I’m In Love With BlogLovin’

You may have heard recently that Google decided to get rid of Google Reader. A lot of people were pretty upset about it because it was an easy way to keep up on your favorite blogs but I never really used it. I didn’t like the way it was laid out and it didn’t make it very easy to leave comments and things like that. (And you all know that I love being able to chat with you guys when I read your blogs.)

Well, I was reading a post where someone was talking about how upset they were and they mentioned they were trying out this site called BlogLovin’. I’ve always wanted an easy way to keep up on blog posts so I took a look and I finally found what I’ve been looking for!

So, BlogLovin’ is basically an RSS reader. You go in and you follow your favorite blogs. When you go to your main page you see a stream of all of the recent blog posts from the blogs you follow.

I’m going to share some sceenshots of why I love this so much more than I ever liked Google Reader.

The first is this add-on you can get for your browsers that lets you know if and how many blog posts are waiting to be read. I love it because if I’m just browsing the internet, the little number pops up saying there is a new post and I can hop over and check it. If I’m busy, it just sits there so I can click over when I’m ready. All I have to do is click this little guy to the right of my address bar:


When I click it I don’t see the full blog posts, instead I just see the except so I can pick which I care to read. Here is what mine looks like right now.


It’s very clean and simple. I click on one to go to the blog post. There is a little bar on the top so you can press “next” to go to the next blog post from there. You can “like” pages which saves them to a list so it’s a good way to keep track of posts you really enjoyed and want to get back to.

My favorite part is that I can go there and it’s a nice hub with all of my favorite blogs but since I’m actually clicking over to the page i can leave a comment.

Here is what it looks like when I click on one of the blog posts:


I’m such a huge fan of this. I’ve been following all of my favorite blogs and I see myself using this a lot more. It’s sooo much easier than bookmarking blogs and going to them one by one.

The best part? It’s 100% free. You don’t pay anything. You just sign up and start adding blogs. The only issue I’ve found is that for some reason it doesn’t update with new posts from Tiffany Dow’s blog. Every other blog has worked just fine. I’m not really sure what’s going on with that.

If you own your own blog you can also claim it on there and change your BlogLovin’ blog description and thumbnail as well as see how many people are following your blog on there.

Go check it out and come back and let me know what you think. Oh, and don’t forget to…

Follow on Bloglovin

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  1. I love my RSS and will definitely miss google reader. This looks like a good replacement. Thanks!
    Minna Bryant recently posted..Use a One Thing Method To Achieve GoalsMy Profile

  2. Thanks for the rec! That looks really useful.
    Katie S recently posted..How to Upload a File to Your WebhostMy Profile

    • It is, especially if you read a lot of blogs. I’ve been going through the latest post for Tiffany’s blogging challenge so I can follow my favorites. I don’t want to miss out on what they do after the challenge is over. (Your blog included!)

  3. Thanks for the review, Amanda! I just signed up to them and already added your blog! I’ve been falling behind on blog posts because I get wrapped up in other things, but now that I have this RSS reader, it should get better for me!

    I love following your posts and have already added your 2 blogs!
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..How to Add a Footer Menu to Your BlogMy Profile

    • That as always an issue for me. I have a handful of blogs I really love but I don’t always have time to check them one by one. Since they’re all in one place now it’s easy to read all of the new blog posts on my favorite blogs that interest me. It’s also easier to skim through and specifically pick the ones I really want to read when I only have time to read a few.

  4. I usually subscribe by email or go straight to the blog. I found myself over-subscribing when I was using a feed reader so it’s actually been a really long time since I even looked at Google Reader.
    Loretta recently posted..Double Check Your Testimonials Before You Post Them to Your WebsiteMy Profile

    • Ya, I did the same thing on Twitter. I’m really careful about who I follow/add/whatever now and I’m quick to unfollow someone if I find myself not interested in their posts anymore.

  5. Why thank you for featuring my blog as an example 😉

    And thank you for writing about this – I am just now trying to find an alternative. I think the negatives you mentioned about Google Reader were true, but I have used it for so long I’m just so used to it. Annoying to change but it could actually make things better. Off to check out BlogLovin now 🙂
    Ruth recently posted..How To Create A Content Outline (And Speed Up Your Writing)My Profile

  6. I started using Feedly the other day, but will definitely go check this out. It sounds really cool.
    Patti Stafford recently posted..Would You Rather Profit From PLR or Have it Collect Dust on Your Hard Drive?My Profile

  7. Just a heads up to your followers/readers in China—

    BlogLovin is blocked in China.

    Feedly, however, is not.

  8. I HIGHLY recommend feedly. Check it out you will not be disappointed.

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