How to Write With Your Audience in Mind – My Top Secret Method

When I was sitting down to write today’s blog post I was kind of drawing a blank on what to write about. I pulled out my list of blog post ideas I’ve compiled over the last year or so. Whenever I have an idea I write it down and when I cover them I cross them off. It normally serves me well but today none of them were feeling quite write.

So, I did what I normally do when I start writing I post. I thought about you. I thought about what you might be struggling with right now. Then it hit me… why not talk about that? I’ve got a very specific method I use to help me keep you in mind through the entire process of blogging.

It’s a little weird, or so I’ve been told by the very few people I’ve mentioned this to, but it works and it works well so just trust me, okay?

Step 1: Figure out who your target audience is.

Be specific. What kind of people are they? Are they a certain age or gender? What do they do for a living? The more specific you are the better.

Remember, this is your “target audience.” That doesn’t mean other people won’t visit your site, but these are the people you are speaking directly to.

For example, my target audience is bloggers and marketers. They’ll usually have a bit of experience blogging or earning online but they’re looking to take things a step further and make a living from it. They’re looking to build a long term business so they want to do things that last and do them ethically.

Step 2 (This is where it might get a little weird.): Start searching Google images for people who fit your “target audience.

If your target audience is 40 year old men who are just getting started golfing you could start looking for some golfing, some with their kids, some at work. Save them to your computer. These are for personal use only.

I have about 18 pictures myself but you can get as many or as few as you’d like.

Step 3: Print out each of those pictures.

Color or black and white doesn’t really matter.

Step 4: Tape or glue the pictures to a big sheet of paper.

Mine is four pieces of printer paper taped together and then I glued the pictures to it like a collage. Just arrange them however. This doesn’t need to take long or be anything special.

Step 5: Hang it up by where you work.

Mine is right behind and to the left of my computer screen. It should be somewhere you can see it without needing to fully take your eyes off of your computer.

Step 6: Take a few moments when planning out or writing your blog posts and look at those faces.


Your readers are real people like me or you. They have needs. They have fears, problems, and frustrations. They have passions. You’re trying to connect with those and if you want to do that you need to write like you’re talking face to face to them.

I find that looking at those faces and sometimes even just talking out loud to them helps me write like I’m having a conversation.

My significant other walks in on me working and looks at me like I’m crazy because I’m just talking to these pictures I’ve taped to the wall but I can’t argue with the results. It works for me and if you have trouble writing engaging content with your audience in mind, give it a try!

I’ve taken it a bit further as time went on. Each face has a name and a backstory. Jim runs a blog about acne because he struggled with it all through high school but he’s having trouble making any affiliate sales while Penny is getting plenty of affiliate sales on her weight loss blog but now she wants to create her own product to sell.

Today I sat here looking at these faces. They represent you and the things you need and want out of your online business and it helped me come up with an idea that I really felt would benefit you – and I really hope it does! Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to leave a comment letting me know if this blog post helped you in any way.

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  1. It’s easy to write to my target audience because I am a part of them! They suffer from the same fears and setbacks that I do – even though we may be at different lengths of the road, we all come from the same place.

    I don’t need pictures on my walls – I just need a mirror. 🙂 But… you do whatever works for you and I can attest that it works for you just fine!

    • That’s very true! For me just seeing the faces makes it easy to write like I’m having a conversation instead of writing a boring essay. I suppose a mirror could work too but I look pretty scary first thing in the morning. LOL

  2. I’d be a little put off by having photos of people I don’t know staring at me. I get uncomfortable with any photos–I constantly feel like the eyes are following me. But my target audience is me from a few years ago, so I write with myself from the past in mind. That definitely works for me.

    Everyone finds their own way, and I think your method will really work for some. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. I always thought that the idea of creating an avatar for your target group sounded dumb. But the way that you have filled in the description for Jim and Penny makes complete sense. I like it.

    I will try it out for myself and see what I come up with. Will let you know. Thanks for this Amanda 🙂

    • Ya, the backstories came as time went on but they’ve really helped me. Most of them are based on (or are actually) readers that comment on my blog often but others are just the type of people I imagine read my posts but don’t comment.

  4. Sometimes it’s not the physical features (age, sex) that define an audience. It’s the emotional state and the issues they’re facing. You’re right, it’s easier to write to someone when you personalise your audience.

    • That’s very true! You have to think about their needs, wants, fears, all of that. If you know what they’re feeling you can reach out to them more effectively. You can help them with the real problems that are making it harder for them to succeed.

  5. This is brilliant. I love the idea and I know how I’m going to use it. Thank you. 🙂 I love the back story part, and this is what spoke to me. I’m glad you mentioned it.

    • It helps me so much! My blog posts were so boring and uninteresting. I got no blog engagement at all. After I started doing this I started feeling proud of my blog, I started getting comments, and I found people were more likely to come back to read more of my posts.

  6. A person has to definitely target the market by talking to the people who want his products. Lets say he sells fishing rods he is NOT going to go sell it at the golf course. He will go to a place like City Island, where people have fishing boats and fisherman hang out.

    If you want to target people who want to lose weight then go to the gym to workout and make friends with the other people who use the gym.

    Lawrence Bergfeld

    • Ya, you really need to know about your audience. You can’t just assume either. You may think you know what they want but unless you’ve been where they are you may not know how they really feel about things.

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