“I Want to Start My Own PLR Shop… What Do I Do?” Part 2

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A lot of people seemed to enjoy my first post about starting your own PLR shop and that is very exciting! I love running my PLR shop and it is one of those “the more the merrier” type things. I’m back with a few more tips for you. If you haven’t read part one, be sure to start there.

5. Pick a standard “set-up” for your pack and create templates to help you set them up faster.

In each of my packs I have the articles in .doc and .txt format since I have had customers ask for both. I also include a README file as a PDF. This includes the terms of the PLR, a link to my site, and a note to email me if they purchased it somewhere besides my site. You should always include a README so your customers will know what they can and can’t do with your PLR even if they don’t get to using it until months down the road. I also include a list of related PLR packs from other shops. These are affiliate links to shops that I recommend because I have seen their quality. I set up a template in Open Office so all I have to do is add in the links and export to a PDF. This saves me so much time because I know what goes in each pack and I have templates to make it easier!

6. Always proofread your PLR before you release it. This should be obvious, but I’m guilty of getting ahead of myself and releasing a PLR pack only to find a grammar error later after a few packs have sold. How embarrassing! I now always proofread my stuff twice. They also go through my go-to proofreader who does an amazing job proofreading every article I write for my PLR shop or for clients. (Feel free to email me if you want to get in touch with him, his rates are very reasonable.)

7. Make sure to add a box to your opt-in form where people can suggest PLR packs. I have gotten well over 100 pack ideas from my opt-in form and I’ve written several packs based on recommendations. Do a bit of research first. Are there some good Amazon products or ClickBank products in that niche? Does it look like something worth promoting to someone who may want to? For example, my Penny Auction pack was written because I got quite a few requests, there were tons of ebooks about it, and there was little to no PLR on the subject. It is one of my best sellers!

8. Create special deals, but don’t go overboard! A 50% off or even a 75% off sale can do wonders for sales. It gets affiliates promoting more because of higher conversions and it will make you money. Be careful not to go overboard though! If you have sales too often your customers will learn to just wait for the next one.

9. Affiliate contests are awesome.  My affiliates LOVE contests and I love hosting them. It is a great way to get your affiliates promoting for you. If you aren’t ready to offer money as prizes you can offer things like permanent boosts to commissions, or bonuses when affiliates make a certain number of sales to make sure you don’t LOSE money during these contests. I even do affiliate events from time to time where I offer 100% commission! Sure I won’t make any money during that time but I gain valuable additions to my PLR buyers list and my affiliates really like them.

More tips coming soon! Feel free to leave comments and suggestions below!

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  1. Great post Amanda, whenever we start a store like you are starting a PLR store. We always try to give our customers proper support to help them to find the things they are searching for. Online marketing play a vital role when it comes to start an online store.

    Thanks for your post! Waiting for the next one.

  2. These are such fab tips Amanda! And they definitely aren’t all obvious when you’re just starting out – this series will be very useful for new sellers! I am going to email you about your proofreader – I HATE proofreading but last time I outsourced it they missed my obvious on purpose error that I included to test them lol!
    Ruth P recently posted..Is PLR A Viable Business Model? [PLR Q & A 9]My Profile

  3. Another great read, thank you Amanda!

    That’s one thing I don’t do with my readme file – link to other PLR stores. That’s something I’m going to start doing. I list PLR providers in my PLR giveaway report (although that list needs updating), but I think it’s a good idea to refer to other quality providers as often as you can, to capture the niches you don’t cover.

    Another tip for proofreading is to read the content out aloud, so you capture each word. It’s laborious and not my most favorite thing to do, but a necessary task nonetheless.
    Mena Jo recently posted..3 Steps to Managing Information Overload SyndromeMy Profile

  4. These are great ideas! I’ll be implementing ALL of them 🙂

    I especially like the idea of an affiliate contest. Do you use a specific application to manage the contest or you do it manually?

    I’m so looking forward to your next PLR shop entry. Thanks for sharing your experience because it’s extremely helpful for people like me who are new to selling PLR.
    Jessica Kihara recently posted..Belly Fat PLR Articles – 6 PackMy Profile

  5. Great post again, Amanda!

    Looking forward to similar posts in the near future.
    Nayan Mandal recently posted..Yoga PLR Article PackMy Profile

  6. This is absolutely awesome Amanda – thank you! I’m going to work on getting that README file done. Oh and the similar packs resources as well!

    Much appreciated!
    Jeff @ MissionPLR recently posted..How To Keep Leads Engaged Using High Quality PLR ArticlesMy Profile

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