“I Want to Start My Own PLR Shop… What Do I Do?” Part 1

I opened my PLR shop, PLR Content Market, in November of 2011. I was new to making money online and new little to nothing about marketing. I was a freelance writer looking for a way to start writing for myself. Many of the writers I followed were also PLR sellers and it seems like an amazing opportunity, and it was!

At this point my shop only has 20 PLR packs because my releases were very off and on for a while, but I still make a nice income from it. I have affiliates who promote my stuff and I also promote other stores as an affiliate.

More and more I see people asking questions about opening up their own PLR shop. I’d like to share some advice from my experiences in selling PLR and also refer you to some great resources that I have used in my PLR career.

Now, remember that what works for one doesn’t always work for everyone. This is all based on my personal experience and observations.

1. Build your list from day one. Most of your sales will come from your list and your affiliates. This is also how you get repeat buyers. I use Aweber to host mine. (If you need help setting up your autoresponder, this guide will help.) Believe me, it is worth the price to get started building your list right away. The longer you wait the harder it will be to make sales with your releases, not to mention you will be losing so many potential subscribers when they have no way to sign up for notifications.

2. Pick a shopping cart with an affiliate program from day one. You may not get many affiliates day one but you want to be ready for them when they do come. One of the great things about selling PLR is that most sellers don’t see other sellers as competition. When someone buys PLR in a niche they will usually buy more PLR than one provider has in their store.

The two most common choices are E-Junkie and DL Guard with J Rox Jam, though there are other options. There is a reason these two are used so commonly with PLR though.

E-Junkie is a shopping cart and will also take care of tracking affiliate sales. It has a low monthly fee and the price is based on how many items you have for sale. If you are starting out on a budget, E-Junkie could be perfect for you. It is what I use for my shop and I find it very simple to use and well worth the money.

DL Guard is more pricey up front but it is a one time payment. You see many of the more well known PLR sellers using this. Tiffany Dow is an example. The biggest issue is that it doesn’t manage your affiliates. Luckily you get integrate J Rox Jam in with it and you can still have affiliates.

Whichever you go with, you will be ahead of the game when you ARE ready to actively promote affiliates.

3. Get set up on Twitter, FB, and G+ with your shop. Social media is huge. I am most active on Twitter and it is where I see the most of my social media traffic coming from. You can follow me here. The key is to network with PLR buyers and sellers and socialize. Retweet and reply to other people’s tweets, tweet out quotes or blog posts you think your following will like, and things like that. Make sure you are doing more than just promoting yourself!

Here are a few great PLR sellers to follow:

Of course this is just off of the top of my head. There are plenty more out there! I learn so much by following other sellers and starting conversations with them.

4. Going niche is great, but so are PLR stores covering tons of niches! Here is the thing… if you are selling PLR in many niches you have a much larger pool of potential customers, but when you go niche you have the chance to brand yourself as the “go-to” person for PLR in that niche. That is powerful! Either way works and if you are feeling adventurous you can even do both. I know a few sellers that created several shops, each covering a single niche and linked them together in a “PLR hub.” It seemed pretty effective.

This post is getting pretty long so I’ll leave the tips here and get some more together for you in the next day or two.


One thing that really helped me get started was learning from other PLR sellers. I bought every guide I could find and I learned a bit from each one.

Become a PLR Writer by Peggy Baron – This one was actually my favorite out of the ones I bought. I loved that she went into detail explaining what it was like to be a PLR writer and how to make the transition from freelance writer to PLR seller. The course came with some worksheets that I still use while researching topics to write about. The sample squeeze page really helped get me started quickly because I was really stumbling while writing one myself. She also offers a monthly newsletter aimed at PLR providers which was AMAZING. I learned so much. It was like advanced training for PLR sellers.

PLR ATM by Tiffany Dow was a very close second. Tiff is a majorly successful PLR seller and that alone was enough for me to look forward to picking up her product. While Peggy’s product worked better to get me up and going fast, Tiffany’s product went into so much detail on areas like picking topics that are also important. I felt that Tiff’s course was much more complete. She even includes a list of topics that her own customers have requested which is a great place to start when you are stuck and don’t know what to write about!

PLR Business Training by Lisa Stoops is especially great for those who want to outsource their PLR content but either way you will pick up some great tidbits from her product. My favorite part of Lisa’s product was actually the upsell which includes an advanced training report and access to a private PLR seller’s forum. Why is this so awesome? Since I joined I have had the chance to connect with many more PLR sellers, gain affiliates, and brainstorm with likeminded marketers which is really helping me take my PLR store to the next level. It is really powerful stuff!

PLR Insider Secrets by Ruth P is the most recent guide I have purchased. Since I have read all of these other guides there was a lot I already knew but I still learned some great things about making my shop profitable. Ruth tells you about her personal experiences and troubles with her PLR shop and gives you tons of great tips.

I’ll be doing a full review of each guide in the near future to make it easier for you to pick which is right for you. In the meantime, watch out for part 2 where I’ll give you some more lessons I’ve learned while running PLR Content Market!

