming is.

Fifth Paragraph


The grooming tools have made it a lot easier for cat owners to keep their pet well groomed and in good health. You should follow a regular schedule of brushing, combing etc by using these tools and keep your cat in a healthy and happy state of mind and body.


Luckily, most grooming tools are inexpensive and easy to use, making it easy for you to keep your kitty happy and well-groomed. It is important to set up a schedule for brushing your cat’s fur and teeth. Remember, it isn’t just good for your cat’s health, most cats love having their fur brushed! Taking an active role in your kitty’s grooming is an important part of keeping your pet happy and healthy.


Now that the article is all rewritten, all that is left to do is head over to my favorite stock photo site, pick up a stock photo, and post the article up! You can see the finished article by clicking the picture to the left.

I did the rewrite in around 10 minutes and managed to turn a 427 word PLR article into my very own 574 word article that fits my style better. It will even pass copyscape!

If I was using this on a site about cats I would also include recommendations for grooming products with affiliate links.

I hope you guys found this useful! Let me know if you would like to see another demonstration of rewriting. Maybe of an Amazon review type article?

In the comments below…

Let me know what you think of this blog post. Was it helpful? What would make it more helpful? Would you like to see me rewrite an Amazon review type article? What method of using PLR would you like to see me demonstrate next?

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  1. Amanda,

    Very good article and very informative. I pretty much follow the examples you gave here. I love the way you put it all together. Keep up the great work.

    Skype frsprt21462

  2. Nice job on demonstrating this, Amanda. It’s often intimidating when someone first starts thinking about rewriting something, but your example makes it seem much more doable. I have done a lot of article rewriting and chunking works very well for me.

    I would definitely be interested in seeing how you rewrite an Amazon review article. Those are always more difficult for me.


  3. solid, useful info from a pro at what she does. Good work, Amanda!

  4. I love your style Amanda! Especially the simple techniques of personalizing the content and including some of your own experience. What I also liked was how you reworded ugly statements like “etc”. Another thing I picked up was just expanding a bit on the “why’s” – instead of just listing the tools you used a crafty way to explain about “short hairs”; and you replaced the generic and non-personal term “pet” with a more palatable word.

    I haven’t looked much into PLR, but there’s just some great writing tips in your article. Whatever else you write on will be good – Amazon reviews seem like a good place 🙂

  5. Excellent tip! You are truly a genius………you did overdelivered with your unique style of writing. Thank you so much for this,I’ve learnt a lot.
    okechukwu recently posted..12 TOP WAYS TO CHOOSE A GOOD DOMAIN NAME.My Profile

  6. This is really good stuff.
    I will now be using this a guide when rewriting any PLR content.
    I think it is extremely important to make stuff your own, and this could make that a lot easier than me!

    Jeff Taylor recently posted..If You’re Failing to Plan You’re Planning to Fail : Don’t Do ThatMy Profile

  7. I love how effortless you make this look! PLR content is a fantastic tool that more website owners should embrace, and you’ve just shown them how super easy it really is. Great post Amanda 🙂

  8. I’ve been needing something like this. Thanks, Amanda.
    Ruth Clark recently posted..First Edition of The Fantastic Blogs NewsletterMy Profile

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