I Hate Spammy Email Subject Lines

subjectLineLately I’ve been getting a lot of emails with spammy or downright deceitful subject lines. Some of these are even from marketers I once followed and learned from. Not anymore. These are the kind of people I’m happy to unsubscribe from.

Email lists are about building that trust. Well, when you use these types of subject lines you lose my trust and I have no reason to believe you’re going to be truthful with me in the future.

Here are some of the offenders I’ve gotten recently:

  • “You’ve earned a commission.” – Advertisement for their product about affiliate marketing.
  • “We’re transferring money to your bank” – Exact copy of a subject line PayPal uses.
  • “RE: anything” – Fake reply emails drive me crazy. I email back and forth with clients, customers, readers, newbies… the list goes on. I expect a personal email and get an advertisement. Ugh.
  • “I tried to call today.” – I’ve been getting this one a lot. I email with my mom and that’s a subject line I see from her a lot. I hate seeing it from a marketer who is just using it to get attention.
  • Anything trying to imitate PayPal, Amazon, or any other site I earn commissions from or get money though. It’s just spammy.

If you need to resort to trickery to get people to open your emails, you’re doing something wrong. You need to rethink your strategy.

What are some of the worst subject lines you’ve come across recently?

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  1. You’d think by now those who send out these kind of emails would get the hint and stop sending them. LOL
    Katharine recently posted..5 Tips to Make Money with Your BlogMy Profile

  2. Great post! The ones I get say I need to buy product ASAP and I’m deaf! Really!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Vanessa Terrell recently posted..Gingham Garden HelloMy Profile

  3. I quite agree! I have just cleared out my spam folder prior to reading this, and can’t think of any examples off the top of my head. However I wanted to add that it might not just be spam – it could be someone hacking into a friend’s account or trying to hack into yours. You have to be very careful nowadays. (Visiting from UBC)
    Sue recently posted..Belle of the BallMy Profile

  4. I don’t understand these either! Especially the VERY spammy ones. Are they seriously making money with these emails??

  5. I unsubscribe from those types of messages too, though Gmail seems to be good at filtering them out these days – at least I only seem to find them in my SPAM folder. But I hate that I have to crawl through the SPAM anyway as Gmail also seems to filter out some of the stuff I want to see.
    Ana recently posted..Loving Him Without Losing YouMy Profile

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