How to Use PLR ClickBank Presell Reports to Earn Commissions [Video + Text]

I run a lot of websites and blogs which means finding time to keep them all updated isn’t easy. PLR has been my secret to that for a long time. I’m always looking for ways to fill my blog with quality content without as much time or energy. For a long time the big thing I was excited about was Easy Article Starters by Peggy Baron. Those are awesome but they only fill one gap, the articles and blog posts.

The newest thing I’ve been excited about is Tiffany Lambert’s ClickBank presell reports. Let me tell you a bit about my ClickBank experience and then I’ll explain why I’m recommending these to everyone I talk to about blogging.

You may or may not already know, but when I first started in online marketing the main way I made my money was ClickBank niche sites. I did really well but in the end I wasn’t passionate about the niches I chose and sold the sites off for a tidy amount. However, the sites were  all pretty successful and I learned a lot about how to promote niche ClickBank products.

The basic process was:

  • Set up a squeeze page with a free gift. Make it enticing and make sure it was going to really help your reader. Not only is that the ethical way to do things, but you want to built trust. It’s important.
  • Create your blog and fill it with quality posts. The point of these is to get traffic and also build trust. You want them to be informative and also get traffic from social media/search engines.
  • You want each blog post to link to another blog post, a product, or your squeeze page.
  • Drive traffic to your site through guest blogging, SEO, and social media.
  • Set up a follow up series for your email list.

I did a few product reviews but 90% of my sales were from my list and at least half of those were from my opt-in report.

That’s where these presell reports come in. I took me 7 full days to craft my get your ex back opt-in. I spent two days writing it and then the rest of the week was editing it so there was a good promo to info ratio, the information was all good, it was free of typos, and all of that.

I was pretty surprised when I bought one of Tiff’s presell reports because she writes them exactly like I did, with the readers in mind. They aren’t just a promo, they are filled with tips and info to get people excited about fixing whatever problem they have. You need to make sure they know they CAN overcome stress, make more money, or whatever other problem you are helping them fix.

Ideally these would be used as the opt-in but if you’ve got an opt-in report already each report would make a really good follow-up series. I think my follow-up series took longer to write than the opt-in because you’re trying to be informal, educational, and also pitch a product here and there. It was a difficult balance to get.

If running a blog isn’t your thing, you could use the PLR for a viral report campaign too. I did one of these a while back in the anxiety niche. I write a report similar to these and just started giving it away for free all over with my affiliate link.

I shared it on Facebook with no opt-in required. I sent it to blogs and invited them to send it to their lists with my link in it. I even printed some out to give out as pamphlets at one point. Each time I told people they were welcome to continue sharing it as far and wide as they wanted. If the information is good, people will share it! I still get commissions every once and a while from that and it was a few years ago.

There are a lot of possibilities here a Tiff covers a lot of niches and all of the biggest ClickBank products. If you’re looking into being a ClickBank affiliate they’ll be an invaluable resource.

Click here and check out the full list. She even includes bonuses with each one to help you get started.


P.S. Here is that Facebook page I mentioned. Profit With PLR.

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  1. I think you forgot to share your PLR page on Facebook because I don’t see the link. 🙂

    I have not used Tiff’s reports from Clickbank. I have so much material that if I keep buying, I’ll probably take my last breath before I use them all. LOL

    Great product review, Amanda!
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..Video Blogging Challenge – Day #6My Profile

    • Doh! I guess I was too fast to post this.

      Ya, I know that feeling. I have sooo much PLR. I end up using a lot of it though. Some gets rewritten for 3rd party sites or is used as research for writing reports. I’ve been getting a lot more careful about spending so I can stay focused though.

  2. I love Clickbank! It’s one of my favorite sites for information and content. There’s so much value inside of Clickbank. If you’re not careful you could be spending a lot of money there!
    Nate recently posted..4 Simple Ways to Regain Lost Business After MishapsMy Profile

  3. Thanks Amanda! I’ve not ever used any PLR from Tiffany but everyone seems to rage about her. I will check it out. Thanks!
    Misty Spears recently posted..Monthly Income Report February 2014 – $793.33My Profile

    • You won’t regret it, her PLR is fantastic. There is a reason everyone talks about her, she’s a great writer and she’s one of the most ethical marketers I know so I love giving her my support.

  4. It’s been a while since I had a Clickbank site – I’ve got my eye on what Tiffany is doing with the pre-sell reports too. If I see one that floats my boat, I’ll be jumping back in there.
    Jan Kearney recently posted..Video Blogging Challenge Day 6My Profile

    • Ya, it was a while back when I did my ClickBank sites but I’ve used the same method for Amazon promotions so I know the tactics still work. If one comes out in a niche I feel like I could get into I’d grab it in a heartbeat. I already got a few of the weight loss ones based on products I’ve checked out.

  5. Tiffany definitely creates great stuff. I’ve not purchased her new CB packs but I certainly have a number of her other PLR packs. Nice review!
    Marilyn Thompson recently posted..Is Guest Blogging Dead or Alive in 2014?My Profile

    • I have almost all of the PLR from her store in every niche I work in. It’s always high quality stuff. I love how she goes into a lot of niches I had never thought of too.

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