How to Use PLR Content Funnels Lesson 1 – How to Use PLR Articles

funnelNote: While I specifically mention Tiffany Lambert’s new PLR content funnel several times in this post, this information applies to any PLR funnel purchased from any provider. In fact, these strategies will work for any PLR article free or paid.

We all know about PLR articles, videos, and all of that but PLR content funnels are an entirely different beast. Most funnels include everything you need to start selling your own product and have a site promoting that site. The average funnel includes:

  • A ready to sell ebook.
  • An opt-in report.
  • Autoresponder emails.
  • A sales page with sales copy.

Many will also include:

  • Blog posts.
  • A squeeze page.
  • Product reviews.
  • Product bonus.

Well, Tiffany Lambert just released her first big PLR content funnel and it includes pretty much all of that (I don’t think there is a squeeze page) as well as graphics and other things to get you started promoting your new product and site on social media sites.

As an affiliate of Tiffany Lambert I got an email saying she released a video on how to use these funnels and I was welcome to use it on my blog. I’m going to link to the video and below that will be text explaining what she says in the video and I’ll also be adding in my own notes since I used PLR funnels quite often on my ClickBank sites.

The first lesson is on the PLR articles.

As a side note, this video does a good job showing how easily you could take any weight loss PLR and use it to promote the product you get with her new nutrition PLR funnel.

PLR Content Funnel Part 1 from Tiffany Lambert on Vimeo.

Step 1: Read the article.

I know a lot of people skip this step. It’s really important to ALWAYS read a PLR article before you post it. You need to make sure the quality is up to par with what you would put your name on. You also want to make sure you agree with everything that is posted. Especially in niches like weight loss, dating, and things like that some people have different ideas of what’s okay and what isn’t.

For example, one time I bought some diet PLR and it was about how to fit going out into your schedule and it said just don’t eat anything all day and you can eat all you want at dinner. Um… no? You can’t just skip all of your meals. That’s not healthy. It’ll make you binge, it’ll make you feel crappy, and your metabolism won’t get that breakfast time boost. If I had just posted that to my site I would have been giving horrible advice.

Step 2: Change the title.

You don’t need to put to much thought into this one, but it is very important. Your title is the first thing search engines see so duplicate titles are less likely to get much visibility. On top of that, most PLR seems to come with really bland titles. Come up with something new. Since you’ve read the article it should be pretty easy.

Step 3: Add or edit the introduction.

Look at the introduction and see if you like it. If you do, you can edit it. If not, get rid of it and write a new one. For me my goal here is to add a bit of personality and draw them into the rest of the article. Don’t be afraid to ask a question here. If they aren’t intrigued by your title and intro they’re never going to make it to the bottom of the article.

Step 4: Add anything that comes to mind.

Make any edits to the information itself that you’d like. If you don’t quite agree with something or want to clarify something, do it now. This is also where you add personalization. Throw in a story to help show the reader the person behind the article. In my opinion personalization is the one thing PLR lacks – because how can you personalize something that you mean for other people to post, right? That’s why it’s your job to do that part before you post your PLR.

It doesn’t need to be much, just a sentence or two somewhere is enough.

Step 5: Look for news to curate.

Oh, this is a cool tip I never really thought of. I used news for separate fully written blog posts but never within my PLR. To add an extra tidbit for your PLR article head over to Google News and search for the topic of your post. Find an interesting bit of news that you can add in as a paragraph.

The example in this video was cheat days for dieting. She found a news story about how cheat days increase your appetite for the rest of the week. She included a quote from the news story as well as a link back to the source. It added an extra 2-3 like paragraph with information that enhances your article and makes it more unique. It only took a few seconds too!

On the note of linking to other sites in your articles, Tiffany is totally right. Never be afraid to link to another website. I try to avoid linking to anything towards the bottom of my article that isn’t mine, but elsewhere I never hold back. Set the link to open in a new tab. In fact, Google likes seeing you link to authority and news websites.

You could also embed a YouTube video to add more value to the post itself.

Step 6: Look for a quote.

This is exactly the same as step 6 but you are looking for a quote from a person. You can keep scrolling through the same news results you got or add “interview” to the end to find some kind of Q and A.

If you know of people who are big in your niche you could specifically look for a name people will recognize, otherwise you’ll just want to pin on their credentials after their name.

Example: “Here is a quote.” – Dr. Quotenstein, certified doctor of quotes.

Step 7: Change the conclusion and add a call to action.

We’re almost done!

First take a look and see if you want to add a conclusion to the end and keep the current one or get rid of the current one altogether. Make sure you know the product or opt-in report you’re promoting before you do this. If it’s a PLR funnel you’ll already have the product in your hands so read through it and get the general idea of it so you know what it is.

It’s pretty simple, you’re just going to tie the topic of the article into whatever it is you’re promoting and then tell them to go download your free report or check out your paid product. Don’t just ask them to or suggest they do, TELL them to! That’s what a “call to action” is. It needs to be strong or it’ll get ignored.

Step 8: Switch out as much or as little of the main content as you’d like.

Go back through and edit the post as you see fit. You don’t need to change everything but if something sticks out, fix it. If you need to edit it to flow a little bit better, do that. If everything looks fine, the article is ready!

Step 9: Post it to your blog.

Self-explanatory. Make sure to check that all of your hyperlinks work and you’ve picked out a good image or two for the post

Step 10: Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and whatever other social media sites you use.

Honestly you should be using all of these. Even if you’re not a big fan of a certain social media site, each has a huge readership and you need to be generating traffic so don’t just skip them for no reason. Even if you aren’t particularly active on a certain social media site you should be sharing your blog posts.

Creating an image macro (picture with text on it) can get you even more traffic to your post and it doesn’t take too much time. You obviously don’t need to do this for every post but making them every once and a while is a great idea.

We’re done!

You’ve now taken a plain old PLR article and made it more interesting, more informational, and more unique and in all honesty you could do this in 5 minutes. The explanation makes it seem a lot more in-depth than it is.

The goal here is to fill your blog with posts like this that link back to your opt-in report. From there they will make their way to your autoresponder follow up (included in the funnel) and then buy the product you’re selling.

Want to get started using your own funnel? Tiffany Lambert’s Fighting Disease With Food funnel comes with everything you need to be selling your very own product with less time and work than you ever imaged. You can keep 100% of the profits for yourself or recruit your own army of affiliates to promote it for you!

The product is in prelaunch right now so for the next 6 and a half days (it’s 3/13 right now) you can get it for a huge discount before it goes up to over $60.

Click here and pick it up today.

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  1. Interesting – I had no idea any of this stuff was available! Thanks for sharing.
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  3. Excellent tips Amanda. I used PLR for one of my niche sites, good to know I’ve been following most of these already. Great ideas for really personalizing it for your own use.
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  4. Thank you Amanda, that was a very good explanation! I saw Tiffany’s video and she did add some text but I have to say I enjoyed the way you presented your info.

    Happy Birthday!

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  5. Great tips! I’ve never used PLR for things like this before, though I have written PLR for others. 🙂 I”ll have to start doing this!

    Michael Levanduski recently posted..Why Aren’t You Using Craigslist to Find New Clients?My Profile

    • It’s worth it. I write PLR for others but in my own business I buy a lot of PLR along with my fresh written content. You only have so much time in a day, you know?

  6. Interesting topic. I have never purchased PLR for my site, but I’ve written pieces for others. This post was a glimpse into the other side for me.
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