In the comments below:

I’d love it if you would ask me any questions you may have so I can aswer them in the comments as well as in my next post.

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  1. I think you are doing great with the content you are developing in your PLR shop. I couldn’t agree more about developing a list and keeping in touch with members. In fact, I would recommend people who want to sell PLR start developing a list even before they have content to sell. Perhaps it’s another niche product or report to help them get over a problem or question – like your email report you list. I can vouch for all the PLR guides you listed, but I haven’t been involved with Lisa’s coaching forum. I may add that to my tool box in the future. Thanks for your tips!
    Kater recently posted..Keyword Research – Google’s Wonder Wheel ReinventedMy Profile

    • I highly suggest it. Nothing beats being about to work out the kinks in an idea with people who understand your business. I’ve learned so much just because everyone there is so supportive and open with what they do to make their shop work.

  2. All great points! I would definitely say that building an email list is the most important thing one could do when starting out! Also, connecting with other PLR sellers is the next best thing. You promote them and they promote you. Win-win! And of course, learning how others do things is big eye-opener too.
    Lisa Stoops recently posted..7 Mega Tips For Creating A Digital Product That Sells And Doesn’t SuckMy Profile

    • The best thing you can do is start building a list even before you have anything for sale. Even if you start with your opt-in offer as your main page until you have some stuff to sell you will be building a list of people interested in PLR!
      Amanda Thomas recently posted..Horse Care PLR PackMy Profile

  3. Wow I feel honored to have my little old name up there with the big guns. Shucks Amanda!

    Great, great points. I can’t stress how important it is to get out there and network your tush off. Sometimes I have such a great time tweeting and retweeting on Twitter that I forget to retweet my own stuff. Need to get better at that. But the point is that you get to meet people and build a support network, as well as spread the word about your business.

    Building a PLR store is hard work. I’ll admit that I thought it was going to be easy, but in the early days there is so much groundwork to do. I didn’t get the balance right when I first started and spent more time writing, then marketing. I really should have started building my list first. I didn’t. But I’m am now.

    I know I’m also lagging with starting an affiliate program, so that’s the next thing on my list to sort out. I guess I was a bit nervous about really getting my products out there, which sounds crazy because my list reassure me I have nothing to worry about. Classic case of fear of success (SMH).
    Mena Jo recently posted..Not Taking Action is Your Biggest FailureMy Profile

  4. Thanks for the tips. I also own all of the PLR guides you mentioned. I JUST started my own PLR store with a few lonely packs:) I still work a day job, so I struggle with finding enough time to grow my business. I am wondering what you suggest as the very first marketing steps to build a list for an absolute beginner? Any suggestions appreciated!
    Connie recently posted..Super Foods PLR PackMy Profile

    • The first thing I would suggest is making sure you have some free PLR you have written to give out. This will give people a reason to opt-in and allow potential customers to see what kind of quality they can expect. It is much more than a bribe when it comes to PLR because they want to know what to expect!

      Another important reason to have an affiliate program is that you can set it up so affiliates can promote your free offer and get commissions from future purchases. This is very attractive! Many of my affiliates love promoting my freebie and I promote high quality freebies to my list often.

      You can email other PLR sellers about adswaps where you email each other’s freebie offers.

      Feel free to shoot me an email at amanda[at]plrcontentmarket.com or add Memitaru on Skype and I would love to help you more!

  5. Hi Amanda:

    Great post. I have just set up my PLR store, http://www.PLRsuperb.com, and this post has given me a lot of information I was looking for.

    I am currently planning to write 10 articles that I can offer for free from my store. Can you please guide me regarding my confusion: (a) Should I write 10 articles in a single topic, or (b) Should I write one/two extra articles (for free distribution) on the topics I already written and added to the PLR store?

    Looking forward.

    Nayan Mandal

    • If your site is covering many niches, doing a few from several evergreen niches will give your readers a better idea of what they can expect. It is what I did and it has been working great.

  6. Thanks Amanda! You got a new fan here!

    Nayan Mandal
    Nayan Mandal recently posted..Yoga PLR Article PackMy Profile

  7. What is your take on non-American writers? I am from the Philippines and would like to put up my own PLR store. I write pretty well but I am afraid that if PLR buyers see a non-US address in the autoresponder messages that I will send them this might turn them off. Please comment.

  8. Hi Amanda,

    I’m glad that I came across this post I myself been a follower with Tiffany Dow, Ruth, Lisa, they been a great help I know with my site is little weak I blame myself for that. But with any else every thing takes time, I use E-Junkie no problems at all. I feel that setting up a affliate program will take more work?

    So Amanda, thanks again.

    Tony Matos recently posted..How To Outsource Your eBook For ProfitMy Profile

    • If you have E-Junkie you already have everything you need! E-junkie has a build in affiliate system, you just need to set it up and invite people to join it. Then you need to pay them at the start of each month.

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